How to Test your Airbag Module

Learn how to test your airbag module.

You probably already know by now the functionality of the SRS airbag module in your vehicle and its overall importance in preserving your safety on the road. You know that the SRS airbag module is responsible for tying in the entire airbag system including the airbags themselves, the impact sensors, and even the seat belt pre-tensioners. Without the airbag module working properly, none of these parts can function individually the way they are intended to. This means that if your car is involved in a crash, the airbags will not deploy which can result in serious injury or even death. For this reason, you know how crucial it is to get a brand new module—or your previous one reset—immediately after it becomes faulty or has stored crash data. If you go with the latter option, getting the reset is one thing. Testing to see if the reset was a success is another. Below are the steps you should take to test your airbag module and see that all previous crash data and hard codes have been erased. The process is quite simple.

To begin, you need to reinstall the airbag module into your vehicle. Make sure all the wiring that was disconnected in the initial disassembly process is reconnected. Then you can reconnect your car’s battery. After that, just turn on your car and take a look at the airbag light found on the instrument panel of your console. If the airbag module reset was a success, the airbag light should dim out within approximately 7 seconds. If the light fails to turn off, you may need to bring the unit to a professional company or contact your local dealership. The company Safety Restore specializes in SRS airbag module resetting, and can definitely be trusted if you see that you were unsuccessful in completing the job yourself.

How to test your SRS airbag module.

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  1. My car was in a accident and since that the air bag light is flashing. I took the car to scan and was told that I need to get a SRS module. Where I live it is impossible to find a module. Not sure what to do now.

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