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“Used them 4 times, great service and quick turnaround time. Everything works perfect. Thanks!”

- Terry N. (Jan 23, 2019)

“Seat belt works excellent. I sent it on a Tuesday night and had it back by Friday”

- Bill R. (Jan 8, 2019)

“Very Professional....They did everything they advertised...I recommend them highly”

- Ronald M. (Jan 27, 2019)

“Very Fast Turn Around...Easy to Speak to...Thank You.”

- Heath B. (Jan 9, 2019)

“Great job saved me from buying a new one big savings, Thanks again”

- Garrison H. (Jan 24, 2019)

“easy and very fast service, will use this company again for future repairs”

- Kelvin C. (Jan 7, 2019)

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Get Your Seat Belt Factory Repaired in No Time

Safety Restore rebuilds locked and blown seat belts for all makes and models within 24 hours.

57,000 seat belts repaired and counting.



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We only use 100% OEM parts and restore your seat belts to factory condition


All repairs are done here in the United States, and your seat belt is always repaired within 24hrs of receiving


We stand by our work and guarantee a Lifetime Warranty with each repair that we perform

Seat Belt Repair
With Safety Restore

Do you have a locked seat belt after an accident? Is your airbag light on, pointing to a faulty seat belt tensioner, with an open circuit, resistance too high or resistance too low SRS code?

The seat belt equipped with a gas charge deploys, locking the seat belt and pulling the occupant back against the seat thus reducing the impact with the airbag due to the rapid inflation. If your vehicle has been in an accident and your seat belts are now locked, we can help! We provide professional repair services for all of your seat belt needs.

How It Works

Choose The Seat Belt Repair Service

Pick the seat belt service you need below and complete your order.

Remove Your Seat Belt And Send It To Us

Remove your seat belt by following our simple instruction and mail it to our repair center:

Safety Restore,
40 Main St., Westfield,
MA 01085

Receive Your Factory Repaired Seat Belt

We start working on your part as soon as it arrives at our repair facility. We guaranteed your part will be shipped back to you in 24 hours or less.

Compatible with all makes and models; 1996 and up.

Seat Belt Repair

A single-stage seat belt is equipped with 1 gas charge. You can identify this gas charge by the single connector or wire plug.

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Compatible with all makes and models; 1996 and up.

Seat Belt Repair

The dual-stage seat belt is equipped with 2 gas charges. You can identify these gas charges by the dual connector or wire plug.

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Compatible with all makes and models; 1996 and up.

Seat Belt Repair

The triple-stage seat belt mechanism has 3 plugs or connectors in total. Two of the three plugs are generally on the tensioner reel, and one plug is on the anchor pre-tensioner.

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SRS Airbag Module Reset & Seat Belt Repair

How do I pay for the service?

We recommend paying online. This way you can track the status of your seat belt repair or airbag module reset and the packge once it ships.

Where do I ship my seat belts or SRS module for repair?

Our mailing address is:

What is your turnaround time?

We are proud to offer a 24 HOUR TURNAROUND on all of our repairs and are strongly committed to it. This means if we receive your package on Monday, it will go out by Tuesday. Please note that this excludes weekends and holidays. Expect delays if you have not paid for the service online, paid the wrong amount or did not include the required information in the box.

What do I include in the box?

When shipping your seat belts or SRS airbag modules to us for repair, we ask that you include your vehicle's YEAR, MAKE & MODEL. If you paid online, include your receipt in the box. We also need your contact information (name & phone #) along with your return mailing address

I'm getting a code for a seat belt that works fine.

Blown seat belts do not have to be locked and sometimes show no symptoms of fault. The airbag light and code does indicate that the seat belt is bad and will need to be repaired. Each seat belt is equipped with a gas-charge that if blown, will not work again. We fix these seat belts!

What is the difference between single-stage, dual-stage and triple-stage seat belts?

The stage of the seat belt is identified by the number of gas-charges it is equipped with. Each charge will have its own connector or wire plug going to it. Inspect your seat belt and identify the number of charges or connectors it has. A single-stage seat belt has 1 plug, while a dual-stage seat belt has 2 plugs. A triple-stage seat belt will have 3 total charges.

Can you repair all seat belts for all makes & models?

We work with all types of seat belts and all types of models except "Volvo" & "Saab."

Why did I receive my repaired seat belt with a zip tie?

Your repaired seat belt will arrive back with the webbing out a certain length, held with a zip tie and wrapped. This indicates that the seat belt has been tested and is ready to be installed. Unwrap the seat belt and install it in your vehicle without cutting the zip tie. Because the seat belt has to be in the fixed position (and angle) in order to retract, we have a certain length of the webbing out to make the installation process more manageable. Once the seat belt is bolted down, you may cut the zip tie and enjoy the smooth retraction of your repaired seat belt.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Safety Restore repaired thousands of seatbelts. See what some of our customers are saying.

“Benz seat belts”

This the 3rd time dealing with the company, awesome service and complete satisfaction.

Tom L. via facebook

“Excellent and Quick turn around service”

My belts were perfectly restored and put back to its original condition. Even the old labels were sewn back. Great Job! Thank You Albert Scalla.

Albert S.via facebook

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