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Seat Belt Tensioners and How They Work in Your Airbag System

Familiarizing yourself with the features and functions of your car’s safety features is very important if you want to avoid concerns while on the road. There are various questions that drivers usually ask themselves, but one of the most common is: Will seat belt tensioners go off even if the airbags fail to blow up?

In this article, you’ll be able to go through the ins and outs of your SRS airbag system, the seat belt tensioners, and the answers to the main question.

What Is an SRS Airbag Module?

The SRS airbag module describes the supplemental restraint system of your vehicle. It includes both the seat belt tensioners and the airbags in the module. The role of this SRS airbag module is to communicate with the airbags so that they can be smoothly deployed in the event of a collision or an accident.

As you can see, this module carries a massive weight because it has the ability and responsibility to instantaneously stop once the need arises. If you think about it, there are just a few seconds where the device has to determine whether deploying the airbag is necessary or not in the situation. Sometimes, that short time determines life and death, so you should ensure that your airbag modules are working correctly and ready to protect you from possible injuries, especially life-threatening ones. 

The airbag module is very significant for its power over whether an airbag deploys or not. For instance, if an airbag goes off in an unoccupied seat, you might have to spend extra on a replacement, and unnecessary spending can harm your budget.

What Is the Role of a Seat Belt Tensioner?

Seat belt tensioners are a vital part of every SRS system. Without them, your vehicle won’t have a solid first line of defense. Seat belt tensioners are triggered by sensors when they detect an accident, and then, they will be set off by an electric charge.

After the explosive charge goes off, the fabric strap of the seat belt will be wrapped around a spool by the piston. With this quick retracting move, the slack from the belt will be removed right away. The passenger will be fastened firmly into their seat milliseconds before the vehicle experiences the full extent of the impact.

With seat belt tensioners, you get an extra layer of protection that ensures passengers are properly positioned and ready for airbag deployment.

How Do Seat Belt Tensioners and Air Bags Interact with Each Other?

Seat belt tensioners and airbags systems work hand in hand in ensuring the safety of every passenger inside the car.

But the question remains. Is it possible for seat belt tensioners to go off even if the airbags have not? The simple answer is yes. Your car’s seat belt tensioners can be set free even if the module has not signaled the airbags to deploy. This is because some minor accidents can set off the tensioners even if they are not strong enough to trigger the airbags.

However, if you notice that the seat belt tensioners are set free, yet the airbags aren’t, you might have to consider checking if the airbag signal is malfunctioning or it’s time for an auto seat belt repair.

Final Thoughts: Getting Your Seat Belts Repaired

Are you having trouble with your seat belt locks and tensioners? Do you feel like your airbag module has some issues you need to address? It might be time to consult with experts in repairing seat belts.

If you are seeking a seat belt repair service, work with us at Safety Restore today. We are the world’s leader in airbag module and car seat belt repair. Your safety is our top priority, and let us prove that to you—check out our collections and call us today!

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