Can a seat belt break in an accident ?

Can a seat belt break in an accident ?

As you already know, wearing a seat belt is one of the best ways you can protect yourself while driving. As a matter of fact, seat belts reduce the risk of death by more than 45% and the risk of serious injury by more than 50%! They save hundreds of thousands of lives each and every day. The biggest way that they aid in protecting us is by preventing us from being ejected out of the vehicle during a sudden stop or collision. However, after being involved in a car accident, seat belts can become faulty. Let me explain this a little more below.

Basically, after a vehicle has been involved in an accident or sudden stop, the seat belts in that vehicle may become locked. A locked seat belt means that the seat belt deployed during a crash and will no longer work again. Every safety belt is manufactured with a gas charge that is triggered to go off when an accident occurs. This happens to protect the occupant wearing the safety belt from the impact of airbag deployment. As a result, the pretensioner and retractor aspects of the seat belt may become compromised, and a drive should not operate a vehicle with such belts.

However, what most people don’t know is that a locked seat belt can be repaired. Individuals can certainly choose to purchase a brand new set of seat belts at the dealer, but this is not absolutely necessary! Getting the locked seat belts repaired can yield the same results for a much cheaper price tag!

The company Safety Restore does just that. This small, family-owned business works with all makes and models of vehicles and repairs single stage, dual stage, and even triple stage seat belts. The company knows all there is on how to fix locked seat belt after accident. Safety Restore employs only skilled engineers to perform the repairs and ensures the use of industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Each seat belt sent in is disassembled and build back up piece by piece to meet OEM specifications. The company also prices its services fairly and offers a free lifetime warranty. A fast 24-hour turnaround time is also guaranteed at Safety Restore.

How to reset the airbag module after accident

If you have a vehicle with a faulty SRS airbag module, you might know that it needs to be replaced. You may be thinking that you do not have enough money to buy a totally new SRS unit at the dealer. Lucky for you, that is okay. There are plenty of instructions online detailing how you can remove the unit from your vehicle and reset it back to factory condition yourself! You just need to have the proper tools and software to do so.

How to reset the airbag module after accident

Let me fill you in on the process. First, you should remove the unit from your vehicle. Most likely, it is located underneath the driver seat or the front passenger seat. You can then begin disassembly of the module. You should open up the module and search for the 8-pin SMD EEPROM chip. This is what stores all the crash data. You then need to solder some 32-gauge hookup wire to connect the airbag module to a serial port EEPROM reader. After that, you can analyze the crash data. Different types of software are available to read the EEPROM chip, but all essentially do the same job. At last, you can finally replace the airbag module computer. Replace all the values from the crashed chip with the ones from the virgin chip and rewrite it into the computer. That way, the hard codes that were present can be cleared. The final step would be to replace the module into your car and check if you were able to successfully reset it. Within 6 seconds, your SRS light should go off. Your vehicle’s tech-stream software can also be checked to see that there are no more codes or faults present.

Of course, if the entire process seems too difficult, or you do not want to risk doing the job improperly, you can send it in to a company that specializes in just that. A perfect example of such a company is Safety Restore. Visit and purchase the SRS airbag module reset service for a very affordable price.

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Seat Belt Rebuild

Seat Belt Rebuild
We offer seatbelt rebuild services nationwide with our mail-in order service.

On the lookout for a quality shop that can perform a seat belt rebuild for you? Look no further than Safety Restore! 

Safety Restore is a business that specializes in all things seat belt. They have the ability to both rebuild the actual belt mechanism and replace the seat belt webbing.

For the actual belt mechanism, the company is able to repair the buckle pretensioner as well as the seat belt retractor. The buckle pretensioner is the female part of the seat belt where the belt latch buckles into and it needs to be repaired if it goes off during an accident. The seat belt retractor is the male portion of the seat belt where the actual webbing material feeds from. It is responsible for locking up during sudden stops. It is equipped with a spring, a pyrotechnic explosive divide, some gears, a sensor, and a mechanism that is engineered to also lock up during a crash. When Safety Restore performs a seat belt rebuild for the retractor, they unlock the locked seat belt, rebuild the mechanism, replace the gas charge, and instal a new sensor. 

Seat belt webbing replacement is another service Safety Restore offers when it comes to seat belts. Customers can have their torn, worn out, cut, frayed, or even dog chewed seat belts replaced in a color match option to match the remaining seat belts in their vehicle. The company offers a custom color option as well, to customers who simply want to replace their original black, tan, brown, or gray belts to an eccentric new color. Colors such as Ferrari Red, Neon Green, Hot Pink, Cobalt Blue, and Illuminating Yellow are a few of the options they can choose from!

The quality is unmistakable at Safety Restore and you can rest assured that your seat belt rebuild will be in great hands. The company only employs highly trained and experienced seat belt engineers. All repairs are performed using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Since the beginning, Safety Restore has always met or exceeded FMVSS standards. They complete their services in just 24 hours or less, and guarantee a lifetime warranty on everything. Their pricing is unbeatable as well. Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars at the dealer, the most a customer would spend at Safety Restore is $114.99. Furthermore, unlike competing companies that are only able to perform simple repairs of single stage belts, Safety Restore’s expertise includes single stage, dual stage, and even triple stage seat belts! 

Head on over to and get a proper seat belt rebuild today!

Seat Belt Repair Shop

Seat Belt Repair Shop
Our nationwide mail-in seat belt repair shop takes care of all types of seatbelt repairs at half the cost!

In need of a seat belt repair shop that you can full trust to restore your safety and put out quality work? Look no further than Safety Restore! Owning and operating for more than five years now, the company has amassed quite a high positive review count from all of its satisfied customers. Many of them have boasted about the company’s quality that has exceeded that of other competing companies and the prices that have sparkled in comparison to those at the dealer! 

Several of the company’s key foundations set it apart from the rest and illustrate why the company has satisfied its customers from the start. To begin with, the company employs highly experienced and well-trained seat belt engineers who use industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Safety Restore has also always met or exceeded FMVSS standards. Additionally, the company offers a lifetime warranty with all of its services. A quick 24 hour turnaround is a great factor that sets Safety Restore apart from other companies as well. Customers from all over the nation can turn to the company and mail in their items in for repair, as the company is based on a ‘mail in your items for repair’ concept. Ranging from only $49.99 to $114.99, the prices are very affordable too, saving customers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, if they were to turn to a dealer for the work. 

This seat belt repair shop has a range of services to offer. Whereas other companies only work with simple, single stage seat belts, Safety Restore works with them all, whether they are single stage, dual stage, or even triple stage belts! SRS airbag module resetting and seat belt webbing replacement–in a color match or custom color option–is also offered by the company. For a seat belt repair shop, Safety Restore is definitely on its game. 

If you too can now see why Safety Restore is seen as such a reputable and trustworthy seat belt repair shop, head on over to today and take a look at their services. Whether you are interested in repairing seat belts, getting webbing replacement, or having your SRS airbag module reset, you simply need to select the service and prepay for it online. The next steps simply require you to remove your current items from your vehicle and ship them out to the company for repair. Once they receive your items, in just 24 hours they will be fixed and sent back! You can be assured that your vehicle will be driving on the road–and safely–in no time! 

Car Seat Belt Repair

Car Seat Belt Repair
We offer car seatbelt repair services nationwide.

Not every car service is a click away and can be purchased through your computer like getting a car seat belt repair at Safety Restore. Usually, you have to put up with taking time off from work, exhaust yourself after work, or free up a weekend in order to sit in a tiny office while your car is being worked on for hours. This doesn’t happen when purchasing a car seat belt repair service from the company Safety Restore. Here, you simply have to remove your seat belts from your car, send them in to the company, and have them ship the belts back out when they have been repaired. No restless waiting in an office needed! For an online service such as this, the company has a very quick turn around, completing all repairs in just 24 hours or less! 

There are many other perks about Safety Restore and characteristics about the company that speak volumes about the quality of its services. Safety Restore only employs highly experienced and well trained seat belt engineers who complete all repairs using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. FMVSS standards have also always been met or exceeded by the company. The high positive review count that Safety Restore has accumulated is in part due to the lifetime warranty offered alongside the 24 hour turnaround time. Not only that, but the prices of its services are already unbeatable! Whereas car seat belt repair by most other companies is limited to the easy single stage seat belts, Safety Restore can repair single stage, dual stage, and even triple stage belts in the very affordable price range of $64.99 to $114.99! This means hundreds or even thousands of dollars are saved as compared to going to a dealer! 

Car seat belt repair of single stage, dual stage, and triple stage belts is not the only thing the company offers. Additionally at Safety Restore, you can choose to get seat belt webbing replacement–and this could be in a color match or a custom color option. They have many custom colors to choose from, including Ferrari Red, Neon Green, Hot Pink, Cobalt Blue, and Illuminating Yellow. The resetting of SRS airbag modules is also a service offered by Safety Restore.

So whether you are in need of a car seat belt repair, seat belt webbing replacement, or an SRS airbag module reset, head on over to today! It will definitely beat spending the day in a waiting room! 

Seat Belt Repair After Accident

Seat Belt Repair After Accident
SafetyRestore’s Seat Belt Repair After Accident Services – Nationwide Mail-in Order Service

You don’t need to buy a hybrid or an electric vehicle to be more environmentally friendly with your current vehicle. In fact, there are some simple steps you can take to “go green” your current vehicle. Not only will these steps help you reduce your carbon footprint, but to keep your vehicle running for longer.

First, always follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to reduce emissions from the vehicle and to help cut down on fuel use. Regular maintenance includes: checking your car’s oil and replacing it on time, replacing air filters, maintaining tire pressure and checking engine performance. Keeping a regular service schedule like this can save you money on gas and sure the longevity of your vehicle. Likewise, make sure you are disposing of waste from cars properly. Old tires, batteries, oil and fluids should be properly disposed of.

Next, try to extend the life of your vehicle. This should be easy if you follow the first step of properly servicing and maintaining your vehicle. In doing this, you are reducing waste. Additionally, if you have serious engine trouble, you may consider finding a rebuilt or remanufactured engine instead of replacing the vehicle. Not only will this give your current vehicle a new life, but reduce fuel consumption.

Furthermore, if your vehicle has been in an accident, it may require seat belt repair after accident. Safety Restore provides seatbelt repair services after an accident for any make or model of vehicle. Without seat belt repair after accidents, seat belts may not work properly, which places everyone in the vehicle at risk of injury upon impact or sudden stop. Promote the longevity of your vehicle and of your life with a seat belt repair service. With Safety Restore, your seat belt repair after accident will be completed using materials that meet, and often exceed, federal guidelines. Within 24-hours of receiving your seat belts, your seatbelt repair will be complete and on its way to you. Do not wait for another accident – Contact Safety Restore about seat belt repair after accident today!

Seat Belt Tensioner Repair

Seat Belt Tensioner Repair
SafetyRestore’s Seat Belt Tensioner Repair Services – Nationwide Mail-in Order Service

Gas prices have remained stable throughout the last few years. However, we all know that prices will increase around the holidays as there will be more travel. If you drive a vehicle that requires gas, you will likely feel the financial burden of increased prices soon. However, there are some driving habits you can incorporate to increase fuel economy.

Driving calmly and following the speed limit can decrease gas consumption. Unnecessary acceleration and braking consumes a lot of gas and rarely does anything to improve driving time. Speed limits between 45-60 miles per hour maximize fuel economy; after 60 miles per hour, your gas consumption increases greatly. By going with the pace of traffic or following the speed limit, you can improve your mileage by up to 30% on the highways and 5% in the city.

Next, pack only necessities and avoid roof racks. Added weight decreases fuel economy. In fact, every 100 pounds can decrease fuel efficiency by 1-2%! Roof racks especially hinder fuel economy because they not only add weight, but cause aerodynamic dragging. Thus, unless you are using the roof rack for a specific trip, leave it at home or try to fit your cargo into the trunk.

In addition, limit air conditioning use by using your vehicle’s own ventilation system. When driving at lower speeds, you can also open the windows for ventilation. Air conditioning can hinder fuel economy by up to 20%! Similarly, do not let your vehicle idle for long periods of time. Ten seconds of idling can use as much gas as it takes to restart the vehicle! By turning off the car and waiting, you can increase your fuel economy.

Fuel economy habits are important, but not as important as maintaining your seat belts. If your seat belts are in need of seat belt tensioner repair, do not postpone this fix. Safety Restore provides seatbelt tensioner repair that can leave your seat belts as good as new. Seat belt tensioner repairing is necessary when seat belts do not retract automatically or retract slowly. This seemingly innocent problem could mean an injury or death in an accident. Safety Restore’s seat belt repair is rapid and affordable. With a 24-hour turnaround time and quality products that meet or exceed federal guidelines, your seatbelt repair will ensure the full safety of seat belts. Contact Safety Restore today about seat belt tensioner repair!

Airbag Module Reset

Airbag Module Reset
SafetyRestore’s Airbag Module Reset Services – Nationwide Mail-in Order Service

Most drivers have experienced the dread of a dead battery. Batteries always seem to die at the worst times, such as on a cold morning before work. Dead batteries are a nuisance to drivers; however, drivers can take steps to promote the longevity of their batteries.

First, drivers should always check their batteries when weather changes. Extreme temperatures damage batteries in different ways. Cold air thickens engine oil, and this oil becomes harder to move and turn. While cold is harmful to the battery, heat will also do damage. Extreme heat causes fluids to vaporize and evaporate. As a result, the internal structure of the battery becomes damaged. Thus, whenever the temperature changes drastically, drivers should be prepared to check on their batteries. In addition, drivers should be sure not to overcharge their batteries. Overcharging can also affect the longevity of your battery. If there is a defect with a part of the charging system’s voltage regulator, charging can occur at a rate that is too high. The result of this is a battery that dies slowly.

Furthermore, there are simple things drivers can do to attempt to promote the life of their batteries. Whenever you charge your battery, check to make sure the electrical system is functioning at the appropriate rate. If you have a battery which needs to be topped off routinely, build these checks into your schedule so you do not forget. You may also consider adding distilled water when it is needed. When it comes time to replace your battery, it should be replaced with one that is rated as high as the original one. If the lights on your vehicle become increasingly dim (headlights, interior lights), you likely need to check your battery. The same goes if the check engine light comes on. Finally, keeping your battery clean increases battery life. Debris and dirt become conductors when they get into the battery, and drain battery power and lead to corrosion, which prevents flow.

Like batteries, airbags are essential to vehicles. If your vehicle requires airbag module reset, you cannot procrastinate fixing it. SRS Airbag module reset is necessary in vehicles that have been in accidents or impacts. Whether you were in an accident or purchased your vehicle from an auction, Safety Restore can provide airbag chip reset for you. Instead of spending $1,000 on a new airbag module from a dealership, Safety Restore provides airbag module resetting and essentially restores the original airbag module by erasing all the stored data. Safety Restore uses factory OEM software to complete your module reset, leaving your airbag module as good as new! Contact Safety Restore about having your airbag module reset today!

Does Your Deployed SRS Airbag Module Need to be Reset after an Accident?

SRS Airbag Module Deployed
Example of an srs airbag module that was reset after it was deployed during an accident.

Believe it or not, winter is right around the corner. If you are from a part of the country that experiences a harsh winter, you know that this dangerous time can wear out your vehicle. From heavy snow fall to black ice to below zero temperatures, roads in the winter season are riddled with danger. Each year, thousands of drivers end up stranded due to hazardous roads or malfunctioning vehicles, anywhere from short periods of time, to even days. Aside from the typical dangers of being on the road, there is also an increasing danger of hypothermia. Most drivers are not adequately prepared to be stranded, but you can take measures to ensure safety in the event you are stranded in your vehicle during a storm.

First, you should try to keep your vehicle fueled as much as possible in the winter time, especially when taking a long trip. In the event you are stranded, that gas in your tank might be all you have to keep warm for hours, if not days. You can also create a winter emergency kit to leave in your vehicle. Aside from the usual first aid kit, you should include emergency flares, flashlights, a radio, extra batteries, and ice scraper and a bag of sand to help with traction. You will also need to pack items to keep you warm if you are stranded for a length period of time, including: warm blankets, extra gloves, a ski mask to protect your face, extra warm clothing and boots. Make sure the clothing you choose is made of materials that insulate well, such as fleece. Finally, if you have an old cell phone that you no longer use, charge it and keep it in your car. Even if the phone is not connected to any provider, you will still be able to call 911 on it. Alternatively, you can keep a fully charged battery pack and charging cable for your phone.

Part of preparing for the winter season is ensuring your car is safe to drive. If your SRS airbag module has deployed, you likely need to have it repaired or replaced before the winter season. When the airbag module deploys, it became useless and now prevents airbags from deploying in an accident. Thus, there is a great risk to driving a vehicle with the SRS airbag module deployed. Whether you have been in a car accident or purchased a car from an auction, the airbag module should be repaired as soon as possible. While many manufactures and repair shops will suggest you replace the deployed SRS airbag module, Safety Restore repair it for a fraction of the cost, saving you upwards of $1,000! Do not risk driving in the winter season with a SRS airbag module deployed – contact Safety Restore today and get it taken care of before the first snow fall!