We are the world's leader in post-accident restorations specializing in seat belt repairs and airbag modules.

We reset SRS airbag modules and repair locked and blown seat belts after accident. Having a full staff of professionally trained and certified technicians work on your parts can put your worries at ease. You are dealing with a trusted company that works with thousands of customers across the United States & Canada. We constantly evolve to be able to offer the latest and greatest service for each one of our airbag module resets and seat belt repairs. We have the largest supply of OEM parts coming directly from the manufacturer. This means that as new seat belts are released with newer vehicles, we are able to get right on them and have the ability to repair them in a proper matter refurbishing them to factory condition - restoring the safety in your vehicle and saving you money. Our competitors cannot say the same as many use counterfeit parts and components that are not authorized for resale or use in the U.S. In addition we pride ourselves in the following 3 areas:

  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



We have a skilled team of programmers with the largest database of airbag module software in the nation and experienced technicians working with seat belts. Our top priority is safety and we strive to restore it for you, your passengers, customers and vehicle. If you are in need of resetting your SRS airbag module in your vehicle after accident, or repairing your locked and blown seat belts, look no further. But don't take our word for it, browse our website and see what our customers have to say about each product and decide for yourself. Our services include airbag module reset, seat belt retractor repair, seat belt pretensioner repair & seat belt webbing replacement. 


  • We use 100% OEM parts for all seat belt repairs. 
    And refurbish/rebuild everything to OEM specifications.


  • Remove your seat belt or airbag module from the vehicle.
    Be sure to have your battery disconnected while doing so.
  • Order online or pay by calling (855) 552-7233
    You must prepay for the service or include a check/money order in the box made out to: SAFETY RESTORE
  • Ship your item(s) to us:

    45 MEADOW ST.
    WESTFIELD, MA 01085

    Be sure to include the vehicle's YEAR, MAKE & MODEL as well as your RETURN ADDRESS and PHONE #.

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