Lifetime Warranty Information and our Guarantee:

Seat Belt Repairs

Safety Restore is committed to customer satisfaction and guarantees every seat belt repair to work like new mechanically. This includes the initial lock mechanism to function 100% of the time and proper retraction and detraction. Each seat belt repaired will retract upon delivery when installed properly in the vehicle. Each seat belt repaired will lock 100% of the time as it was designed to do so. The gas charge will ignite by the impact sensor in the unlikely event of collision. The gas charge will be replaced by an OEM component that is certified by the original manufacturer inspections. All parts replaced are covered by our Lifetime Warranty: This includes a complete rework and repair of the seat belt that stops working not due to an impact. Any tampering with the seat belt automatically voids the warranty. Each repaired seat belt must be installed into the vehicle and handled only by certified technicians and/or mechanics. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the repair, a full refund will be issued in the total amount you paid according to your invoice. 

Airbag Module Reset

Airbag module reset service includes the reprogramming of original factory data into the computer according to the vehicle year, make, model and trim. This process erases all stored data including soft codes, hard codes and crash data. We only work with memory chip of the srs airbag module as that is where this data is stored. The airbag module may have other chips containing data not relative to the crash that could be damaged and cause the module to fail. We guarantee our reset service to erase all crash data and hard codes stored in the chip. Upon delivery, the airbag module must be installed with the battery disconnected and all srs components repaired and/or replaced and installed properly. The airbag light should go off. If you believe that the airbag module was not reset properly by us, we will refund the total amount you paid according to your invoice.

Third-Party Costs: Shipping Fees & Labor 

Safety Restore will only work with the original invoiced amount paid. We are not responsible for any shipping fees associated with the repair process, installation, diagnostics and any other third-party fees.

Void Warranty 

Any tampering with the repaired seat belt voids the warranty. A full refund, partial refund, any reimbursement for the order, cancelled transactions, disputed transactions and order exchange automatically voids the warranty. Any and all damage caused to the seat belt, its packaging or components during shipping transit voids the warranty. "Safety Restore" reserves the right to refuse service to anyone with or without reason. 

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