4 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Pick Up This Year

OEM Airbag Module Reset

New Year means New YOU! With everyone else making New Year’s resolutions, it can’t hurt for you to do the same. Even if you think you won’t be able to accomplish them, there are bound to be some that you definitely can. Read some of these suggestions below. Perhaps, you may even surprise yourself and be able to accomplish all of them!

One great New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier. Now, this can get difficult really quick if you let it. If you’ve been eating junk food for a greater portion of your life, it is hard to just get up and quit eating it completely. However, if you take the time to make small, gradual adjustments to your diet, you can end up very successful. For example, try substituting a bag of chips for a bag of delicious veggies and dip. Or, instead of indulging in a carton of ice cream with a whole bunch of unhealthy toppings, try eating frozen yogurt topped with fruit. Honestly, the possibilities for healthy substitutions are endless.

Another New Year’s resolution you can adapt to is incorporating a little fitness into your life. Diet and exercise are two key components of a healthy lifestyle, so why wouldn’t you want to strive for that? You don’t have to run an entire mile every day either. Try starting with a short walk around your neighborhood. If you feel like you can do more than that, certainly don’t hesitate. The more fitness and exercise you can fit into your day-to-day routine, the better! You can even grab a friend and have them join in on the fun.

Trying to be kinder and demonstrate more acts of kindness is another goal you can set for yourself for the New Year—or any day! They say kindness makes the world go round, and it really does. There are so many ways you can brighten someone’s day, whether it be a friend or a complete stranger. If you demonstrate more acts of kindness, it is likely that those on the receiving end will do the same and a ripple effect will follow. And what could be better than that?

Finally, a last New Year’s resolution you can set is to look at all your possessions and make sure they are working properly. Oftentimes, we do not take care of our things and once they break, we just replace them with brand new ones. This year, strive to keep your items well maintained so that they can function and last longer. This can apply to your clothes, your home, your furniture, and your car. Take the SRS airbag module in your vehicle for example. Make sure that it is functioning properly at all times. If you see that an OEM Airbag Module Reset is needed, get it done immediately. Things like OEM Airbag Module Resets shouldn’t be postponed. The airbag module is a very important component of your vehicle, and you want it to be working up to par every time you drive. At the company Safety Restore, you can get an OEM Airbag Module Reset for a very affordable price. Head on over to safetyrestore.com and see for yourself!

is needed, get it done immediately. Things like OEM Airbag Module Resets shouldn’t be postponed. The airbag module is a very important component of your vehicle, and you want it to be working up to par every time you drive. At the company Safety Restore, you can get an OEM Airbag Module Reset for a very affordable price. Head on over to safetyrestore.com and see for yourself!

How to wear a seat belt when pregnant

As many people know, seat belts reduce the risk of serious injury by about 50%. Therefore it is crucial for both drivers and passengers alike to wear one at all times. For women who are pregnant, wearing a seat belt correctly is especially important. Depending on the severity of the injury, being involved in a vehicular accident can increase the risk of serious pregnancy complication such as placental abruption, premature rupture of the membranes (PROM), preterm labor, miscarriage, or even stillbirth. Below are a few seat belt tips you should follow if you are pregnant.

#1. To begin with, you will probably be safest wearing a lap and shoulder belt combination, as this provides the most protection. Other belts can be worn too, but this type is recommended.

#2. The way the lap belt would be worn is below your belly, touching your thighs. It should be placed low and snug on your hips. Failing to wear it this way may result in less protection.

#3. Your belt should never be worn above or across your belly.

#4. You should always make sure to wear the shoulder belt snugly across the middle of your chest and shoulder.

#5. You should refrain from slipping the shoulder belt behind your back or beneath your arm at any time. Even though this is sometimes an impulsive thing to do for more comfort, remember that it will leave you less protected.

#6. If you are the driver, make sure your belly is situated a safe distance from the airbag. At least 10 inches should separate your breastbone from the dashboard or steering wheel. Of course, as your belly grows you may find yourself needing to move your seat back more to be seated safely.

#7. If your car has been recently involved in an accident, you want to make sure that your seat belts along with everything else in your car is still properly working. If your seat belts have deployed, your airbag module may have stored crash data and hard codes. For this, an airbag module reset would be necessary. The company Safety Restore provides airbag module reset services for only a fraction of the price a dealer charges! The quality is impeccable too. Get your airbag module reset at Safety Restore so that you and your belly could be driving safely.

Airbag Repair Centre

Airbag Repair Centre
#1 Airbag Repair Centre for resetting your airbag modules and get your illuminated airbag light off!

Ever wonder what the car seat laws are in Connecticut? If you live in the Constitution state, there are several things you should know about strapping your child into a car seat. This will ensure that you are driving safely and not endangering the lives of your children. Some of these rules may seem ridiculous to you as your child grows bigger, but they were established for a reason. Therefore, you should follow the precautions and do what the seat belt laws suggest.

First, it is important to note that Connecticut became the eighth state in the United States to accept the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2017. They followed the recommendation that young children should stay in rear-facing child restraints until the age of two. The age and weight requirements for the use of booster seats and car seats have also increased by Connecticut law. In order to outgrow a booster seat in Connecticut, a child must be eight years old and have a minimum weight of 60 pounds. This is meant to reduce the chances of injury or even death during intense acceleration or deceleration of a vehicle.

Under Connecticut law, all children under the age of two or weighing under thirty pounds must be strapped into a rear-facing child seat with a five-point harness.

Children between the ages of two and four, and weighing between thirty and thirty nine pounds, are required to be placed in either a forward-facing or rear-facing car seat with a five-point harness.

Children between the ages of five and seven, or weighing anywhere between forty and fifty nine pounds, must ride in a rear or forward-facing restraint held in by a lap and shoulder seat belt.

Any child or adolescent from the age of eight through fifteen years, who weighs sixty or more pounds, must use a government approved booster seat or a safety seat belt.

If you ever find your vehicle in an accident, your seat belts may deploy. This can give rise to crash data and hard codes being stored in your car’s SRS airbag module system. To ensure the safety of your passengers–including those strapped into car seats–it is crucial to take care of the problem immediately. You have the choice to go to a dealer to buy a new unit or turn to an airbag repair centre like the company Safety Restore. This latter option is much more reasonable. The SRS airbag reset service that this airbag repair centre provides costs only a fraction of buying a new unit at the dealer. Safety Restore also provides its customers with a lifetime warranty and performs the repairs in just 24 hours! What better airbag repair centre to turn to than Safety Restore?

Seat Airbag Repair

Side Note: Click here for seat belt repair and click here if your airbag light is on and you need to turn it off by resetting your airbag module.

Seat Airbag Repair
Is your seat belt needing repairs after an accident? Or maybe your airbag light and you need to turn it off by resetting your airbag module? Safety Restore can get it done for you.

Knowing how crucial seat belts are, it is not surprising that there are many different kinds of belts available. The different belts work in their own ways to administer to the type of motor vehicle they are equipped in. To name a few, there are lap belts, sash belts, three-point belts, and automatic seat belts. Below are a few characteristics setting each type of safety belt apart from another.

To begin with, there is the lap belt. This particular belt crosses over the waist and is adjustable. Lap belts can often be found in older cars. Nowadays, however, these types of belts aren’t seen as often, other than in some rear middle seats.

A sash belt is another type of seat belt. It is also adjustable but crosses over the shoulder of a person. This type of belt was more prevalent in the 1960s, and is used less today. Because it is quite easy to slip out of this type of belt during an accident, other belts are preferred over this one.

Some vehicles are equipped with shoulder belts that move forward automatically to shield an occupant once the vehicle is running. These are called automatic seat belts. With these belts, there is also a separate lap belt–which needs to be manually fastened. Due to the airbag being a mandatory component in vehicles in many countries, these type of belts have become less popular recently.

Then there are three-point belts. Three point belts share some similarities with the shoulder and lap belts. The three-point seat belt has a single continuous length of webbing. This seat belt, similar to the sash and lap seat belts–helps to spread out the energy of a moving body over the pelvis, chest, and shoulders during an accident. As a result, it provides the best protection to occupants of a vehicle compared to other belts. Most cars are equipped with this three-point seat belts.

Regardless of the type of seat belts that are found in your motor vehicle, they may deploy following an accident. This can result in codes being generated in the SRS airbag module of your vehicle. After an accident, the module may also store crash data and hard codes. The company Safety Restore has a seat airbag repair service to fix this exact issue. Rather than buying a brand new module at the dealer, customers can purchase a seat airbag repair and send in their existing unit to be restored. The unit is returned to its factory condition and all hard data and crash codes are eliminated. The seat airbag repair is priced very reasonably at only $49.99 and comes with a lifetime warranty. The repair work takes the company only 24 hours to complete!

Airbag ECU Repair

Airbag ECU Repair
Need airbag ECU repair services? Use our mail-in nationwide service today and save hundreds.

If airbag ecu repair is what you need–the company to turn to is Safety Restore!

Safety Restore has been owning and operating for years now, specializing in seat belt repair and SRS airbag module resetting. 

When it comes to SRS airbag modules, they are the center of the entire airbag system. Everything from the impact sensors, to the seat belts, to the airbags runs through the airbag module. In the unfortunate event of a car accident–even a minor one–the SRS airbag module may store crash data and hard codes and light up the airbag light on your dash. Your seat belts may deploy as well, generating more codes. All this points to the need for an airbag ecu repair. If the module is not reprogrammed immediately, you can be putting yourself–as well as your fellow drivers–in danger. 

Safety Restore provides airbag ecu repair as an affordable alternative to purchasing an entirely new unit at the dealer. Whereas at the dealer you’d spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars, getting an airbag ecu repair at Safety Restore comes in at only $49.99! 

The great price is not the only thing that has satisfied customers throughout Safety Restore’s years of business. Customers can have the peace of mind knowing that all repair work is completed by well trained and highly experienced technicians. The repairs are done using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. A dual pro system is used to test repairs, and FMVSS standards are always met–if not exceeded. Everything is completed in just 24 hours or less, and a lifetime warranty can be expected. Even from its east coast location in Westfield, MA, Safety Restore works with customers nationwide! 

To get your airbag ecu repair at Safety Restore, head on over to safetyrestore.com today! There, you can select and pre-pay for the airbag ecu repair service before sending the unit in. When shipping out to the company, you can use any carrier you prefer. Once the technicians receive your SRS airbag module, they will  perform the reprogramming in just 24 hours. The unit will be restored to factory condition and all crash data and hard codes will be eliminated. After you receive the unit back, no additional programming should be necessary. Your airbag module will be functioning like new again and the airbag light will turn off on your dash!

It doesn’t get simpler than that! Order your airbag ecu repair at Safety Restore today!

Airbag Light Reset Service

Airbag Light Reset
Your airbag light on? Need to get your airbag light reset? Use our nationwide mail-in service and save hundreds.

Keep seeing that pesky airbag light shining on your dash and know that nothing else will help but an airbag light reset? Head on over to Safety Restore and they can get that taken care of for you.

That airbag light showing up on your dash is just another result of your car being involved in an accident. When a vehicle has been involved in a crash, the SRS airbag module in the vehicle may store crash data and hard codes. The entire airbag system including everything from impact sensors to airbags and seat belts go through the SRS airbag module computer, so the airbag light turns on as a result. 

At Safety Restore, the engineers are able to remove all crash data and hard codes that are stored in the SRS airbag module system. Their services are 100% guaranteed and no additional programming is necessary! The unit is restored back to factory condition, and customers are spared from paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by replacing the unit entirely at the dealer! Instead, they only have to pay a very reasonable $49.99 to reset their existing unit.

You can rest assured that having your airbag light reset done at Safety Restore will be done with quality and more importantly, that you will be driving on the road safely again. The company only employs highly trained and experienced seat belt engineers who complete the work using 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. Safety Restore has also always had a 24 hour turnaround time in place and a lifetime warranty backs up all services. They also work with all makes and models of vehicles from customers throughout the nation and even oversees!

So why not get an airbag light reset here and now! Visit safetyrestore.com and select the service for an SRS airbag module reset, pre-pay for the unit, remove it from your vehicle, and ship it out to Safety Restore using any carrier you prefer. The rest is a waiting game–and a quick one at that! In just 24 hours of receiving your unit, the airbag module masters will have it reset to factory condition and shipped back to you! All your hard codes and crash data will be eliminated! You will no longer need to have a pesky airbag light staring at you, reminding you that you may be compromising not only your safety, but the safety of drivers around you! 

Airbag Module Repair

Airbag Module Repair
Is your airbag light on/illuminated? Get our airbag module repair service where we reset your SRS airbag module to get that light turned off and your module working properly.

Even if you are not a enthusiast or an engineer, getting an airbag module repair does not have to be as complicated as it may seem. 

Simply put, the SRS airbag module is the main hub that controls your entire airbag system. Everything including the impact sensors, airbags, and seat belts run through it. In the case of even a minor accident, the SRS airbag module can store crash data and hard codes and cause your dash board to display the airbag light. If your seat belts deploy on top of that, that could potentially give rise to more codes. 

If an airbag module repair is what you need, you’ll be happy to learn that you can save hundreds of dollars by turning to Safety Restore to re-use your existing module and reset it rather than buying a brand new one at the dealer. With their affordable pricing, you would be left with a complete airbag module repair for only $49.99! When choosing to get your SRS airbag module reset at Safety Restore, you can be assured that they will erase all the crash data and hard codes and that they will reset your unit back to factory condition. No additional programming will be necessary! Just to be on the safe side, the company also backs up all their services with a lifetime warranty. To further satisfy their customers, all services offered by Safety Restore are completed in just 24 hours or less and by highly trained engineers and technicians. From the start, the company has taken pride in its quality work and high positive review count that has resulted. Safety Restore ensures the use of 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools and has always exceeded FMVSS standards. 

As mentioned, Safety Restore makes the process of getting an airbag module repair easy for anyone, not just car fanatics. You simply need to log onto their website, safetyrestore.com, select and pre-pay for the airbag module repair service, box up your unit, and send it out to Safety Restore using any preferred carrier. As they are a company founded on customers purchasing their services and then shipping in their items, they work with customers all over the nation, and even oversees. Once they receive your package, the engineers work tirelessly to perform the airbag module repair in 24 hours. When they have sent the reset unit back to you, you should be able to re-install it into your vehicle and see the airbag light disappear and no longer have any hard codes or crash data. 

SRS Airbag Module Reset

SRS Airbag Module Reset
SafetyRestore’s SRS Airbag Module Reset Services – Nationwide Mail-in Order Service

How often do you think about your vehicle’s brakes? Brake Safety Awareness month was in August. If you missed it, don’t worry because Safety Restore has broken down the signs you need to look out for to see if your brakes need changing. While brakes should be checked at least once a year by a professional, there are signs you can look for to make sure your vehicle’s brakes do not need to be changed. Below is a summary of the most obvious signs to look out for. If you have any of these signs, it is likely time to get your brakes replaced.

The first sign to listen for noise. When braking, you may hear a screeching, clicking or even grinding noise. The next sign is vibration in the pedal when braking. The pedal may be low and almost touch the floor mat before the brakes are activated. Conversely, the pedal may also be hard and require more force than is usual to engage the brakes. The sign may also present itself as a grab at the lightest pressure on the pedal. Additionally, the vehicle may gravitate or pull to one side during braking. Finally, the most obvious sign that you need to replace your brakes are if your brake light has come on.

Do not neglect your brakes, as they are one of the most important features of your vehicle. While you are checking your brakes, you should also consider making sure you are not in need of SRS airbag module reset. During an accident, the collision center sends a signal to the SRS airbag module to deploy airbags. Once airbags have been deployed, an airbag module reset or replacement is necessary. Most dealerships will recommend SRS airbag module replacement; however, Safety Restore offers SRS airbag module reseting that is affordable, fast, easy and reduces waste. Using OEM factory installed program, Safety Restore’s SRS airbag module reset service erases the collision data. SRS airbag module reset can save you upwards of $1,000! If your vehicle requires its SRS airbag module reset, contact Safety Restore today!

Airbag Module Reset

Airbag Module Reset
SafetyRestore’s Airbag Module Reset Services – Nationwide Mail-in Order Service

Most drivers have experienced the dread of a dead battery. Batteries always seem to die at the worst times, such as on a cold morning before work. Dead batteries are a nuisance to drivers; however, drivers can take steps to promote the longevity of their batteries.

First, drivers should always check their batteries when weather changes. Extreme temperatures damage batteries in different ways. Cold air thickens engine oil, and this oil becomes harder to move and turn. While cold is harmful to the battery, heat will also do damage. Extreme heat causes fluids to vaporize and evaporate. As a result, the internal structure of the battery becomes damaged. Thus, whenever the temperature changes drastically, drivers should be prepared to check on their batteries. In addition, drivers should be sure not to overcharge their batteries. Overcharging can also affect the longevity of your battery. If there is a defect with a part of the charging system’s voltage regulator, charging can occur at a rate that is too high. The result of this is a battery that dies slowly.

Furthermore, there are simple things drivers can do to attempt to promote the life of their batteries. Whenever you charge your battery, check to make sure the electrical system is functioning at the appropriate rate. If you have a battery which needs to be topped off routinely, build these checks into your schedule so you do not forget. You may also consider adding distilled water when it is needed. When it comes time to replace your battery, it should be replaced with one that is rated as high as the original one. If the lights on your vehicle become increasingly dim (headlights, interior lights), you likely need to check your battery. The same goes if the check engine light comes on. Finally, keeping your battery clean increases battery life. Debris and dirt become conductors when they get into the battery, and drain battery power and lead to corrosion, which prevents flow.

Like batteries, airbags are essential to vehicles. If your vehicle requires airbag module reset, you cannot procrastinate fixing it. SRS Airbag module reset is necessary in vehicles that have been in accidents or impacts. Whether you were in an accident or purchased your vehicle from an auction, Safety Restore can provide airbag chip reset for you. Instead of spending $1,000 on a new airbag module from a dealership, Safety Restore provides airbag module resetting and essentially restores the original airbag module by erasing all the stored data. Safety Restore uses factory OEM software to complete your module reset, leaving your airbag module as good as new! Contact Safety Restore about having your airbag module reset today!

Seat Belt Repair in Los Angeles, CA


Seat Belt Restore in Los Angeles, CA
Seat Belt Restore in Los Angeles, CA

Seat Belt Restore – offering  seat belt repair in Los Angeles, CA is our newest competitor! Thousands of salvage cars are being rebuilt after accident, and our industry drives the cost down. We save auto shops and independents rebuilders millions annually with SRS airbag module reset services and seat belt repairs. I remember the days where I had to pay hundreds of dollars for a new seat belt assembly at the dealer, a few more hundred for a new airbag computer module and that was just the beginning. Then came the installation & programming. Today, you are able to have your salvage car’s SRS issues addressed for fraction of the cost. Seat Belt Restore is serving all of the Los Angeles area plus all surrounding areas including Riverside, Sacramento, Glendale, Commerce & more. So what are the services offered?

Located right in Los Angeles at:

1335 Willow St. 

Los Angeles, CA 90013

walk-ins and mail-in service available. Basically a customer mails in their parts for repair, they repair it and ship it back. Also offering:

  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • OEM Parts
  • Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to be in a competing industry that drives small businesses to reach their next levels, while offering something great to the society. In this case, it is affordable cars that are safe! Many families cannot afford the much needed SUV’s and mini vans due to the high cost of already raising a family and the bills that come with one, it is one less thing to worry about. 

If you are in need of having your airbag light reset after accident that is the SRS module reset, or your seat belts repaired that are locked or blown, call Seat Belt Restore at 888-777-5799. You can also text them at 213-294-3196.