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How to Find the Right Company to Repair a Seat Belt Retractor

How to Find the Right Company to Repair a Seat Belt Retractor

If you have noticed that your seat belts aren’t retracting back into their holder like they should, then it may be an indication that it is time for seat belt retractor repair. While this can be tricky, there are several professional services that offer this.

Here, you can learn about what to look for when you are hiring this company. When you are informed, you can feel confident that you will choose the right company for your needs.


One of the first things to consider when it comes to hiring a company for seat belt retractor repair is their experience in this industry. While the mechanics of older vehicles are somewhat simple, the ones in newer vehicles can be tricky to work with.

You need to take the time to find a technician who has worked with all types of vehicles to ensure they can provide you with the quality repairs you need. Over the many years Safety Restore has been successfully in business, we have had experience servicing every type of seat belt being in use today in the United States and Canada. We also offer a 100% guaranatee so you can trust us to be able to fix your seat belt or your money back.

Warranty or Guarantee

In addition to experience in the industry, it is also a good idea to find a service provider that will offer you a warranty or guarantee for the services they provide. This will help ensure that you get the results you want and that if other issues arise, they will return and provide additional repairs at no additional out of pocket cost to you.

As you can see, there are several things to consider when it comes to hiring someone for seat belt retractor repair. Finding the right person will help ensure that the job is done properly and that no other issues are going to occur.

Safety Restore offers a Lifetime Warranty on all the seat belts that we service.

Find our more about seat belt repair by visiting the Safety Restore website.

Airbag Module Crash Data Reset Review

If your airbag module crash data is in need of a reset, we have the affordable and fast solution for you that is compatible with all makes & models. A recently made customer video that was published on YouTube shows a Hyundai with the airbag light reset following an airbag module reset service by Safety Restore. The customer originall called us at 855-552-7233 M-F 9-8 EST where he provided his car info and we checked the compatibility in our SRS airbag module database. Then, all the customer did was mail in his SRS computer to us (we are located at 40 Main St. Westfield, MA 01085) and our experienced programmers reprogrammed the module back to OEM by erasing all crash data and hard codes off of it. The service only cost $49.99 and can be found on our website here: SRS Airbag Module Reset. Customer satisfaction is Safety Restore’s #1 priority and so you can hear about it directly form the customer. As you can see in the video, with a simple Plug-N-Play of the reset SRS airbag module, the airbag light is reset and is no longer in the dash! Safety Restore also repairs and rebuilds locked & blown seat belts after accident. This mean if your seat belts have deployed during an accident or are locked in a car you purchased off a salvage auction, we can help! No need to spend hundreds to thousands buying new. See our Seat Belt Repair service online to learn more about our seat belt services. In the meantime, enjoy this customer made YouTube video that is a review of our airbag module crash data reset service.

Custom Color Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

So either you’re bored of your current seat belts or you simply need to upgrade the interior and make it pop! Custom color seat belt webbing replacement will transform the entire interior of your vehicle to your liking. Whether you have a Porsche, Ferrari, VW, Honda or a Subaru – we can replace the webbing in your seat belts. Here at Safety Restore, we have been working with seat belts for years and are now offering the service to replace the webbing with a color of your choice! How about a stunning Ferrari red seat belt strap against a black leather seat? A yellow seat belt in a Porsche with a black interior? Or maybe even white seat belts? Just take a look at the work we did – and our customers love it! So whether you’re a car enthusiast or a professional auto center, our seat belt webbing replacement service is easy to use! Simply follow these simple steps and you’ll be enjoying the new custom color seat belts in no time.

  1. Remove your seat belts out of the vehicle. If you need some help, check out this YouTube video: “How-to Remove Seat Belt”
  2. Place the order online for your Custom Color Seat Belt Webbing be sure to select the appropriate quantity and specify which color you’d like in the check out box or inside your actual package with the seat belt.
  3. Wait for us to repair your seat belts within 24 hours and get the package at your door :)

That’s it! Best of all, the service costs only $75 per seat belt! To give you an idea of comparison, a new seat belt costs hundreds of dollars at the dealership and only comes in a boring color.

Don’t keep putting your dream project aside! Let’s us do all the hard work in providing your with a custom color seat belt webbing. This is especially useful if you’re restoring a classic car or antique. Our seat belt experts go as far as restitching every single tag from your existing seat belt onto the new one. So what are you waiting for? Get your seat belts looking fresh again with brand new seat belt webbing in any color and save. Only at

Red Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Looking for a red seat belt webbing replacement? Safety Restore offers an incredible Ferrari red seat belt color that will look amazing against any interior! Whether your interior is black, red, tan or white, a red seat belt will surely stand out. You may want to replace the red seat belt webbing just for looks or if your seat belt actually needs to be replaced due to it being frayed, worn out, cut, ripped or chewed by your dog! As you may already know, the dealer charges an arm and a leg for a new seat belt and if you want it to be in red, that’s a ton more. With us, you get to keep your existing seat belt with brand new seat belt webbing. Take a look at this interior that was done by our customer using our red seat belt webbing replacement:


red seat belt

Red Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Seat belts may also be referred to as “safety belts.” Safety belts are vital safety components in every vehicle and it is crucial that they are in working order at all times when the car is being driven. With our seat belt webbing replacement service, you can get your seat belts repaired quickly and at a low price! In addition, all seat belts we repair come with Lifetime Warranty.

Ready to order? Red Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Seat Belt Repair Kit or Repair?

A seat belt repair kit might have been an idea that one has suggested to get your locked seat belt repaired, but it certainly isn’t an option. There simply isn’t a repair kit for seat belts. So if your vehicle has been in an accident, you need a repair service to get your seat belts working like new again. Here at Safety Restore we specialize in seat belt repair services after accident. Starting at only $65, you can get your seat belts rebuilt to their OEM! A seat belt repair kit is not necessary and no need to spend extra time and money trying to figure something out that doesn’t exist. Our seat belt repair service is compatible with all makes & models and comes with Lifetime Warranty. In addition, all repairs are done in 24 hours or less using OEM parts. You cannot go wrong with our seat belt repair service that surpasses any idea of a seat belt repair kit. So if the question of a seat belt repair kit ever arose, know that a seat belt repair service is your answer. To get started with your seat belt repair, visit our online store and buy the Seat Belt Repair Service.

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Seat Belts: Maintenance or Replacement?

Seat belts are safety devices that could prevent from damage during the car accident. The thing is that the vast majority of car owners tends to ignore using them, however, their role might be crucial. It does not come as a surprise that seat belts are considered to be the easiest way that guarantees to stay safe and sound and this golden opportunity does not cost an arm and a leg. By the way, they fitted in all cars and wearing seatbelts is compulsory according to the rules and regulation of traffic safety. Due to the above mentioned reasons, seatbelts should not be underestimated and neglected by drivers because the importance of human health and life is priceless and can not be replaced!

Safety Restore Saves a Life!

An incredible story has just been shared by a Safety Restore customer:

Mark’s Story

Mark owns a shop in Hallandale Beach, FL and has been using Safety Restore for SRS airbag module reset services and seat belt repairs. As any customer, skeptical at first, but upon research has made Safety Restore his only loyal repair company for post-accident restorations. However, it wasn’t until recently that his confidence has been confirmed on a whole new level. A vehicle he has just finished for a customer that has been involved an an accident and needed the airbags replaced as well as the seat belts rebuilt. The customer picked up the car and his 21 year old daughter has sat down behind the wheel of the Honda. That drive ended in a catastrophe, for the car. The 21 year old daughter survived the crash as the airbags and the seat belts saved her life! The very same seat belts repaired by Safety Restore from a previous crash, all controlled by the SRS module that was reprogrammed by Safety Restore – erasing crash data and hard codes. Mark witnessed the entire unfolding of the story first hand and knows he can trust Safety Restore for all of his repairs now. He is sharing the heart-warming testimony on social media online, website, Google and all of his friends and co-workers.


Here at Safety Restore, we are proud. Proud that we have never compromised safety by taking any shortcuts whatsoever. Countless customers attempt to repair seat belts on their own and then mail them in thinking the damage can be undone – it cannot. Seat belts that have been tampered with cannot be repaired! Our Quality & Safety Department will never take a chance either. If we cannot safely repair a seat belt after accident or reset an airbag computer back to its factory condition, we will issue a full refund and disclose this to the customer. Safety is our #1 priority.


Our competitors try to take shortcuts by using counterfeit parts, carry out the repairs without proper training and unfertilized facilities (usually at home) and always trick the airbag system using resistors in seat belts and bypassing factory programming in airbag modules. Safety Restore has never, and will not ever do this. All locked and blown seat belts after accident are rebuilt using 100% OEM parts by experienced technicians. At the end, you make the call and we really hope you’ve done the research!

Safety Restore

We are a repair facility, providing affordable airbag module resets and seat belts repairs to customers nationwide! We work with customers who work with salvage cars and vehicles that have been involved in a crash or an accident. If the airbags deployed, we reset the SRS module, clearing crash data and hard codes as well as rebuild locked, stuck, blown and non-retracting seat belt retractors, pretensioners and buckets. We offer a 24 hour turnaround on all of our repairs using 100% OEM parts that come with Lifetime Warranty. Looking to save money with our guaranteed service? Watch this helpful video explaining how our service works and save!

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Airbag Module Crash Data Reset Service Done Right in 24Hours

Francisco bought a 2014 Hyundai Sonata GLS off a car auction The Hyundai was involved in an accident that resulted the insurance to write it off as totaled and then sold on this auction.

 The Damage

During the crash, which appeared to be a front end collision, both of the front airbags deployed. The driver side and the passenger side. Simultaneously with the airbags deploying, both of the front seat belts fired and locked up as well. The seat belts known as the pretensioner, are equipped with a gas charge that is responsible for going off during a crash.

 Restoring Safety

Francisco replaced both of the front airbags that he purchased at the Hyundai dealer. The Hyundai did however have an airbag light due to crash data being stored in the SRS computer.

This occurs at every crash event. Once a vehicle is involved in a crash, the airbag light will remain on until it is scanned with an OBD Airbag scanner, the codes are obtained, all of the issues are addressed and then the module is flashed. Flashing the module is a procedure where the chip is accessed and programmed to its original factory condition. The chip is known as the eeprom.

Francisco wasn’t fully familiar with the process and got a quote from an airbag specialist that came out and checked out the vehicle. The quote he received was around $450. Outraged by this, Francisco turned to his friend online: Google. He searched for ways to clear the airbag light and stumbled across our website. We offered SRS Airbag Module Reset services at $50. This attracted Francisco and he gave our shop a call.

Our Promise

Safety Restore boasts experienced programming skills that allow us to wipe all post-factory readings and restate the module to its original, pre-wreck condition.

 How It Works

The first thing we ask with an SRS Airbag Module Reset service, is the vehicles year, make and model. If a customer has the SRS unit out, a part # on it is even more helpful. Our customer service will assist you by letting you know if we’re able to reset or repair your part before you even mail it in! If for any reason we are not able to reset your airbag module safely, we will issue you a full refund.

Francisco mailed in his Hyundai SRS airbag module from California. We received it, and reset it within 24 hours as promised. Francisco received the module and immediately installed it in his vehicle. No further programming is needed. No dealer diagnostics or involvement whatsoever.

Here is his feedback for this service:

That’s right! Safety Restore offers a 24 hour turnaround on all of our repairs! Upon the completion of the programming and the airbag reset.

We make it as easy as possible for our customers! We have thousands of satisfied customers just like Francisco and you can be one too!

If your airbag light is on in a vehicle that’s been in an accident, give us a call at 855-552-7233 M-F 9-5 EST and we’ll be happy to assist you! We guarantee to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Our airbag module reset service is the best in the country and our service is available to customers nationwide.

Why Jumper Cables Are Important

Most often than not, sites about automobiles can be difficult to sort through. There is so much information out there that you don’t understand or don’t need to know in the first place. Well, today we are talking about something that all people need to know about, and that subject matter is on jumper cables. Leon Jumper invented jumper cables in 1863, way before cars were even thought about or put into production. He was trying to restart batteries for other mechanical devices and his product was successful. Now, these same jumper cables are used today to help people get restarted every day.

First things is first, make sure you own jumper cables. Nothing is worse than having no cables available when you need to jump your vehicle. Mostly, jumper cables are a very cheap investment that starts at around $10 a piece. They are a necessary investment that everyone needs. Do not think for a minute that you will be excluded from having your battery work over your entire life. You would be getting lucky, and you wouldn’t be very smart now, would you be?

If you have kids, it is bound to happen that they will leave a car light on inside the vehicle, or leave the door open. When you are running late the next morning, you will not be happy to find a dead battery and no cables in site, so cover your bases. I’m sure adults wouldn’t do that now would they? Just make sure to shut your door and turn off the car lights. It will save you some time.

If you know how to jumpstart a dead vehicle battery, you will be able to help others in the same situation. This is a great skill to have because you never know when that skill could be used to brighten someone’s day. You can be a blessing in someone else’s life one day and pull over for a few minutes of your time to change the situation completely. You have the power to help others during a vulnerable time in their life. So often, we all see people parked off the side of the road with their hazards on and hood up. Every day people just drive on by, yes, because they are busy, but also because many of them either don’t have jumper cables, don’t know how to jump a car, or both.

People with a dead car battery just have to sit and wait for hours, as professional assistance has to be called. The situation can be a frustrating and miserable experience. This could have all been prevented by knowing the steps yourself and having jumper cables readily available. Even if your car is in fantastic shape, one cold day, and your battery might need a jump.

How To Jumpstart A Car

Before you can help someone else or yourself with a dead car battery, you will need to know how to jumpstart it.
First, hook the cables up properly. Attach one red clamp to the dead battery positive terminal and the other needs to be hooked to the donor car positive terminal.

Next, add the black clamp to the negative terminal of the donor battery and the other clamp to a bolt on the engine block. Do not attach the black clamp to the dead battery terminal. This will lead to hydrogen gas connecting with electricity, which could lead to a spark or a complete explosion of your vehicle. Now, we do not mean to scare you, but this is serious business. Doing this inappropriately could lead to serious damage of you and/or your vehicle.

After you have connected the jumper cables appropriately, start the donor car and wait about five minutes to charge the dead car battery. After that time, start the dead car and your battery should be up and running again.

Note: you might want to take your battery to get checked after this process because it might actually need to be replaced. The worst experience is when you have jumped your car and go to a different location, shut off your car, and when you come back, the battery is dead again. Don’t let this happen to you.

Author of article

Hello everybody! My name is Morris Rollison and i’ma automotive reviewer, my site is: . I choose this job because I feel as though I would have a lot of personal experience to bring to you. Thank you for your time! If you have any questions or you want me to review something, please let’s me know.

Safety Belts – Seat Belt Repair Service

Safety belts are vital safety components in your car and should never be ignored, especially if they are not functioning properly. Seat belts may wear out throughout time and the seat belt webbing can become frayed and torn. If you own a dog and travel with one, he or she may get a tendency to chew on seat belts and eventually chew through it! All these pose a serious risk to the functionality of seat belts. Also, if your safety belts are torn or cut – this falls under the same category of risk. These are just examples relating to the webbing (material) of the actual seat belts. The seat belts are also equipped with the retractor and a mechanism. This portion of the seat belt is engineered and designed to protect you! Each retractor is equipped with a gas-charge igniter that goes off during a crash. What happens is once the vehicle is in a crash and the airbags deploy, simultaneously the seat belts deploy as well and pull in the occupant away from the airbag. This is to protect you frol injury. Once the seat belts are deployed, they will no longer work again. A lot of times the seat belts remain in a locked position and will not retract. Other times, they may appear to work OK but make rattling noise or get stuck randomly. Such symptoms indicate a bad seat belt. Most importantly, if your airbag light is on and you have a code related to a seat belt, retractor or a Pretensioner such as “resistance too high” or “resistance too low” – you can know for sure that your seat belts are bad. Throughout the years people did not understand the importance of seat belts and simply did not bother to address the issues. In addition, new seat belts or seat belt replacement costs were extremely expensive for an individual to afford. And for that reason seat belts remain unreplaced. Whether your vehicle has been in a crash, from a salvage yard or simply has seat belts with bad webbing – you can now get your seat belts repaired for a low cost and be safe again! All seat belts can be repaired for all makes & models.

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