What to Know about Seat Belt Pretensioner Repair and Airbag Reset

Today, let’s explore the importance of seat belt pretensioner repair and airbag reset and if you need to call a professional or do it yourself. The Severity of a Steering Wheel Impact In an accident, a steering wheel impact causes several injuries. This includes concussions, dislocations, broken bones, wrist injuries,…

Seat Belt Tensioners and How They Work in Your Airbag System

Familiarizing yourself with the features and functions of your car’s safety features is very important if you want to avoid concerns while on the road. There are various questions that drivers usually ask themselves, but one of the most common is: Will seat belt tensioners go off even if the…

Do Your Car Seatbelts Need Replacing?: 3 Signs to Consider

Your seat belts play a vital role in keeping you safe inside your vehicle as a component of your car’s Supplementary Restraint System. However, unlike the airbag module, you regularly use your seat belt’s function. Even if you’re not activating the automatic mechanism of the seat belt pretensioner, your seat…

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