Can a seat belt break in an accident ?

Can a seat belt break in an accident ?

As you already know, wearing a seat belt is one of the best ways you can protect yourself while driving. Seat belts reduce the risk of death by more than 45% and the risk of serious injury by more than 50%! They save hundreds of thousands of lives every day. The biggest way that they aid in protecting us is by preventing us from being ejected out of the vehicle during a sudden stop or collision. However, after being involved in a car accident, seat belts can become faulty. Let me explain this a little more below.

After a vehicle has been involved in an accident or sudden stop, the seat belts in that vehicle may become locked. A locked seat belt means that the seat belt is deployed during a crash and will no longer work again. Every safety belt is manufactured with a gas charge that is triggered to go off when an accident occurs. This happens to protect the occupant wearing the safety belt from the impact of airbag deployment. As a result, the pretensioner and retractor aspects of the seat belt may become compromised, and a driver should not operate a vehicle with such belts.

However, what most people don’t know is that a locked seat belt can be repaired. Individuals can certainly choose to purchase a brand new set of seat belts at the dealer, but this is not necessary! Getting the locked seat belts repaired can yield the same results for a much cheaper price tag!

The company Safety Restore does just that. This small, family-owned business works with all makes and models of vehicles and repairs single-stage, dual-stage, and even triple-stage seat belts. The company knows all there is on how to fix a locked seat belt after an accident. Safety Restore employs only skilled engineers to perform the repairs and ensures the use of industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Each seat belt sent in is disassembled and build back up piece by piece to meet OEM specifications. The company also prices its services fairly and offers a free lifetime warranty. Fast 24-hour turnaround time is also guaranteed at Safety Restore.

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