Is it time for an Airbag Module Reset?


Have you ever hit the brakes really hard suddenly, and the seatbelts lock? During a collision, have your airbags deployed? This is a result of the Supplemental Restraint System working properly to ensure your safety and to minimize any potential damage to both you and your passenger(s). The SRS is a crucial part of your vehicle that should never be ignored and should always be in factory condition. It can only do its job properly if it is taken care of properly.

The SRS consists of several components, one of which is the airbag module. When the SRS airbag module is deployed, an airbag code will come up which may look different in various cars. For example, it may be the words “airbag off” lit up. An SRS airbag module reset may be necessary if the light is on. It will also be necessary after an accident. This is because the SRS airbag system computer will have crash codes or crash data that are known as hard codes stored in it. This is something that no airbag module reset tool can reset. This is where you should turn to a professional like Safety Restore.

If you are looking to have the module replaced you have the option of getting a new or used module. The issue here would be that either of these would need to be programmed to the cars VIN. This could cost you hundreds and also be time-consuming. Luckily, there is another option. You can keep your existing airbag module and simply get your SRS Airbag Module reset through a professional service. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in post-accident restoration specializing in your vehicles SRS such as cluster repair, custom seat belt webbing, and more. With the low cost of a $49 airbag module reset service, Safety Restore can save you time and hundreds of dollars. Also, if you still decide to get a new module for whatever reason, their expert technicians can help you. Visit Safety to learn more about this and more services regarding your vehicles’ Supplemental Restraint System.

Why You May Need An Airbag Module Reset And What An Airbag Module Is In The First Place

There are many safety components in cars that people aren’t even aware about—or if they are, don’t pay much attention to. The simple things such as seat belts and the brake system are somewhat cared for, but others like the SRS airbag module aren’t. If you yourself haven’t ever heard about the SRS airbag control module and what it does, perhaps this will help fill you in.

First off, it’s important to know where this unit is located. The airbag module can usually be found underneath the driver or passenger’s seat. In certain cars, however, it is located underneath the radio, in the center console, or in the kick panel.

Basically what this unit does is store information, in the form of hard codes and crash data, when the vehicle is involved in a crash. Some of the key bits of data stored are the speed the vehicle was travelling at when the accident occurred, whether or not the brake light switch was turned on, the engine speed, and the throttle position. Some modules also record whether or not the passengers of the vehicle were wearing their seat belt, the impact speed change, any airbag deployments, and any seat belt pre-tensioner deployments.

This data can then potentially be used by an Accident Reconstructionist to help paint a picture of the accident scene. More often than not, this information is favored over any eyewitness reports.

The importance of the SRS airbag control module is that the entire airbag system runs through it. That means each of the airbags in the vehicle—and there are many, if you think about it—rely on this small unit to operate. Essentially, if a vehicle is involved in a crash and has all these codes stored in its airbag module, the airbags will not work whatsoever until the module is repaired or altogether replaced.

If you are facing this issue in your own car and want to save yourself the hundreds of dollars necessary for module replacement, you can instead opt for an airbag module reset. By turning to the company Safety Restore for an airbag module reset you will not only be paying a fair price, but you will also be left with a lifetime warranty guarantee. The crash data reset will be completed in just 24 hours or less so you can be driving with properly functioning airbags once again in no time! Visit and select the airbag module reset service today!

I had my 2019 chevy express van, srs module and seatbelt pretensioners repaired by Safety Restore. Absolutely the best service and quick turnaround !!!

Posted by Jo John on Thursday, May 16, 2019

Why Getting An Airbag Module Reset Is So Important

Don’t wait to get your airbag module reset

The SRS airbag module is a very important safety component of a vehicle. It is located in all vehicles, usually underneath the driver’s seat or front passenger’s seat. Sometimes, it can be found in the kick panel, center console, behind the steering wheel, or underneath the radio. The reason it is so important is because it is part of the airbag system—and as we know, the airbags are important safety features in a vehicle. As a matter of fact, the airbags serve as the secondary, or supplementary restraint systems, right alongside the seat belts—which we all grew up learning the importance of. The seat belts and airbags work hand in hand to protect the driver and any occupants in a vehicle. The seat belts work by restraining the occupants so that if an accident were to occur they would not propel out of a vehicle, bump against internal components, or hit each other. The airbags help by protecting the occupants from severe injury. They do so by masking their impact against the steering wheel or the seat in front of them when a crash occurs. The thing is when a car is involved in a crash, the seat belts can lock up or get blown and the SRS airbag unit will likely develop crash data and hard codes. Both become an issue to the safety and function of the vehicle. If the seat belts lock up or are blown, they will not be able to be used. The SRS airbag control module storing crash data and hard codes is a whole other issue. When this data is stored, nothing but an airbag module reset will be able to get rid of it. The problem is until the airbag module reset is performed, the airbags in the vehicle will not work at all. That is why it is essential to purchase the best airbag module reset tools and get the unit reset immediately. Or, you can go to the dealer and purchase a brand new module. Of course, if you aren’t very tech or car savvy, and you don’t have the extra cash lying around required for a new module at the dealer, you may want to look into another option. That option would be Safety Restore. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in the resetting of SRS airbag modules, as well as repairing seat belts. You can even send your seat belts and SRS airbag control module all in one order and have the company repair the units for you! Safety Restore is affordable, trustworthy, and definitely the practical choice for drivers recently involved in a crash.

I have used Safety Restore twice now and in both cases the seatbelts and air bag modules were fixed without a hitch. …

Posted by Dan Jackson on Friday, October 5, 2018

How to replace an airbag module

How to replace an airbag module

If you have read up on the different things you need to do after an accident, especially if your airbags have deployed, you most likely learned that your SRS airbag module either needed to be completely replaced or simply reset. If you went ahead with the latter option, good for you! The prices at the dealer for a brand new unit are outrageous and it is much more practical—and equally safe—to just have your original module reset. The one thing you may be struggling with, however, is how to replace the SRS airbag module back into your vehicle. For that I am able to help.

Before you begin the re-installation process, make sure all the airbag SRS components such as the air bags, seat belt, clock spring, and impact sensors are initiated and connected properly.

Then, you can begin by disconnecting your battery terminals—negative first and then positive. After that you will be able to bolt down the airbag module into its place.

Once you see that it is secured, connect it to the wire harness and re-attach all the wiring that you disconnected in the initial disassembly process. It is very important that you make sure all wiring from the horn and the radio as well as all the other controls is hooked up properly before you connect the battery again.

You can finally attach the cables back onto your battery once all of these steps have been completed. Connect the positive first, followed by the negative.

If you are reading this and have not yet been involved in an accident, it is great that you learned all of this information beforehand. In the future, if you ever need an airbag module reset, you can simply turn to the company Safety Restore for quality work and an affordable price. Then, you can follow this simple process to re-install the unit back into your vehicle.

How to reset the airbag module after accident

If you have a vehicle with a faulty SRS airbag module, you might know that it needs to be replaced. You may be thinking that you do not have enough money to buy a totally new SRS unit at the dealer. Lucky for you, that is okay. There are plenty of instructions online detailing how you can remove the unit from your vehicle and reset it back to factory condition yourself! You just need to have the proper tools and software to do so.

How to reset the airbag module after accident

Let me fill you in on the process. First, you should remove the unit from your vehicle. Most likely, it is located underneath the driver seat or the front passenger seat. You can then begin disassembly of the module. You should open up the module and search for the 8-pin SMD EEPROM chip. This is what stores all the crash data. You then need to solder some 32-gauge hookup wire to connect the airbag module to a serial port EEPROM reader. After that, you can analyze the crash data. Different types of software are available to read the EEPROM chip, but all essentially do the same job. At last, you can finally replace the airbag module computer. Replace all the values from the crashed chip with the ones from the virgin chip and rewrite it into the computer. That way, the hard codes that were present can be cleared. The final step would be to replace the module into your car and check if you were able to successfully reset it. Within 6 seconds, your SRS light should go off. Your vehicle’s tech-stream software can also be checked to see that there are no more codes or faults present.

Of course, if the entire process seems too difficult, or you do not want to risk doing the job improperly, you can send it in to a company that specializes in just that. A perfect example of such a company is Safety Restore. Visit and purchase the SRS airbag module reset service for a very affordable price.

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Can you reset the airbag module?

Wondering if can you reset the airbag module?

The airbag module is a key component of a vehicle. It controls the supplemental restraint system in your car including the airbag sensors, seat belt pre-tensioners, and the inflators. In addition, it acts as a storage box for hard codes and crash data when your vehicle is involved in a collision.

When a vehicle is involved in a crash that deploys the airbags, crash data and hard codes are automatically stored in the unit. Only a reset or buying a brand new unit will allow a driver to have a properly functioning airbag module. Many people choose to purchase a new module at the dealer, but this comes with a hefty price tag. Others choose to reset it at home. You certainly can remove the SRS airbag module from your vehicle and reset the unit to factory settings, you just need to have the right tools and follow the steps correctly in order to succeed in resetting it properly.

To begin the process, you need to remove the SRS airbag module from your vehicle. Generally, it can be found underneath the driver’s seat but sometimes its location varies to underneath the front passenger seat, in the center console, kick panel, behind the steering wheel, or under the radio. To access the module, the bottom half needs to be removed. After it has been removed, the disassembly process can begin. When you open up the unit you need to look for the 8-pin SMD EEPROM chip that stores all the crash data. You should then solder some 32-gauge hookup wire to connect the unit to a serial port EEPROM reader. The next step would be to analyze the crash data. There are different types of software available that can read from the EEPROM chip. After analyzing, you can finally replace the airbag computer. Replace all the values from the crashed chip with those from the virgin chip and rewrite it into the computer so that the hard codes can be cleared. The final step would be to place the unit back into your vehicle and check if the reset was a success. Within just 6 seconds, your SRS light should go off. You can also check with your vehicle’s tech-stream software to see that there aren’t any faults or codes present.

Of course, if you do not want to purchase the tools and software necessary for the reset and still risk not having it reset properly, there is another alternative. You can turn to the company Safety Restore for a guaranteed reset.

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