Was your SRS Airbag Module Deployed?

Has your SRS airbag module been deployed? Safety Restore can have it reset!

Airbags on a car are an important safety tool like seat belts. With over six million car accidents a year in the United States, you have likely already seen or experienced an airbag being deployed. The process begins when the collision sensor sends data to the airbag module, and the airbag deploys and fills with a gas. This process takes place in only seconds, protecting whoever is sitting by the airbag.

Airbags have been around in some form for over 50 years. Patents for basic airbags can be found as early as the 1950s; however, these systems lacked the crucial sensor component. There were also failures in design, such as trying to use compressed air for airbags, which did not inflate fast enough. In 1968, Allen Breed invented and patented a safety sensor system that would lead to the technology necessary to deploy airbags. This system was the world’s first electromechanical airbag system for vehicles.

Ford car company manufactured vehicles with airbags in 1971 experimentally, and General Motors followed suit. In 1973, the first the Oldsmobile Toronado became the first vehicle with airbags manufactured for the general public. In 1974, car manufacturers were required to provide either seat belts or airbags in vehicles, despite lobbying against the requirement by both Ford and GM. However, by the 1980s, most car manufactures not only accepted that airbags were necessary, but sought to improve safety on vehicles. In 1981, for example, Mercedes-Benz created a pretension seat belt that would lock and hold the passenger at impact before deploying the airbag.  This was an integration of airbags and seat belts as a system instead of two separate parts, which has become standard on all vehicles.

Today, vehicle safety is continuing to improve.  Most cars now have a collision sensor, which sends a signal to the airbag module causing the airbag to deploy. After the SRS airbag module deployed, the airbag module will need to be replaced to reset. If your SRS air bag module deployed, Safety Restore can help by resetting it. When theSRS module deploys, crash data and hard codes get stored which renders it useless. Using only OEM technology, Safety Restore can erase these hard codes restore any airbag module that has been deployed.   Safety Restore’s process of SRS airbag module resetting can save you upwards of $1,000.00. If your SRS airbag module deployed, do not delay resetting it any longer – it could save your life!

Does your classic car need the seat belts restored?

Classic Car Seat Belt Restoration
Safety Restore Offers Seat Belt Restoration Services for Classic Cars

While some seek the comfort of high-end, luxury vehicles, other seek the comfort of all American Muscle Cars. When it comes to classic cars, American muscle cars are some of the most sought after vehicles, particular by collectors in the United States. These collectors are not looking for the comfort of the latest technological features, but reminiscing a simpler past that prized raw power in a car. What exactly defines an American muscle car?  An American muscle car is an all American made car with a V-8 engine. While four-door cars and convertibles can also be American Muscle Cars, the most popular ones are two-door cars. Horsepower and drive are the most vital aspects of a muscle car. Most importantly, the car must have eight cylinders to be classified as a muscle car, which gives the classic car unmatched fierceness and muscle.

The ferocity and raw drive of these vehicles from the 1960s and the 1970s inspires nostalgic collectors who grew up watching the vehicles or newer and younger collectors seeking a powerful drive.  Collectors know that collecting American muscle cars is a labor of love. To get the car into its original shape is often time-consuming, costly and can be frustrating. Nevertheless, the end result is always worth it.

Safety Restore offers classic car seat belt restoration, as well as repair or replacement.  Seat belts often wear very quickly, becoming frayed, torn, or stained, which requires seat belt restoration. Having the correct type of seat belt can not only help keep the car accurate, but can transform the look of the interior. Safety Restore makes classic car seatbelt restoration a simple and easy process.  All you have to do it remove the seat belts and mail them to Safety Restore.  Safety Restore offers classic car seat belt restoration in a variety of unique colors and trims. With a 24-hour turnaround time, your classic car will be complete and your new seat belts will be on their way back to you!

Did you get into an accident and now need seat belt repair services?

Safety Restore offers seat belt repair services specifically for cars after an accident.

With over six million car accidents a year, you will likely experience a car accident at some point in your life. In the chaos after an accident, it is easy to lose sight of the necessary steps to ensure you are protected. However, there is a procedure with clear and definitive ways for you to protect yourself and your interests.

First, you should always stop after an accident, even a minor one.  Second, make sure you protect yourself and the scene. You should immediately get out of harm’s way and warn other drivers if there is harm. For example, if you have flares, consider using them to warn other drivers, especially if your vehicle is in a traveling lane.  Third, make sure you get an accurate police report. Police reports can expedite the claims process, especially if there are property or medical claims. Make sure the report is accurate; do not speculate or guess, but relay the information to the best of your knowledge. Fourth, take pictures of the scene. Do this as soon as possible in case the vehicle needs to be moved. Fifth, you will need to exchange information with the other driver(s). Sixth, file a report with your insurance company as soon as possible and send in any information you have, such as the pictures, other driver’s information, and so on. Next, unless you are certain that you were not injured at all, seek medical help.  Even if the impact was not great, you may have sustained damage that can affect you long term if not treated. Finally, make sure you keep a file of all the accident documents you have. This file should house the accident report, other driver’s information, any medical expenses and treatments, and any costs associated with the accident.

Luckily, most accidents only result in property damage, such as seat belt damage. If you need seat belt repair after accident, Safety Restore can help.  Seatbelt repair after accident is necessary is the seat belt is malfunctioning, locked, or if the webbing was cut at any point.  Whether you have been in an accident recently or purchased an accident-damaged vehicle, seat belt repair after an accident is vital and the car should not be driven until it is complete. Safety Restore offers a wide variety of webbing colors, including yellow, green, pink, purple, and blue in addition to the basic colors like black and gray.  Safety Restore makes seat belt repair an easy, quick, and simple process. Simply detach your seat belts and mail them to Safety Restore. Within 24-hours, your seatbelt repair will be complete and the seat belt on its way back to you.

Don’t Overpay for SRS Airbag Module Reset Services

SRS Airbag Module Reset
srs airbag module reset services by Safety Restore

Do you ever feel like your mechanic is overcharging you?  Unfortunately, this issue is more widespread than people think.  Mechanics and shops can take advantage of you by charging for parts you do not need or providing unnecessary services or parts on your vehicle. If you do not understand vehicles, it may be difficult to challenge what the mechanic tells you. However, there are a few steps you can take before deciding on a mechanic to ensure you are not being taken advantage of.

First, before you even take the car into the shop, read about the issue online if you can. Check out forums and discussions to see how other people handled such a problem and what it cost them. You may even find out that the repair is easy enough for you to do on your own.  Next, make sure you have your vehicle’s manual. Each manual contains a service schedule that will tell you if and when to get a particular service. Dealers and car shops may try to recommend a service, but if it does not match up on your manual’s maintenance schedule, you likely do not need it.  However, if you are in desperate need of a more urgent repair, make sure you get multiple estimates. Not only will with guarantee the best price, but you will be able to see if each mechanic picks up on the same issues. Finally, check the reviews of the mechanic or shop. Likely, you will find these reviews easily online. If there are several negative reviews for overcharging or substandard work, then take your car to a different mechanic.

One way of saving cost on a repair is by having your SRS airbag module reset after an accident. Upon impact, SRS airbag module reset is necessary because the crash data stored on the module will render is useless until it is reset or repaired. Many mechanics will simply tell you to replace the module, however this is both costly and wasteful since SRS airbag module reset is a simple and cheap process. Safety Restore offers SRS airbag module reset and uses an OEM factory installed program to reset any crash data and hard codes. SRS airbag module reset can save you upwards of $1,000! Best of all, Safety Restore offers a 24-hour turnaround time, so your SRS airbag module reset will be completed and on its way back to you before you know it.

Do You Not Wear Your Seat Belt Because You Need Seat Belt Buckle Repair?

Seat Belt Buckle Repair
Safety Restore’s Seat Belt Buckle Repair Services

While most people wear seat belts, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that one in seven people still do not wear seat belts. Other sources estimate that number to be closer to one in five people, of 20% vehicle occupiers. Therefore, many still risk injury or death when not wearing a seat belt.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that seatbelts prevent death in over 15,000 people yearly. This is because seat belts offer five-way protection.

First, seat belts keep drivers and passengers within the vehicle during time of impact. Those who are thrown from a vehicle at the time of impact are over four times more likely to die as compared to those buckled inside the vehicle as the result of the accident.  Second, the modern three-point seat belt restrains the strongest point of the body: the hips and shoulders. This area is where most vital organs are located. By compacting this area, seat belts help to minimize damage from impact. Third, three-point seat belts help to disperse force from impact among a broad range of the body. The shoulder strap, for example, minimizes impact by halting the head and shoulders from jerking forward and hitting hard objects, such as the steering wheel or dashboard.  Fourth, seat belts hinder a jerking change in speed, slowing the body of the driver or passenger down. This time is vital for preventing injuries. Fifth, seat belts protect the brain and the spinal cord during time of impact. An injury to the spinal cord, like an injury to the head, can have devastating and sometimes deadly consequences. The shoulder-strap specifically helps prevent this type of damage during impact.

Often, people do not wear their seat belts because there is an issue with the or they are locked. If your seat belt buckle is faulty or locked, seat belt buckle repair may make the difference between life and death in a collision.  Safety Restore offers seat belt buckle repair services that is affordable and easy to complete.  Specifically, since 1996, retractors and pretensioner’s help to heighten the function of airbags by reducing one’s impact with the airbag during collision. Seat belt buckles often lock after an accident, but seat belt buckle repair by Safety Restore can alleviate this issue. With 24-hour turnaround time and a satisfaction guarantee, seatbelt buckle repair is necessary and there is no excuse for putting it off any longer.

Distracted Driving & Seat Belt Retractor Repairs

Seat Belt Retractor Repair Services
SafetyRestore’s Seat Belt Retractor Repair Service

While technology continues to add more and more safety features of vehicles, distracted driving seems to undue any progress when it comes to safety on the road. In 2016, 37,461 vehicle occupants died as the result of an accident in the United States. Tragically, this number it 5.6% higher than the number of fatalities in 2015.  While there are awareness campaigns to end distracted driving, it continues to be an epidemic today that leads to life altering consequences and death.

Experts suggest that the reason traffic deaths are so high is multifaceted. Likely, traffic deaths are caused by distracted driving coupled with the fact that Americans are driving more an ever, which counteract the advantages of any safety systems.  Studies show that about 25% of all driving deaths are related to distracted driving. In teens, distracted driving accounts for over 58% of driving fatalities. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death in teens, and teens show the highest rate of distracted driving. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, nine fatalities occur daily due to distracted driving.  The epidemic of distracted driving ruins lives by resulting in death or serious injury, but is completely preventable.

It is more important than ever to follow basic vehicular safety protocols. This includes having a functioning seat belt for you and your passengers.  If your seat belt retractor is not working properly, Safety Restore can help with seat belt retractor repair.  Every seat belt has a retractor component, which keeps the seat belt snug against your body but also locks on impact.  Seat belt retractor repair is necessary after an accident, since the seat belt will lock or be blown, causing it not to work properly.  Often, the seat belt retractor repair service is necessary on cars purchased from an auction. If you seat belt retractor has locked up, seatbelt retractor repair is essential as seat belts often make the difference between life and death.  Safety Restore only uses 100% OEM products on its seat belt retractor repair services, and offers a 24 hour turnaround period.  We are so confident that you will be satisfied with your seat belt retractor repair that we also offer a lifetime warranty!

Seat Belt Tensioner Repair For Safe Driving

Seat Belt Tensioner Repair Service
Seat Belt Tensioner Repair Service

With more Americans driving more miles than ever, road rage incidents have been on the rise. Be prepared by taking simple steps to ensure your own anger does not escalate.

First, the golden rule is not to take driving personally. Try not to engage in road rage by keeping your cool even if other drivers are not following the rules of the road or being aggressive. Do not engage in escalating behaviors, such as brake checking, retaliatory cutting off, flipping off or swearing.  Instead, take a deep breath and try to get away from the dangerous driver or report the driver. While you cannot control an aggressive driver, you can control your reaction and choose to leave the situation.

Furthermore, be sure to take steps to reduce your stress during your commutes. Stress exacerbates any other emotions. Thus, if you are stressed, you are more likely to experience intense anger when confronted with an aggressive driver.  To reduce stress, make sure you leave enough time for your commute. Not only does this decrease your stress, but it prevents you from becoming an aggressive driver who needs to make up 5-10 minutes on a commute by speeding. Additionally, make sure of your physical comfort every morning before leaving. Adjust your seat comfortably and make sure your mirrors are properly situated.  You may also choose to play some relaxing music on your commute.

Finally, make sure you are following preventative road safety rules, such as following the speed limit and wearing your seat belt. If your seat belt is not retracting properly, Safety Restore can help with seat belt tensioner repair. Safety Restore offers the seat belt tensioner repair service by rebuilding seat belts that have been locked or blown after an accident. Whether you were in an accident or your car was purchased from an auction, seatbelt tensioner repair is necessary to ensure the safety of anyone driving the vehicle.  Using only 100% OEM parts on seat belt tensioners, this service is available with every make and model. We also provide a Lifetime Warranty on all our repairs. Do not go another day driving a car with a faulty seat belt; get your seat belt tensioner repaired to ensure your safety and the safety of anyone in the vehicle.

Dealing With Road Rage

Seat Belt Repair Services
Safety Restore’s Seat Belt Repair Services

Road rage continues to be an epidemic among roadways in the United States. We have all seen the shocking videos online: drivers fighting other drivers for seemingly incidental and arbitrary reasons.  While you may think that this won’t happen to you, it likely could happen and may end tragically if you do not know what to do.

Obviously the golden rule is not to engage in road rage, but sometimes an aggressive driver has it out for you. If you are confronted with such an aggressive driver, there are vital steps you should take which can deescalate the situation.  

First, try to diffuse the situation before it begins. If a driver honks or flips you off for a perceived aggression you made, you can show remorse. This is often the most successful way of diffusing a potentially dangerous situation. You can do this by mouthing “Sorry!” or wave to them. Allow drivers ample space to pass you. If this does not work, you can report the driver to the authorities if you or others on the road are in imminent danger. Do not play vigilante. Specifically, do not chase down the driver, or engage in retaliatory road rage by cutting them off, running them off the road, or making obscene gestures.  Instead, pull over to a safe location that is out of the way of traffic.

Finally, if you are in a situation in which an aggressive driver has exited his or her vehicle, call 911 immediately. Do not exit your vehicle and make sure your doors are locked. Do not make eye contact with the aggressive driver, and do not communicate with the aggressive driver. Instead, look ahead. If you can safety drive away, do so. Otherwise, wait for the authorities to arrive and diffuse the situation.

Road rage leads to incredibly unsafe conditions for all drivers. Before you are confronted with a situation of road rage, make sure your seat belts are in working order. If your seat belts are faulty or locked, a seat belt repair service is necessary. The experts at Safety Restore can assist you with seat belt repair. Specifically, Safety Restore can assist with seat belt buckle repair, seat belt retractor repair, seat belt tensioner repair, and seat belt webbing repair.  Using only OEM products, your seat belt repair will meet or exceed federal guidelines and regulations.  Seat belt repair is especially vital for cars that were involved in accidents or purchased from an auction in which the seat belts have locked. Seat belts are one of the best preventative measures you can take before an accident. Do not prolong the inevitable – let Safety Restore assist with your seat belt repair today.

What is an airbag module reset and why do I need it?

Airbag Module Reset
Airbag Module Reset Service

For a tool that promotes safety during collisions, many people do not know what airbag modules are or their function in a vehicle. Also known as the airbag sensor, diagnostic unit, and computer module, the airbag module is responsible for receiving information from the collision sensor. That information is then relayed to the airbag sensors and the airbags are deployed during impact.  Thus, having a faulty airbag module can prevent airbags from deploying when they are most needed, and can result in dangerous consequences for those in the vehicle.

Found in all vehicles, the airbag module is a computer that stores information. Thus, during a collision, the impact data is stored in the air bag module. You will know when this occurs because your airbag light will turn on until the airbag module is replaced or repaired. This information renders the airbag module useless and typically vehicle owners often replace it. However, airbag module reset is a simple process at Safety Restore. The airbag module reset service can fix your existing air bag module and save you money.

Air bag module replacement can often cost upwards of $1,000.00. Safety Restore offers airbag module reset in which the original air bag module is used, but any crash data hard codes are reset. Not only is this a cheaper option, but it is less wasteful. Safety Restore uses a OEM factory installed program to erase the crash data for airbag module reset. This process of airbag module reset leaves the airbag module good as new, saving you hundreds of dollars. With 24-hour turnaround time, your airbag module repair will be complete before you know it! If your airbag light is on, airbag module reset is not just necessary, but can possibly save your life down the road. 

Get your airbag module reset today and save hundreds at Safety Restore.

Ferrari Red Seat Belts in Daily Driven Exotics

Our Ferrari Red seat belts were recently featured in Daily Driven Exotics Ferrari FF video! The collaboration of the two, us being the seat belt webbing replacement company and them (DDE) being the YouTube video vloggers and exotic cars reviewers. With limitless possibilities of car mods out there, from wheels, body kits, engine, spoilers, wraps, exhaust & more – there is one simple interior one that changes everything! That’s replacing the seat belt color to a custom one of your choice! Ferrari Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, pink, turquoise, you name it! Here at Safety Restore we use safety belt webbing that meets or exceeds the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and professional automated sewing machines to stitch the strongest patterns on your seat belts. This custom color seat belt webbing replacement service is done on your existing seat belts and the original tensioner mechanism or the retractor remains 100% original! Check out the review with Damon from Daily Driven Exotics and the Ferrari FF video!

The already beautiful Ferrari FF’s interior looks that much better with our Ferrari Red seat belts. It really does make the interior pop in a way that many expensive mods would not be able to do. For something so inexpensive or almost cheap at $74.99 per belt it’s a no brainer that you can’t go wrong with swapping your belt color. Whether you have a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Mitsubishi, VW, Subaru, Ford, Chevy or literally any other car – we can do your belts. So what colors do we have in stock? How does it work? Here’s a link that explains it all and you can place your order for custom color seat belts right on the website!