Can seat belt pretensioners be reset ?

Can seat belt pretensioners be reset ?

Many people believe that once they have their seat belt tensioner deployed, there is no other option than to purchase an entirely new seat belt at the dealer. The truth is, though an entirely new seat belt certainly can be purchased, it doesn’t need to be. The seat belt pretensioner can be reset to factory settings and replaced into the vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether the seat belt pretensioner is located on the driver side seat belt, passenger side seat belt, rear seat belts, LH seat belt, RH seat belt, FR seat belts, or R seat belts! If properly reset, it will work just as well as a brand new seat belt! A proper reset should be able to fix any of these issues: a seat belt pretensioner that is locked, not retracting, retracting slowly, jammed, making rattling noises, stiff, tight, or not able to retract fully.

The company Safety Restore does just that. Among its many seat belt services, Safety Restore has been specializing in seat belt pretensioner repair for years. Unlike most other seat belt repair shops, this company can repair single-stage, dual-stage, and even triple-stage seat belt pretensioners! When fixing customers’ seat belt pretensioners, the seat belt engineers make sure that the entire seat belt will work like new again. To accomplish this, they replace the gas charge, sensor, spring, and any other faulty parts and rebuild the entire seat belt mechanism. Quality is the top priority of Safety Restore. The company uses only 100% OEM parts and industry-standard tools in the repair process, and makes sure to always meet or exceed FMVSS standards! The company is also BBB accredited and has obtained quite a high positive review count over the years.

If you are considering getting seat belt pretensioner repair at Safety Restore in the future, you will be pleased with the affordable prices (seat belt pretensioner repair comes in at only $64.99!), fast turnaround time (just 24 hours!), and lifetime warranty guarantee. You’d simply need to remove the seat belt out of your vehicle and ship it out to the company.

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