Seat belt repair is a fast and affordable alternative to seat belt replacement for all vehicles. If your vehicle has been in a crash or an accident, we are here to save you money! Our seat belt repairs are completed ready to go without any do it your self kits or technical requirements. Simply remove your locked or blown seat belt retractors, tensioners or buckles from your vehicle and mail them in to us for repair. Our technicians will repair your seat belts using 100% OEM parts and mail them back within 24 hours. All repairs come with Lifetime Warranty and are ready to be installed in your vehicle upon delivery. All repaired seat belt retractors, tensioners and buckles will function like new and are guaranteed to work during an accident as designed. In addition, your vehicle may have an airbag light on in the dash. Be assured that if the airbags did not deploy, our seat belt repair will reset the airbag light. However, if the airbags did deploy, you will need to have your SRS airbag module reset. We erase all crash data and hard codes in compatible SRS airbag module computers. You will need to mail in your SRS airbag module for a 24 hour reset service. We also provide seat belt webbing replacement service. If your seat belt is ripped, cut, torn, frayed, fraying, worn out or chewed by your dog, we can replace the seat belt material making your seat belt like new! Seat belt webbing replacement service comes with a color match of your original color and new seat belt material. For any questions, and to check if your vehicle is compatible, please call us at: 855-552-7233 M-F 9-5 EST. Our repair facility is located at: SAFETY RESTORE 40 MAIN ST. Westfield, MA 01085


Seat Belt Repair - SRS Airbag Module Reset - Webbing Replacement

Here at Safety Restore we specialize in seat belt repairs and airbag module reset service after accident. As a professional post-accident restoration company, we provide our services nationwide to businesses and individuals working with salvage vehicles and rebuildables. We use OEM parts to rebuild seat belt tensioners and retractors that have locked up during an accident. We also reset SRS modules erasing crash data & hard codes, resetting your airbag light and saving you money. With our repair services, you are now able to reuse your existing SRS airbag modules without spending thousands of dollars! We also replace frayed, fraying, ripped, cut, torn, worn out & dog chewed seat belt webbing. All repairs are done by certified technicians and are 100% genuine. All within 24 hours backed up by a Lifetime Warranty. All repairs are proudly done in USA!

  • 24 Hour Turnaround

    Reliable 24HR turnaround on all repairs!.

  • 100% OEM Parts

    Rebuilding your seat belts to factory specifications.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    All repairs are covered for life - you're protected.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Not happy with our repair? Get a full refund.