How to reset the airbag module after accident

If you have a vehicle with a faulty SRS airbag module, you might know that it needs to be replaced. You may be thinking that you do not have enough money to buy a new SRS unit at the dealer. Lucky for you, that is okay. There are plenty of instructions online detailing how you can remove the unit from your vehicle and reset it back to the factory condition yourself! You need to have the proper tools and software to do so.

How to reset the airbag module after an accident

Let me fill you in on the process. First, you should remove the unit from your vehicle. Most likely, it is located underneath the driver seat or the front passenger seat. You can then begin disassembly of the module. You should open up the module and search for the 8-pin SMD EEPROM chip. This is what stores all the crash data. It would help if you then soldered some 32-gauge hookup wire to connect the airbag module to a serial port EEPROM reader. After that, you can analyze the crash data. Different types of software are available to read the EEPROM chip, but all essentially do the same job.

At last, you can finally replace the airbag module computer. Replace all the values from the crashed chip with the ones from the virgin chip and rewrite it into the computer. That way, the hard codes that were present can be cleared. The final step would be to replace the module in your car and check if you were able to reset it successfully. Within 6 seconds, your SRS light should go off. Your vehicle’s tech-stream software can also be reviewed to see that there are no more codes or faults present.

Of course, if the entire process seems too complicated, or you do not want to risk doing the job improperly, you can send it to a company that specializes in just that. A perfect example of such a company is Safety Restore. Visit and purchase the SRS airbag module reset service for a very affordable price.
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