Gauge Cluster Repair

Engine Warning Light–What Does It Mean?

One of the most important lights in your speedometer is the one that looks like a small yellow submarine. When this light turns on, you’ll know your vehicle is giving you an engine warning. The thing is, an engine warning can forewarn against any number of things.

For one, an engine warning light may indicate that your oxygen sensor needs to be switched out. What the oxygen sensor does is measure the amount of unburned oxygen in your car’s exhaust

Another thing this light may tell you is that your vehicle’s gas cap is damaged, loose, or completely missing. The gas cap seals the fuel system and helps maintain pressure inside of the fuel tank. It also stops gasoline fumes from being released into the air when you aren’t driving your car.

An engine warning may also alert you that you have a bad catalytic converter. The catalytic converter helps protect the environment by converting dangerous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Damage to this part usually happens as a result of neglected maintenance.

The light may also tell you that it is time to replace your Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF). The MAF measures the quantity of air going into the engine to determine how much fuel is required to run the engine efficiently.

One final thing it could indicate is that your car needs new spark plugs or plug wires. The spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, while the spark plug wires deliver the spark from the ignition coil into the spark plugs.

If you see the engine warning light turn on in your dash, you should bring your car to a mechanic and have them inspect it for any of the problems mentioned above. Doing so will allow you to continue driving safely and will also promote the longevity of your vehicle.

One key thing you should be mindful of, though, is that your speedometer is working properly in the first place. If your speedometer is not working properly, you may not even know that there are issues, as the warning lights might not even show up! You must get gauge cluster repair if you notice any fluttering, sticking, or dead gauges. Fortunately, gauge cluster repair doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. If you turn to the company Safety Restore, the gauge cluster repair cost comes out to just $118.99!

Gauge Cluster Repair

Gauge Cluster Rebuild

You may find yourself in need of a gauge cluster rebuild at one point or another. Over time, instrument clusters can become faulty and the gauges may start fluttering, sticking, intermittently working, displaying incorrect readings, or not working at all—and need to be reset. If this ever happens to you, know that you can turn to the company Safety Restore.

Gauge Cluster Rebuild Services

Safety Restore specializes in repairing all types of instrument cluster problems including those of the tachometer, speedometer, transmission, temperature, odometer, and gas/fuel gauge. Whatever the problem you are experiencing, the company can fix it! To do this, experienced engineers are employed and 100% OEM parts and industry-standard tools are utilized. It is also important to note that FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded by the company.

If you turn to Safety Restore for your gauge cluster rebuild, you can always expect an affordable price, a lifetime warranty guarantee, and a fast turnaround time. Safety Restore strives to uphold its quick 24-hour turnaround for all customers and orders—large or small. Also, the prices at Safety Restore are unbeatable. Rather than having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a gauge cluster rebuild elsewhere, you can just spend $118.99 at Safety Restore. Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty! It doesn’t get better than that!

To get your gauge cluster rebuild, all you have to do is remove the unit from your vehicle and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA to be fixed. Many customers think the removal process of their cluster is difficult, but it isn’t. Safety Restore provides detailed instructions on its website on how to successfully and easily remove the instrument cluster from a vehicle. If any additional problems arise, the company can also be reached by email or instant chat.

Gauge Cluster Repair Instrument Cluster Repair

Truck Cluster Repair

Do you drive a truck and find yourself in need of a truck cluster repair? No one wants a faulty cluster, especially when driving a truck! The instrument cluster has important mechanisms like the tachometer, odometer, speedometer, transmission, temperature, and fuel gauge—and it is just a big headache when they stop working properly. Lucky for you, there is a company called Safety Restore that specializes in instrument clusters and can do a truck cluster repair for you. They will work to restore every one of your broken, sticking, incorrectly reading, fluttering, or intermittently working gauges back to factory settings. After you get your instrument cluster back from them, you won’t regret getting the truck cluster repair done there!

Truck Cluster Repair Services

The great thing is that when you turn to Safety Restore for a truck cluster repair, you don’t have to worry about spending all your hard-earned money or having to wait a long time to drive on the road again. The company has very reasonable prices, with instrument cluster repair coming in at only $118.99. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is attached to each service. Alongside the affordable pricing, fast turnaround time can be expected. It takes Safety Restore just 24 hours to complete all repairs and send orders back out.

To get the repair done immediately, head over to There you can select the service and pre-pay for it. You will also find detailed instructions explaining how you should remove the unit from your vehicle. Once it has been removed, you just need to ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. The skilled engineers will receive your package, and in just 24 hours will have all the necessary repairs completed. When you receive it back you won’t even notice the difference between your reset speedometer and a brand new one!

Gauge Cluster Repair

Automotive Gauge Repair

Don’t know whom to turn to for automotive gauge repair that will also guarantee affordable prices and quality work? Turn to none other than the company Safety Restore! Safety Restore offers a variety of services, and automotive gauge repair is one of them. Fortunately for you, as a small family-owned business, Safety Restore performs quality repairs without charging an entire paycheck either! You can expect only to pay $118.99 for your automotive gauge repair here.

Automotive Gauge Repair Services

Along with the great price, you’ll also get a lifetime warranty on your service. Even though your automotive gauges are finished, if anything were to happen to them again, you’d have the opportunity to send your instrument panel back in for no additional fees. That speaks volumes, considering how much money companies charge for even the initial repair. When entrusting your instrument panel to Safety Restore, you can also rest assured that it will be in great hands. The company only employs skilled engineers to do the repair work and makes sure that industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts are utilized in the process. Safety Restore also makes sure always to meet FMVSS standards and is BBB accredited.

Another bonus you can expect from the company is fast turnaround time. It takes Safety Restore only 24 hours to fulfill all services, regardless of the difficulty or volume.

To get your automotive gauge repair, you need to select that service on There, you can also follow the provided instructions on getting the unit out of your vehicle. Once it is disassembled, you can ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. Any preferred mail carrier can be used when shipping out. The skilled engineers will receive your package, perform the necessary repairs to restore your unit to factory settings, then ship it right back out! No hassle needed!

Gauge Cluster Repair Instrument Cluster Repair

Cluster Rebuild

You may find yourself looking to get a cluster rebuild for any number of reasons. Perhaps your speedometer gauge is getting stuck, or your tachometer gauge needs rebuilding. Your problem may lie in your oil gauge, giving you a wrong reading, or perhaps your temperature gauge only working intermittently. Or, it may be with the gas gauge or car odometer that you are having issues. Whatever the problem or problems, maybe—the company Safety Restore can help!

Cluster Rebuild Services

Before you turn away thinking Safety Restore is just like the dealership or other companies you have heard of, let me explain just how much it isn’t. Safety Restore cannot stand apart from any more for several reasons.

To begin with, is the price point of its services. Rather than the hundreds to thousands of dollars that dealerships and other companies charge, Safety Restore strives to maintain an affordable price point that anyone can access. Its cluster rebuild service comes out to just $118.99! Plus, the low prices at Safety Restore come with a lifetime warranty. Not many companies or even dealerships offer that! It is also essential for customers to note that the money spent on these services go to a small family-owned business rather than to fuel a large corporation.

The quality of Safety Restore is just as desirable as the prices are. The company continues to employ only experienced engineers and makes sure that all repairs are completed using 100% OEM parts and industry-standard tools. Also, Safety Restore always meets FMVSS standards and is BBB accredited.

Another reason why Safety Restore is different from other companies is that it has high expertise in cluster rebuilding. The company has been specializing in this service for years now and has dealt with all types of gauge-related issues. Therefore, it can assist its customers with them and will not turn them down for specific problems, as other companies do.

So make the wise choice and get your cluster rebuild at Safety Restore today!

Gauge Cluster Repair Instrument Cluster Repair

Instrument Cluster Problems

Experiencing instrument cluster problems and think that the only option is to buy a brand new speedometer at the dealership? You couldn’t be more wrong than that. Regardless of whether you are having problems with your temperature, gas, odometer, speedometer, tachometer gauges—or even all the above—the company Safety Restore can help! Safety Restore specializes in restoring speedometers with instrument cluster problems and makes them work just like new again! The company has seen all types of issues and has been able to fix them all, including intermittently working, fluttering, sticking, incorrectly reading, and completely broken gauges!

Instrument Cluster Problems?

If you trust Safety Restore to get rid of your instrument cluster problems, know that you are entrusting your unit into reliable hands. To ensure customers’ complete satisfaction, safety, and quality, the company only employs well-trained engineers to perform the repairs. Safety Restore also makes sure that all repairs are completed using industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts. FMVSS standards are also always met or exceeded.

Safety Restore makes the repair process quick and straightforward for you. All you have to do is log onto and pre-pay for the service there. Once the payment has been made, you can go ahead with the removal of the unit. Follow the instructions provided on the company website for further assistance, or contact Safety Restore via instant chat, call, or email. After removing the unit, ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. It will take the company only 24 hours or less to complete the repairs and restore your instrument cluster to factory settings. What is significant is that you’ll also be left with a lifetime warranty on the service. That way, you can always return your unit for rework at no additional fee. It is still great to have this option, even though you probably will not need it. Your speedometer will be working like new again and should no longer be experiencing any instrument cluster problems like before!

Gauge Cluster Repair Instrument Cluster Repair Instrument Panel Repair Speedometer Calibration Speedometer Repair

Car Speedometer Calibration

Get car speedometer calibration by mailing in your instrument cluster today and get 24 hour turnaround!

Driving with a speedometer all your life, you may know the basics of what it does and shows. However, you may not know the various components of the gauge, or how it came to be in the first place.

The speedometer, or speed meter, on a vehicle is defined as an instrument that measures and then displays the rapid speed of a car. Speedometers are now universally installed in all automobiles, but this was not always so. They became available in the 1900s and became standard equipment right around 1910. Different types of machinery have specific names for the speedometers they are equipped with. For example, on a boat, the termination would be a pit log. An airspeed indicator is a term used to apply to aircraft.

A man named Charles Babbage is given credit for creating an early prototype of the speedometer, which was intended for locomotives. In 1888, the electric speedometer was invented by a Croatian named Josip Belusic, and it was initially called a velocimeter. In 1902, a patent for a speedometer was created by a man named Otto Schultze.

The essential operation of the device is simple. The speedometer uses a rotating flexible cable that is usually driven by gears linked to the output of the transmission on the vehicle. When a car is moving, a speedometer cable is turned by the speedometer gear assembly, which then turns the speedometer mechanism itself. A small permanent magnet that is attached to the speedometer cable works with a small aluminum cup that is fixed to the shaft of the pointer on the analog speedometer instrument. The changing magnetic field creates eddy currents in the cup as the magnet rotates near the cup. The eddy currents on their own create another magnetic field. This results in the magnet exerting a torque on the cup, pulling it–and the speedometer pointer–in the direction of its rotation with no mechanical relationship between them.

When a speedometer stops working, a car speedometer calibration may be necessary. The company Safety Restore works with instrument clusters and speedometer gauges for all makes and models of vehicles. Whether the speedometer gauge is getting stuck or not working, the tachometer gauge is stuck, or the oil gauge is giving a wrong reading, the car speedometer calibration service by Safety Restore can help! This service also works for those whose temperature gauge is working intermittently, those who have dead or sticky meters, or those who have gauges not working whatsoever! The car speedometer calibration service comes out to only $118.99, saving customers hundreds if not thousands of dollars they would have paid to get the same service at the dealer! Quality and safety are a guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty! Get your car speedometer calibration at Safety Restore today!

Gauge Cluster Repair Instrument Cluster Repair Instrument Panel Repair Odometer Repair

Car Odometer Repair

Car Odometer Repair Service – Mail-In Order Service for Nationwide Customers

There are numerous reasons why you may need to get a car odometer repair. Your speedometer gauge may be getting stuck or not working correctly, your tachometer gauge may be stuck, or your oil gauge may be giving a false reading. A few more reasons may be that your temperature gauge is working intermittently, you have dead or sticky meters, your gas is working intermittently, or your gauges are not working at all. If even one of these possibilities holds for you, an instrument cluster gauges repair is something you need to look into immediately!

The company Safety Restore specializes in just that. They have a service to repair your instrument cluster, fixing any gauge-related problems. This encompasses the tech gauge, speedometer gauge, battery gauge, temperature gauge, oil gauge, and transmission temperature gauge. The skilled technicians make sure to repair all sticking, fluttering, and incorrectly reading meters. All defective motors controlling the arrow/needle are replaced.

You can rest assured that your car odometer repair will be in great hands! The company employs highly experienced technicians to perform the gauge repairs, and only 100% OEM parts are used to replace the defective ones. A quick 24 hour turnaround time is assured, as well as a lifetime warranty guarantee. The price of the instrument cluster gauges repair at Safety Restore is unbeatable as well, coming in at only $118.99 per unit. The company provides this service for many different types of vehicles, including Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Suzuki.

Upon purchasing the car odometer repair service, you need to mail in your existing instrument cluster/speedometer to the company in Westfield, Massachusetts. Any preferred carrier can be used when shipping out. The company provides easy step by step instructions for you to follow. To begin with, you need to engage your emergency brake. Next, you have to remove the plastic trim surrounding the cluster. Tilting down the steering wheel is the next step. Once that is done, you need to engage the shifter into 1st gear. You can then remove the trim by pulling it out. All that is left to do is remove the 4x (7mm) screws holding the cluster, pull the cluster out, and disconnect the wiring.

Once Safety Restore receives your cluster, the skilled technicians will perform the car odometer repair work in just 24 hours and ship it back out to you!

Gauge Cluster Repair Instrument Cluster Repair Instrument Panel Repair

Car Instrument Cluster Repairs

Car Instrument Cluster Repairs

Car instrument cluster repairs can be complicated if you attempt them with your own hands. They don’t have to be, however, if you turn them into the hands of the company Safety Restore!

Entrusting Safety Restore makes the most sense, especially if your instrument cluster is plagued with several problems. Whatever the issue you’re having—whether with the oil gauge, gas gauge, temperature gauge, tachometer gauge, odometer gauge, or even all of them put together—Safety Restore can fix the problem(s) and restore your cluster to its factory settings. That means any sticking, fluttering, intermittently working, or completely broken mechanisms will be fixed and working like new again!

Safety Restore is a company that can be trusted not only in its car instrument cluster repairs but with every service it offers. The company employs only highly experienced and well-trained engineers to complete the repair work. It also ensures that the repairs are done with 100% OEM parts and industry-standard tools. Not only that, but Safety Restore finds it pertinent always to meet or exceed FMVSS standards. It is also BBB accredited and has extensive positive reviews on all platforms.

At Safety Restore, customers only have to pay $118.99 for car instrument cluster repairs, and they leave with a lifetime warranty attached to it. Also, no matter how large their order is, or how difficult, customers can expect repair work to take only 24 hours or less. What is also great about Safety Restore is that it works with customers nationwide, even from its east coast location. The company welcomes many makes and models of vehicles for its instrument cluster repair service.

If you require an instrument cluster repair, head on over to rather than trying it out yourself and risking even further damage to your unit!

Gauge Cluster Repair Instrument Cluster Repair Instrument Panel Repair

Cluster Panel Repair

Cluster Panel Repair

Are you looking to get your cluster panel repaired? Well, you can get that cluster panel repair right at the company Safety Restore today! Wherever you are located, you need to ship out your cluster to the company, and in just 24 hours, your instrument cluster will be restored to factory settings!

Getting the cluster panel repair service at Safety Restore is quite simple. All you have to do is remove the instrument cluster from your vehicle, box it up, and ship it to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. You can use any mail carrier when shipping out to the company. Once the company receives your package, they will have the repairs going immediately. Completion of the repairs will take only 24 hours or less, regardless of the volume or difficulty of your order!

You can rest assured that the cluster panel repair is in good hands at Safety Restore. Only well-trained and experienced engineers will be handling your unit, and you can expect only industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts to be utilized for the repairs. The company is also BBB accredited and always meets or exceeds FMVSS standards, so you know that you’ll be getting quality work. Besides all that, the prices at Safety Restore are unbeatable too. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that your instrument cluster can be completely fixed for just $118.99! Plus, a lifetime warranty guarantee will be attached to the service! All the sticking, fluttering, broken, or incorrectly reading gauges present will be fixed and will work the way they were intended to from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter if the oil gauge, temperature gauge, gas gauge, odometer gauge, tachometer gauge, or all the above are broken when you send your unit to Safety Restore. The company has got you covered!

Visit and purchase the service today!