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How to Reset Your Airbag Light after an Accident: A Guide

In case of accidents, the impact causes activation of the car’s crash sensors. Those sensors trigger an airbag based on the weight and age of the affected occupants. If the sensor determines that the occupants are too light or too old for an airbag, it will not activate and that light will remain on. 

Once your airbag light is triggered, you will have to get an inspection to see whether your airbag light is still working. If you absolutely have to, you can try resetting your airbag light as well. Here are some tips to do so.

Turning off the Airbag Light

Take the ignition key out of the car, open the engine hood and inspect the engine bay. There will be a small light bulb, which is connected to the airbag light. This bulb will have a small wire attached to it, which leads to the airbag system.

There will be a flap under the dashboard, which will have continuity. If the flap is closed, it will mean the airbag system is still working. If it is open, the airbag system is not functional. This is how you know if you can reset your airbag light.

Once you have located the flap and with the ignition key still not in the ignition, check for continuity. If it is open, the airbag system is still functioning. If you can find a way to close the flap with your hands, you will be able to reset your airbag light.

How to Reset the Airbag Light

If the airbag light is triggered and the flap is closed, you have to take the ignition key out and wait for 30 sec. Then, you should try starting the engine again. Take out the key and check for continuity. Now, if the flap is still closed, you can reset your airbag light.

If you have tried to close the flap and it does not work, you will have to get your car to a professional for a proper inspection. Get it to a qualified mechanic and tell them what you have tried to do. 

Using a Reset Airbag Tool

If you are comfortable working with the electrical system of your car, you can try using an airbag reset tool. There are various types of these tools available.

You have to insert the tool into the airbag connector, which should be located near the airbag light on the dashboard. This will be the flap, which is opened if the airbag system is not functional.

Press the reset button on the airbag reset tool. This will close the flap, thus resetting the airbag light. After you have reset the airbag light, you have to start your car. If the light still remains on, you will have to get your car to the service center immediately.


If you want to reset your airbag light, you need to make sure your airbag system is still functional. You can close the flap with your hands or you can use an airbag reset tool. Your car is only safe if the airbag light is off.

A quick fix would be to use an airbag module reset device. Safety Restore has all of the resources you need for resetting your airbag module after an accident. Take a look at our selection on our website today.

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