Why You May Need An Airbag Module Reset And What An Airbag Module Is In The First Place

There are many safety components in cars that people aren’t even aware about—or if they are, don’t pay much attention to. The simple things such as seat belts and the brake system are somewhat cared for, but others like the SRS airbag module aren’t. If you yourself haven’t ever heard about the SRS airbag control module and what it does, perhaps this will help fill you in.

First off, it’s important to know where this unit is located. The airbag module can usually be found underneath the driver or passenger’s seat. In certain cars, however, it is located underneath the radio, in the center console, or in the kick panel.

Basically what this unit does is store information, in the form of hard codes and crash data, when the vehicle is involved in a crash. Some of the key bits of data stored are the speed the vehicle was travelling at when the accident occurred, whether or not the brake light switch was turned on, the engine speed, and the throttle position. Some modules also record whether or not the passengers of the vehicle were wearing their seat belt, the impact speed change, any airbag deployments, and any seat belt pre-tensioner deployments.

This data can then potentially be used by an Accident Reconstructionist to help paint a picture of the accident scene. More often than not, this information is favored over any eyewitness reports.

The importance of the SRS airbag control module is that the entire airbag system runs through it. That means each of the airbags in the vehicle—and there are many, if you think about it—rely on this small unit to operate. Essentially, if a vehicle is involved in a crash and has all these codes stored in its airbag module, the airbags will not work whatsoever until the module is repaired or altogether replaced.

If you are facing this issue in your own car and want to save yourself the hundreds of dollars necessary for module replacement, you can instead opt for an airbag module reset. By turning to the company Safety Restore for an airbag module reset you will not only be paying a fair price, but you will also be left with a lifetime warranty guarantee. The crash data reset will be completed in just 24 hours or less so you can be driving with properly functioning airbags once again in no time! Visit safetyrestore.com and select the airbag module reset service today!

I had my 2019 chevy express van, srs module and seatbelt pretensioners repaired by Safety Restore. Absolutely the best service and quick turnaround !!!

Posted by Jo John on Thursday, May 16, 2019

Why Getting An Airbag Module Reset Is So Important

Don’t wait to get your airbag module reset

The SRS airbag module is a very important safety component of a vehicle. It is located in all vehicles, usually underneath the driver’s seat or front passenger’s seat. Sometimes, it can be found in the kick panel, center console, behind the steering wheel, or underneath the radio. The reason it is so important is because it is part of the airbag system—and as we know, the airbags are important safety features in a vehicle. As a matter of fact, the airbags serve as the secondary, or supplementary restraint systems, right alongside the seat belts—which we all grew up learning the importance of. The seat belts and airbags work hand in hand to protect the driver and any occupants in a vehicle. The seat belts work by restraining the occupants so that if an accident were to occur they would not propel out of a vehicle, bump against internal components, or hit each other. The airbags help by protecting the occupants from severe injury. They do so by masking their impact against the steering wheel or the seat in front of them when a crash occurs. The thing is when a car is involved in a crash, the seat belts can lock up or get blown and the SRS airbag unit will likely develop crash data and hard codes. Both become an issue to the safety and function of the vehicle. If the seat belts lock up or are blown, they will not be able to be used. The SRS airbag control module storing crash data and hard codes is a whole other issue. When this data is stored, nothing but an airbag module reset will be able to get rid of it. The problem is until the airbag module reset is performed, the airbags in the vehicle will not work at all. That is why it is essential to purchase the best airbag module reset tools and get the unit reset immediately. Or, you can go to the dealer and purchase a brand new module. Of course, if you aren’t very tech or car savvy, and you don’t have the extra cash lying around required for a new module at the dealer, you may want to look into another option. That option would be Safety Restore. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in the resetting of SRS airbag modules, as well as repairing seat belts. You can even send your seat belts and SRS airbag control module all in one order and have the company repair the units for you! Safety Restore is affordable, trustworthy, and definitely the practical choice for drivers recently involved in a crash.

I have used Safety Restore twice now and in both cases the seatbelts and air bag modules were fixed without a hitch. …

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Subaru Legacy Airbag Module Reset

Don’t forget to get your Subaru legacy airbag module reset

Are you one of those guys that hates dealing with salesmen at the dealership? Do you hate being pushed around the sales lot while some white-collar, sweet-talker is eyeing you with dollar signs in his eyes. If that sounds like you then you must really dislike car shopping. If dealerships are out of the question for you but you need a car. Where do you go? How about the auction? You can buy a somewhat damaged car for a decent price and fix it up, good as new, without breaking the bank. You are definitely good with your hands, and you know your way around a wrench, sounds like a salvage vehicle is the way to go. Now there are many salvage vehicles to choose from so how do you know which one to buy? The best answer is to go with what you know. That way you are comfortable with what you are buying and you don’t feel like you made a terrible mistake. Let’s say you decide to buy a Subaru Legacy. They are very reliable, pretty inexpensive, and they look great too! You can find many Subaru’s with low miles that have minor damage from collisions on the road. Okay. So you bought your car, now it’s time to put in the work to repair this car to road safe condition. If you were smart with your purchase, you picked a car that had minor damage either on the front or rear of the vehicle with no damage to the frame or engine block. Lets say your car had frontal damage. Nothing serious, just a broken bumper, headlight, frender, and radiator. All these parts are easy to find and easy to replace. As you replace these parts you notice that the airbag had gone off on the drivers side. That also needs to be replaced. Airbags do cost some money but they are very important to your safety so you decide to bite the bullet and replace it. As you are nearing the completion of you repair project, you decide to give your vehicle an operation check, to make sure it is running the way it supposed to. Once you start the car you notice the airbag light is on. How is this possible? You had just replaced the airbag! You did. But you forgot your Subaru Legacy airbag module reset. This is a very important step in your restoration of your vehicle because without this module your whole SRS system will not work properly, even with new airbags. So where do you go to get your Subaru Legacy airbag module reset? You go to Safety Restore. The professionals at Safety Restore will reset your module within 24 hours and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They only use 100% OEM parts and offer a lifetime guarantee. Visit SafetyRestore.com to learn more.

Excellent service, shipping and product. You won’t be disappointed with Safety Restore. Would highly recommend.

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Hyundai Sonata Airbag Light Reset

Don’t wait to get your Hyundai Sonata Airbag light reset

Has your Hyundai been in an accident, causing your airbags to deploy? Is the airbag light lit on the dashboard? Did you buy a salvage car and in need of a seat airbag repair? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be in need to have your airbag light or module repaired or reset.

An airbag module is the brains of your cars Supplemental Restraint System, also known as the SRS. It uses the sensors in your Hyundai to determine what action is necessary when your vehicle has been in an accident or collision. There are a few reasons why the airbag light may come on. It may indicate that there is a problem with your seat belts. Another issue could be water damage to the sensors. The SRS light can also light up if the vehicle has been in an accident recently.

If someone jerks on a seat belt or if the Hyundai breaks suddenly, the airbag module determines that the seat belts need to lock and tighten. This helps keep the individual firmly in your seat. In this scenario, the airbag did not need to deploy. The seatbelts provided enough safety. However, when an accident like a head on collision occurs, the module senses that both the seat belts need to tighten and the airbags need to deploy to keep the driver as well as the passengers safe. If your airbags have deployed you will need to get a Hyundai Sonata Airbag light reset or repair service. You want to make sure your airbags, seatbelts and all other parts of your Hyundais SRS will work properly if an accident occurs.

A dealer is likely to tell you that you need to get a new airbag module, which can cost you upwards of $1,000 dollars. Whether you get a used or new module, it will need to get re-programmed to your vehicles VIN. This can be part of a lengthy, difficult, and costly process.

Instead, you can just have your Hyundai Sonata Airbag light reset or module repair for a fraction of the cost at Safety Restore. If you still decide to get a new or used air bag module to replace your vehicle’s current module, Safety Restore can also handle the reprogramming of the module. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all their services, and have a 24 hour turnaround time, getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

Subaru Forester Airbag Module Repair

Get your Subaru Forester airbag module repair!

Internal Damage You Should Look Out For Following A Crash

You probably already know of the external damage that occurs to vehicles after an accident, as you’ve probably driven past more than one accident in your lifetime. You may have been involved in one yourself! However, internal damage is something that most people don’t know too much about. If your own Subaru Forester has been involved in an accident recently, this is something you should pay particular attention to. You want to make sure that your car is driving safely and properly, and doesn’t have any internal issues that can give rise to even greater problems. Below I will give just a few examples of the kind of internal damage you want to look out for.

First, you want to make sure that your car radiator is in tact. Because most modern cars are not equipped to be super strong, the exterior often gets caved in—giving access to the inside, which includes the radiator. If you see that your radiator is leaking water, this should be an indication that it needs to be fixed immediately.

While checking the radiator, it would behoove you to inspect the other components under the hood as well. Ensure that there are no broken off parts, leaking compartments, or any pipes crushing down on others.

Another thing that may be damaged following an accident is your alignment. If the accident was only a minor one, you shouldn’t be too worried about your alignment, but if it was a severe one—you should be. If you fail to get your alignment checked out and fixed, you may end up with suspension and drivability issues in the long run.

Finally, you may find yourself needing to get Subaru Forester airbag module repair. If your airbags went off, the SRS module likely has stored crash data and hard codes into the computer system and nothing but a Subaru Forester airbag module repair will erase the codes. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to go to a Subaru dealership to get Subaru Forester airbag module repair. Instead, you can turn to the company Safety Restore. Safety Restore will be able to remove all the Subaru airbag codes in your unit for an affordable price and lifetime warranty guarantee!

Toyota Camry Airbag Module Repair

Get a Toyota Camry Airbag Module Repair

The cluster dashboard has a lot of information on it. This includes how fast you are traveling, how far you have traveled, how much fuel your vehicle has left, if the seat belt is buckled in, and various other information. One component of the cluster that should never be ignored if the light is on, is the airbag light. This may indicate a real issue which can be dangerous in the event of an accident.

An airbag module is like the mind of your cars Supplemental Restraint System, which is also known as the SRS. It uses sensors in your Toyota Camry to determine what action, if any at all, is necessary when something occurs to your vehicle.

There are a few things to have checked if the airbag light is on. One issue can lie with your seat belts not working the way they should be. Did you know there is a 1 in 84 chance of dying when in a auto accident? That number gets cut in half with the proper use of a seat belt! With those odds, you want them working properly. Another issue could be potential water damage to the SRS sensors. This can result in the module not being able to do its job. The SRS light can also light up if the vehicle has been in an accident recently or the seat belts getting jerked. If your airbags have deployed, like in a collision, you will need to get a Toyota Camry Airbag module repair or reset service.

Safety Restore can get you back to safety with a Toyota Camry Airbag module repair for only $49.99! Safety Restores process is quick, simple, and affordable. Simply checkout securely online. Then send in your module using any carrier. The expert technicians repair or reset your module and ship it back within only 24 hours of receiving your module. They use 100% OEM parts, that meets or exceeds the FMVSS standards. They also offer several other services for your Supplemental Restraint System like Seat belt replacement, seat belt webbing repair, cluster repair, as well as custom colored seat belts! Ensure that you, along with those driving in your Toyota are fully protected in the event something happens on the road. Visit SafetyRestore.com to see how they can help you get your airbag module working properly as well as all other components of your Toyotas SRS.

What does service airbag mean ?

What does service airbag mean ?

There are many large vehicle repairs that people know about, such as changing a tire, getting an oil change, or switching out the battery. However, when it comes to smaller things like the service airbags, not many people know what exactly to do with them. However, they serve a very important role and should definitely be on the list of things to know about your car.

So what exactly does service airbag mean? Let me fill you in.

The service airbag message is something that can appear on the DIC of your vehicle, which stands for driver information center. This message can show up if there is an issue with the airbag system that needs to be resolved. The issue can be minor, or it can be something a lot more pressing—it may be telling you that your airbags will not deploy should an accident occur! This means that you will not be protected and can face some serious injury or possibly even death. Therefore, when you see the service airbag message pop up, you should immediately get it fixed. What you might also experience with the service airbag message popping up is your SRS airbag light turning on. This may occur if your car was previously involved in an accident that resulted in the activation of the crash sensors without the airbags actually deploying. As was already mentioned, this is just another reason to get your car looked at.

You definitely have a few ways you can go about handling both the service airbag message and SRS airbag light turning on. First, you can go to the dealer to buy a brand new SRS airbag module. If you are well versed in automotive repair, you also have the option of resetting the unit yourself. Of course, if you aren’t fully sure in your abilities, or don’t want to spend the money on software and tools, you can turn to the company Safety Restore to help.

What does the airbag light mean ?

Wondering what does the airbag light mean ?

Like all the other mechanisms on an instrument cluster, the airbag light serves its own individual—and very important, may I add—purpose. Let me explain it a little more in detail below.

Normally, the airbag light turns on then quickly turns off when you start your car. This is how it should be, and indicates a properly functioning airbag system. If the airbag light stays on, however, this means that there is something wrong with your airbag system. While it is still on, the airbags will not deploy. This can obviously threaten your safety on the road, as airbags serve as secondary restraint systems.

Contrary to what you may think, the airbag system doesn’t just consist of the airbags. It also consists of the impact sensors, SRS airbag control module, and the seat belts. Therefore, you should isolate the problem to see where it is coming from. More often than not, the solution to your airbag light lies in resetting the SRS airbag control module. By removing the unit from your vehicle and taking it to a mechanic, you’ll be able to identify any crash data or hard codes that are stored in the computer. You can also buy a scanning tool and do this step from home. The next step would be to either purchase a brand new unit or reset it on your own. If you can complete the reset successfully, you’ll end up with the same result as a brand new airbag module. Plus it will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. If you are not a seasoned mechanic and don’t think you’ll be successful in resetting the unit, you also have the option of sending it in to the company Safety Restore. They are much more affordable than a dealership, and guarantee quality work.

While you are waiting to get your unit reset, avoid driving unless you find it absolutely necessary. You don’t want to be jeopardizing your life or that of your passengers.

Airbag light stays on

Airbag light stays on ?

Even though the airbag system is a relatively small portion of an overall vehicle, it plays a huge role in the overall functionality and safety of it. Many people know what airbags are but don’t know what the other different components of the system are and what they do.That is why it is important to learn about every component and what it is important for.

One of the main things that people find difficult to understand is why an airbag light stays on. This is a great thing to start with when learning about the airbag system. If you are facing this problem yourself, let me tell you what this might mean.

Typically, the airbag light turns on initially after an accident occurs. It tells you that you need to have your airbag system fixed, or else the airbags will not deploy in a future accident. As you can imagine, this can be very hazardous to your safety and should prevent you from delaying the repairs. An airbag light that stays on can also indicate an issue with your seat belt system.

To get rid of the airbag light you will want to have your SRS airbag module reset. This is a small unit that is typically located underneath the driver seat. You can remove the unit from your vehicle and then follow directions posted online to reset it yourself. All that needs to be purchased is the right software and tools. Of course, you also have the option of buying a brand new unit at the dealer. If you don’t want to spend all your money at the dealer but also don’t trust yourself in resetting the SRS airbag module yourself—you can send the unit to Safety Restore. Safety Restore will have it fixed and restored to factory settings.

Airbag light blinking?

Airbag light blinking?

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is to see one of the lights on your instrument cluster turn on, or even worse to continue blinking. If you are experiencing this problem yourself with the airbag light, let me tell you what you can do to have the dang thing stop.

First of all it is important to know why the airbag light came on in your car in the first place. There are a number of reasons. It could mean that your battery backup is drained, that you have a worn out airbag clock spring, or that your SRS airbag control module is faulty. It can also mean that something is wrong with your seat belts or impact sensors. Whatever the issue behind the airbag light, the main thing you should be worried about is the fact that your airbags will not deploy in future accidents until you get the issue fixed. That means you are subjecting yourself to possible injury or even death every time you take your car out to drive!

You should take a look at your SRS airbag module first, as this is the most common way to fix the problem. You can purchase a scanning tool that will be able to detect any codes your vehicle has and the reason behind them. This can also be done at your local body shop. The next step would be to remove the unit from your vehicle. You can then either purchase a brand new one at the dealer or reset the unit to remove the stored crash data and hard codes. Of course, this would require additional software and tools, but the job is doable. If you are scared you will mess something up, you always have the additional option to send your SRS airbag module to Safety Restore. The company also repairs safety belts if you find that the issue in your vehicle is partially due to faulty belts.