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Different Establishments You Should Know About If You Own A Vehicle

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If you own a vehicle, this means that you have a pretty big responsibility on hand. Not only does having a car require you to take care of it and perform regular maintenance on it, but it also requires you to spend your precious time, money, and energy on it. To keep your car in working order for years, you must familiarize yourself with all of the components in the vehicle, as well as what makes them tick. If you see that any issue arises with a part of the car, it is pertinent that you get it looked at and fixed immediately so that the problem doesn’t get worse or start affecting other aspects of your vehicle. Below is a list of a few establishments you should know about to properly maintain your vehicle.

The first establishment you should know about is a good mechanic shop. You must find an experienced and well-rounded mechanic because there is a lot he may end up doing for you. You can turn to him for regular maintenance on your vehicle, diagnostic testing, repairs, and inspections. He can help with problems with your engine, transmission, and electronic systems such as steering and brakes.

You should also look out for good instrument cluster repair shops. If you think you’ll never need the help of instrument cluster repair shops, think again! If any problem arises with your cluster, such as dead or sticking gauges, this can impact the overall function of your vehicle and cause you to operate recklessly. Instead of going through the trouble of purchasing an instrument cluster repair kit, then confusing yourself with all the steps involved in repairing the unit, simply search for a professional that would be able to do the job for you correctly and in a timely fashion.

An additional establishment, you should look into is a seat belt repair shop. If your car is ever involved in a crash, the seat belts may likely lock up or get deployed. Of course, you can’t drive around safely without properly functioning seat belts!

It would be wise for you to also look into a shop that performs SRS airbag module resets. Alongside seatbelts deploying during a car accident, the SRS module often stores crash data as well. The information has to be removed before the airbags will return to working order. Because this job requires a ton of precision, it would be smart for you to look for a professional who specializes in these units rather than attempt the repairs from home.

Lucky for you, there is a company that can do three of the listed jobs above. Safety Restore is a repair shop that specializes in the restoration of seat belts, resetting of SRS airbag control modules, and the fixing of instrument clusters.

I had my 2019 chevy express van, srs module and seatbelt pretensioners repaired by Safety Restore. Absolutely the best service and quick turnaround !!!

Posted by Jo John on Thursday, May 16, 2019
Instrument Cluster Repair

Why It Is So Important To Find A Great Instrument Cluster Repair Shop

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Getting gauge cluster repair is a very important deal. You may need this because you are having issues with your temperature gauge, oil gauge, transmission temperature gauge, gas/fuel gauge, speedometer gauge, or tachometer gauge, just to name a few. If any of these gauges are fluttering, sticking, giving incorrect readings, working intermittently, or simply broken altogether, these are all reasons to get repair immediately. The thing is, you shouldn’t just go to any shop to get the job done. When searching among different instrument cluster repair shops, you should choose one that is trustworthy, one that offers great quality, and one that has affordable prices.

To begin with, you should look for a shop that has affordable prices. A dealership charges hundreds of dollars for a brand new instrument cluster, but a shop that repairs faulty units shouldn’t cost as much. Now, you probably don’t want to go with the cheapest option either, but rather a great price in return for great quality!

Another thing you should look for when differentiating between different instrument cluster repair shops is trustworthiness. Read the reviews of the different shops you stumble into. If you see that the majority of the reviews are positive, that should be a good sign. Take note of the negative reviews people are writing too, as these may be a greater indication of the trustworthiness of a company than the positive reviews are. It might also be helpful for you to see how long those different shops have been in service.

Finally, find a shop that offers great quality. Look to make sure that the repair shop you choose is BBB accredited and meets all the intended FMVSS standards. Also, check to make sure that it uses only industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts in its repair process. Any shop that uses aftermarket parts or faulty practices is a huge red flag. Now, companies might not state this outright on their website, but you may be able to obtain this information through the reviews!

From all the instrument cluster repair shops, a shop that ticks off all of these boxes is Safety Restore. Safety Restore is guaranteed to be able to solve any gauge related issues you may face for an affordable price! It also offers impeccable quality and has garnered quite the high positive review count from when it began many years ago. Visit today and purchase the gauge cluster repair service today!

Instrument Cluster Repair Speedometer Repair

Will a broken speedometer pass inspection ?

Oftentimes, when individuals know their current inspection sticker is expiring soon and they are preparing for a new test, they start getting frazzled and anxious about their vehicle. They start questioning themselves on all types of issues, like “Will a broken door handle fail inspection?” or “Will a broken speedometer pass inspection?” Below I will talk about the latter question. The instrument cluster is something that often gets overlooked; therefore I thought it would be useful to write a little bit about it.

To begin with, a broken speedometer means that one or more of the gauges on the instrument cluster are fluttering, sticking, giving incorrect readings, or not working at all.

To answer the question, “Will a broken speedometer pass inspection?” The answer is yes (usually). Typically, automotive shops look at things like a car’s registration plate, emissions, steering, underside, lights, wheel alignment, and brakes. Usually, the vehicle inspector does not drive the vehicle, and therefore will not see that something is wrong with the instrument cluster. With that said, however, it is important to keep in mind that certain automotive shops and some states do look at the speedometer.

Your best bet would be to have a properly working instrument cluster at all times—not only to avoid failing inspection but also to maintain your safety on the road. If your instrument cluster is broken, you may not be warned about certain problems in your vehicle, which can ultimately result in your car breaking down. When it breaks down, it may harm you or other drivers and pedestrians around you. Additionally, a broken speedometer may give you a wrong reading of your speed, which can result in you getting into an automotive accident. Both scenarios are something you should want to avoid at all costs.

If you see that there is anything wrong with your instrument cluster, you should get it repaired immediately. You can turn to the company Safety Restore. Safety Restore specializes in the repair of any gauge-related issues on an instrument cluster. The company uses industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts to replace all defective motors and bring customers’ instrument clusters back to factory settings.

Instrument Cluster Repair Speedometer Repair

Will a Broken Speedometer Fail MOT ?

Will a broken speedometer fail MOT or pass?

If you reside in the United Kingdom, you know all about the MOT. You know that MOT stands for the Ministry of Transport and that every year it performs a test known as the MOT test. If you own a vehicle, you have had to submit your vehicle to be inspected for safety, roadworthiness aspects, as well as exhaust emissions. This is an annual test that you have probably taken numerous times. However, if you are noticing some faults with your instrument cluster, you may be asking yourself for the first time, “Will a broken speedometer fail MOT?” Below, I will be answering that exact question.

The thing is, instrument clusters often get overlooked in a vehicle. Individuals, like you, usually only start paying attention to the instrument cluster when they notice a problem. However, it is quite an important aspect of a vehicle and shouldn’t be overlooked—even solely for safety reasons. A broken speedometer or a speedometer with intermittently working gauges can be quite a hazard on the road and can cause serious injuries or even death. For example, an individual may end up driving at a higher speed than they should be and end up getting into a car accident—all because their speed dial was displaying the wrong reading!

Now let’s answer the question, “Will a broken speedometer fail MOT?” When it comes to the MOT, the speedometer is quite an important aspect of it. Basically, the MOT follows UK speedometer regulations and a vehicle will fail the MOT test if its speedometer is not fitted, is incomplete, is inoperative, or has broken or missing switches. Dials that cannot be illuminated are also a cause for failure of the MOT test. The speedometer will only pass the MOT test if it is complete, everything is neat and tidy, and there are no fluttering, sticking, intermittently working, or dead gauges.

Your best bet would be to inspect your instrument cluster meticulously. If you notice any broken or faulty gauges, get the unit repaired immediately. You can turn to the company Safety Restore. Safety Restore specializes in the repair of all types of instrument cluster problems and will be able to restore your speedometer to factory settings.

Instrument Cluster Repair

What is instrument cluster repair?

Do you need instrument cluster repair?

You may be a witness yourself that instrument clusters start to become faulty every once in a while and require repair. Several things can go wrong with an instrument cluster, which I will describe below. The important thing to do if you ever have instrument cluster problems is to get the unit replaced or repaired immediately.

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of problems that can happen to the instrument cluster in a vehicle. For one, certain gauges can display wrong readings. That can pose a huge problem, especially if it something like the oil gauge giving the wrong reading. Another problem that sometimes occurs to instrument clusters is the gauges begin to work only intermittently. This can happen to any of the gauges, including the temperature and gas gauges. Gauges can also start becoming stuck. Not only can this become a nuisance but it can also endanger your safety on the road if you are trying to fix those gauges while driving. Unfortunately, sometimes some of the gauges break completely and do not work at all. For this issue, the repair is undoubtedly necessary.

Quite a bit goes into the actual repair of the instrument cluster. First, the instrument cluster needs to be removed out of the vehicle. Then, the unit needs to be disassembled, and each gauge inspected closely. All sticking, fluttering, broken, or incorrectly reading gauges need to be removed and replaced. Once the unit is repaired, it must be reinstalled in the vehicle to see if the repairs were successful, and the unit has been restored to factory settings.

If you are wondering who to turn to for speedometer repair, if you do not trust yourself doing it, let me help you with that. The company Safety Restore specializes in any gauge-related issues and will surely be able to fix your instrument cluster! Simply log onto and click on the instrument cluster gauges repair service. The company utilizes 100% OEM parts and industry-standard tools in its repair process, so you know you will be receiving quality work.

Gauge Cluster Repair Instrument Cluster Repair

Truck Cluster Repair

Do you drive a truck and find yourself in need of a truck cluster repair? No one wants a faulty cluster, especially when driving a truck! The instrument cluster has important mechanisms like the tachometer, odometer, speedometer, transmission, temperature, and fuel gauge—and it is just a big headache when they stop working properly. Lucky for you, there is a company called Safety Restore that specializes in instrument clusters and can do a truck cluster repair for you. They will work to restore every one of your broken, sticking, incorrectly reading, fluttering, or intermittently working gauges back to factory settings. After you get your instrument cluster back from them, you won’t regret getting the truck cluster repair done there!

Truck Cluster Repair Services

The great thing is that when you turn to Safety Restore for a truck cluster repair, you don’t have to worry about spending all your hard-earned money or having to wait a long time to drive on the road again. The company has very reasonable prices, with instrument cluster repair coming in at only $118.99. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is attached to each service. Alongside the affordable pricing, fast turnaround time can be expected. It takes Safety Restore just 24 hours to complete all repairs and send orders back out.

To get the repair done immediately, head over to There you can select the service and pre-pay for it. You will also find detailed instructions explaining how you should remove the unit from your vehicle. Once it has been removed, you just need to ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. The skilled engineers will receive your package, and in just 24 hours will have all the necessary repairs completed. When you receive it back you won’t even notice the difference between your reset speedometer and a brand new one!

Instrument Cluster Repair Instrument Panel Repair

Dashboard Instrument Cluster Repair

You may have heard about the company Safety Restore before. Many people know it as a leading company in single, dual, and triple-stage seat belt repairs, seat belt webbing replacement, and SRS airbag module resetting. What many do not know, however, is that the company also specializes in dashboard instrument cluster repair. If you are having issues with your instrument cluster, this is the company you should go with and one that you can definitely trust!

Dashboard Instrument Cluster Repair Services

The company has established quite a following on its different platforms and garnered a sizeable positive review count for a reason. As with its other services, Safety Restore always does quality work in its dashboard instrument cluster repair services. It only employs experienced engineers who perform the repairs using 100% OEM parts and industry-standard tools. Additionally, FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded. The company is BBB accredited as well.

Some of the things that keep customers satisfied and returning for other services are Safety Restore’s prices, lifetime warranty, and fast turnaround time. To begin with, dashboard instrument cluster repair comes in at just $118.99. As was mentioned, this already low price comes with a free lifetime warranty attached. If anything were to happen to their speedometer in the future, customers have the opportunity to send their unit in at no additional cost. The turnaround time at Safety Restore is also quite desirable. It takes the company only 24 hours (sometimes even less!) to complete all orders—large and small.

So if you require repairing your instrument cluster sometime in the future, head to the company Safety Restore. They can simply be reached at or through a phone call, chat, or email. They will take care to restore your instrument cluster to factory settings and won’t charge an arm and a leg for it either!

Instrument Cluster Repair Instrument Panel Repair Speedometer Repair

Speedometer Instrument Cluster Repair

If you do not know what an instrument cluster is or when a speedometer instrument cluster repair is needed, let me fill you in.

Speedometer Instrument Cluster Repair Services

The instrument cluster is another name for the speedometer in your vehicle that displays dials such as the tachometer gauge, odometer gauge, gas/fuel, gauge, temperature gauge, and transmission gauge. Some people drive an entire lifetime without having any issues with it. However, if any problems do arise in the form of fluttering, sticking, incorrectly reading gauges, gauges displaying wrong readings, or gauges not working at all—this is an indication that a speedometer instrument cluster repair is needed.

When a speedometer instrument cluster repair is needed, individuals only have two options. They can purchase a brand new instrument cluster at the dealer or turn to a company to repair their present one. The latter option is much more affordable and practical. It is especially true if they turn to the company Safety Restore to perform the speedometer instrument cluster repair for them.

Safety Restore has repaired instrument clusters for a long while now and experienced in the trade. The company also doesn’t charge a whole lot. They only ask $118.99 for the service. Even with this low price in place, they offer a lifetime warranty to their customers. Fast turnaround time they have also included in the deal. It takes Safety Restore only 24 hours to fulfill all orders, despite how large or complicated an order may be.

If your vehicle ever needs an instrument cluster repair, head over to All you’d have to do is remove the unit from your vehicle and send it to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. The skilled engineers will get rid of any issues you have with your speedometer, and it will be restored to factory condition!

Instrument Cluster Repair Instrument Panel Repair

Car Instrument Repairs

Car repairs can put a large dent into your wallet. After all, everything adds up, and sometimes things cost more than you expect them to. That is why you should try your best to save wherever you can without sacrificing quality in the process. One way you can do so is by turning to the company Safety Restore for your car instrument repairs.

Car Instrument Repair Services

Safety Restore is a company that has been specializing in car instrument repairs for a while now, so you can rest assured that they will leave you with the job well done. The great thing is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it either! At Safety Restore, only $118.99 will be charged for car instrument repairs. Plus, that low price comes with a lifetime warranty.

After sending your unit in for repair, you can sleep worry-free, knowing that you entrusted your instrument panel into reliable hands. Safety Restore employs only experienced engineers who use industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts. The engineers have worked to resolve a wide variety of gauge-related problems having to do with the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, gas, temperature, transmission, and oil gauges. So they are bound to know how to resolve the issues you are dealing with too. You can expect Safety Restore to restore your faulty instrument panel to its pristine factory settings.

Log onto to get your car instrument repairs fixed by Safety Restore. There, you can select and pay for the instrument panel gauges repair service before sending the unit in for repair. Once the company receives your package, it should only take 24 hours for the repairs to complete. In just a short period, you’ll be able to head out on the road again—this time with a properly functioning instrument panel!

Gauge Cluster Repair Instrument Cluster Repair

Cluster Rebuild

You may find yourself looking to get a cluster rebuild for any number of reasons. Perhaps your speedometer gauge is getting stuck, or your tachometer gauge needs rebuilding. Your problem may lie in your oil gauge, giving you a wrong reading, or perhaps your temperature gauge only working intermittently. Or, it may be with the gas gauge or car odometer that you are having issues. Whatever the problem or problems, maybe—the company Safety Restore can help!

Cluster Rebuild Services

Before you turn away thinking Safety Restore is just like the dealership or other companies you have heard of, let me explain just how much it isn’t. Safety Restore cannot stand apart from any more for several reasons.

To begin with, is the price point of its services. Rather than the hundreds to thousands of dollars that dealerships and other companies charge, Safety Restore strives to maintain an affordable price point that anyone can access. Its cluster rebuild service comes out to just $118.99! Plus, the low prices at Safety Restore come with a lifetime warranty. Not many companies or even dealerships offer that! It is also essential for customers to note that the money spent on these services go to a small family-owned business rather than to fuel a large corporation.

The quality of Safety Restore is just as desirable as the prices are. The company continues to employ only experienced engineers and makes sure that all repairs are completed using 100% OEM parts and industry-standard tools. Also, Safety Restore always meets FMVSS standards and is BBB accredited.

Another reason why Safety Restore is different from other companies is that it has high expertise in cluster rebuilding. The company has been specializing in this service for years now and has dealt with all types of gauge-related issues. Therefore, it can assist its customers with them and will not turn them down for specific problems, as other companies do.

So make the wise choice and get your cluster rebuild at Safety Restore today!