Instrument Cluster Repair Service

There are many places that you can get an instrument cluster repair service, but none of them compare to getting the job done at Safety Restore.

Instrument Cluster Repair Service

Safety Restore is a small family-owned business that has perfected its instrument cluster repair service to a T. The company specializes in repairing all gauge-related problems you can think of or are experiencing! This includes the tachometer, oil, temperature, odometer, and speedometer gauges, and applies to completely broken, sticking, fluttering, or intermittently working gauges. When Safety Restore performs its instrument cluster repair service, it takes a customer’s faulty instrument cluster and restores it to factory settings.

The great thing about choosing Safety Restore for your instrument cluster repair service is that you will always get quality service for an affordable price. For a speedometer repair, you will only owe the company $118.99, which is up to $600 less than you’d pay elsewhere. Even for this price, your quality will not be compromised, as the company only employs skilled engineers to do the work. Paired with the trained engineers, Safety Restore also ensures the use of 100% OEM parts and industry-standard tools. They have also achieved BBB accreditation and always make sure to meet or exceed FMVSS standards.

If you are interested in getting your instrument cluster repair service here, the process is quite simple. All you need to do is log onto and pre-pay for the service. On the same website, you can follow the detailed instructions provided on removing the unit from your vehicle. Once removed, you can ship out the speedometer to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA using any preferred carrier. In just 24 hours of receiving your package, all repairs will be completed, and you will receive your speedometer back! You’ll also be left with a lifetime warranty on the service!

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