How does an airbag module work?

How does an airbag module work?

If you have educated yourself on the different safety components in your vehicle, you likely learned about the SRS airbag module. If you have not, I cannot stress enough to you the importance of it for the overall functionality and safety of your vehicle. Even though it is a small component in your vehicle, it plays a big role. Let me tell you just how it does that.

To start off, the SRS airbag module is a computerized system in your car. What it basically does is control the entire airbag system in your vehicle. Everything from the airbags themselves, the impact sensors, and even the seat belt pre-tensioners—relies on the module to properly function. During a sudden stop or collision, where the airbags deploy, the airbag module stores a ton of information in the form of crash data and hard codes. This information includes seat belt use, the vehicle and engine speed, seat belt pre-tensioner deployments, impact speed change, throttle position, airbag deployments, and brake light switch position. Interestingly enough, this type of information is almost always admissible in court and usually trumps other physical evidence or verbal explanations.

When the airbag module is not up to par—or has all this data stored—the airbags cannot deploy in an accident. This, as a result, can potentially lead to serious injury or even death. That is why you should have the unit replaced immediately. You do not want to be endangering your own life or that of your passengers.

You basically have two options when it comes to fixing a faulty airbag module. The first, and pricier, option is to purchase a brand new module at the dealer. Or, you can send in your present unit to the company Safety Restore so that they can restore it to factory settings.

What is the airbag control module?

If you haven’t yet heard about the airbag control module in your vehicle, there is a lot for you to learn. This unit—though small compared to other parts of your vehicle—serves a crucial role in preserving your safety and operating your vehicle.

Wondering what the airbag control module is?

Basically put, the entire airbag system runs through and operates by the airbag control module. Without the module, the airbags in your vehicle would not work, or would deploy, during a sudden stop or collision. As a result, driving without a properly operating airbag control module can serve as a giant safety hazard. During a collision, airbags are what prevent occupants of a vehicle from colliding into other objects or people inside the vehicle or from completely projecting through the windshield. Without an airbag control module present, both drivers and passengers alike would not have such protection.

What is also important about the airbag control module is that it stores crash data and hard codes. This information is what courts sometimes retrieve and use to decipher the events leading up to and during a crash. The unit can store vehicle and engine speed, throttle position, brake light switch position, seat belt use, impact speed change, and airbag and pre-tensioner deployments. This is quite a bit of useful information stored in one simple module.

Heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and buses are equipped with something similar to an airbag control module—an engine control module, or ECU. ECUs actually record a lot more information than airbag control modules do—they can store information up to 60 seconds before a crash!

After airbags deploy, nothing but a reset or getting a brand new unit will allow you to get rid of the codes. The first option is much more practical and affordable. A company that can do an airbag control module reset for you is Safety Restore.

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Airbag module not communicating?

Airbag module not communicating?

When resetting their SRS airbag module, many people run into the issue of their airbag module not communicating properly. This can happen for a number of reasons. Read below to find out a few of those reasons.

One reason your SRS airbag module may not be communicating properly is because it is improperly grounded. This simply means that it needs to be bolted down completely in the reinstallation process. Believe it or not, this issue is pretty common.

Another reason may be because of the communication pins at the plug. To make sure this isn’t the reason you are having communication issues, make sure to inspect the communication pins where the harness connect into the front of the airbag module. Look out for any damage or corrosion present. Sometimes, the pins can push back, bend, or even break off.

A third cause of your airbag module not communicating may be because of problems with your scanner, and not the actual module itself. To scan your airbag module, make sure that the scanner you use is able to properly read the airbag diagnostic codes. The scanner should access your airbag system and support your vehicle make and model. A lot of scanners are just set to read the basic engine codes so you want to make sure yours is set to read your codes. Also, if you have a newer car you want to make sure you are not using an outdated scanning tool.

The wiring or harness can also be the reason for the issues you are having. Make sure to check that the harness or wiring surrounding the SRS airbag module isn’t cut or otherwise damaged anywhere.

If you determine that all the above issues aren’t the reason for your communication problems, you may want to send your SRS module to a professional company like Safety Restore.

How to Test your Airbag Module

Learn how to test your airbag module.

You probably already know by now the functionality of the SRS airbag module in your vehicle and its overall importance in preserving your safety on the road. You know that the SRS airbag module is responsible for tying in the entire airbag system including the airbags themselves, the impact sensors, and even the seat belt pre-tensioners. Without the airbag module working properly, none of these parts can function individually the way they are intended to. This means that if your car is involved in a crash, the airbags will not deploy which can result in serious injury or even death. For this reason, you know how crucial it is to get a brand new module—or your previous one reset—immediately after it becomes faulty or has stored crash data. If you go with the latter option, getting the reset is one thing. Testing to see if the reset was a success is another. Below are the steps you should take to test your airbag module and see that all previous crash data and hard codes have been erased. The process is quite simple.

To begin, you need to reinstall the airbag module into your vehicle. Make sure all the wiring that was disconnected in the initial disassembly process is reconnected. Then you can reconnect your car’s battery. After that, just turn on your car and take a look at the airbag light found on the instrument panel of your console. If the airbag module reset was a success, the airbag light should dim out within approximately 7 seconds. If the light fails to turn off, you may need to bring the unit to a professional company or contact your local dealership. The company Safety Restore specializes in SRS airbag module resetting, and can definitely be trusted if you see that you were unsuccessful in completing the job yourself.

How to test your SRS airbag module.

Where is the airbag module located?

Wondering where your airbag module is located in your vehicle?

An airbag control module is the mechanism that controls the airbag system. There are several airbags in a vehicle, some located in the front, on the sides, or on knee-level to passengers. However, there is only one SRS airbag module unit in a vehicle. The location of the airbag module differs from vehicle to vehicle depending on the make and model of it. In some vehicles, it is located in the center console, kick panel, under the radio, or behind the steering wheel. Generally, though, it can be found underneath the driver’s seat or front passenger’s seat. Heavy-duty vehicles such as buses and trucks have engine control modules instead of airbag control modules. These units are often located beneath the instrument panel glove box on the front-passenger side of the vehicle.

Find out where your airbag module is located.

The importance of an airbag module cannot be stressed enough. It makes the workings of the entire airbag system possible. When a sudden stop or collision occurs, the airbag module receives information from the impact sensor that then passes on a signal to deploy the airbags. Without a properly functioning airbag module in a vehicle, the airbags wouldn’t even deploy. After airbag deployment, the airbag sensor is locked until it is replaced or completely reprogrammed.

Following a crash, the information stored in the airbag module in the form of hard codes and crash data can prove quite useful—and is usually admissible in court too. Everything from seat belt use, engine and vehicle speed, brake light switch position, throttle position, impact speed change, airbag deployments and seat belt pre-tensioner deployments are stored in this small unit. Those who analyze car accidents often look at the airbag module information and find it more beneficial than other physical evidence or verbal explanation.

If you yourself have been involved in an accident, refrain from buying a brand new module. Instead, have your present unit restored to factory settings by the company Safety Restore.

Will my car run without an airbag module?

In life, there are many chances we can take. However, that doesn’t mean that all of them are wise decisions or ones we should be taking. Driving a car without an airbag module is a perfect example of this. Although a car certainly can run without an airbag module installed, it definitely does not benefit anyone in the vehicle. If your car has a faulty airbag module or is ridden with hard codes and crash data, it should be reset immediately!

Without a properly functioning airbag module, passengers of a vehicle are basically saying no to airbags. That is because without an airbag module, the entire airbag system does not function. As you can imagine, this can pose as a huge problem. Airbags are what prevent many serious injuries and even death from occurring, as they serve as secondary restraints alongside seat belts. The change of momentum and force that an occupant of a vehicle experiences during a collision is lessened with the presence of airbags.

Wondering if your car will run without an airbag module?

An owner or operator of a vehicle should check if their airbag module is working at all times. If it is not, a new one should be purchased or the old one reset. If needed, alternative transportation should be arranged, so as not to jeopardize safety in any way. This is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Although some people choose to purchase a brand new airbag module after theirs becomes faulty following a crash, there are other alternatives. Special tools and software could be purchased to reset SRS airbag modules to factory settings at home. The wiser—and more affordable—alternative to that would be to send the faulty airbag module system to a company that specializes in fixing SRS airbag modules. An example of such a company is Safety Restore.

What is the driver airbag module?

What is the driver airbag module?

You may have heard people mention driver airbag modules here and there, but not quite understand what it is and what it does yourself. Let me fill you in.

Although the SRS airbag module is a small unit in the vehicle—it serves a crucial role in the overall operation and safety of a vehicle.

Explained simply, an SRS airbag module is a computerized mechanism in a vehicle that controls the entire airbag system. When airbags deploy during a sudden stop or collision, the airbag module system stores crash data and hard codes that can only be removed by a complete reset. Some of the crash data that the unit records includes the vehicle speed, brake light switch position, the engine speed, and the throttle position—obtained from up to eight seconds before the impact! The unit may also store the impact speed change, airbag and seat belt pre-tensioner deployment information, and records of seat belt use. This information is stored in a memory that can be downloaded at a later time. An accident reconstructionist can use this information to piece together the events of a crash, which can then be used for insurance and legal purposes. Generally, the records taken from the SRS airbag module are admissible in court.

Some other names the SRS airbag module goes by are airbag control module, diagnostic unit, airbag sensor, and computer module.

What a driver airbag module looks like.

The SRS unit can be mounted in different locations, depending on the make and model of vehicle, but is generally located underneath the driver’s seat.

After an accident, drivers have two choices—to buy a brand new airbag module or have the system reset. The latter option is much more affordable and just as effective. Resetting SRS airbag modules and restoring them to factory settings is one of the specialties of the company Safety Restore.

When to Replace Your Airbag Module

When to replace your airbag module.

If you do not know what an airbag module is or what it does, you most likely do not know when you need to replace it. For your own safety’s sake, it is important to learn, so let me fill you in.

The SRS airbag module in your vehicle is a tiny unit generally located beneath the driver or front passenger seat. Even though the unit is relatively small, it serves a big role in preserving occupants’ safety on the road. This is because the entire airbag system—which includes the airbags themselves, the impact sensors, and seat belt pre-tensioners—depends on the SRS airbag module. Without a properly functioning module, or without one altogether, the airbags would not be able to deploy during an accident. As you can imagine, that can result in a greater possibility of injury or even death.

Wondering when to replace your airbag module? – This is what a SRS module looks like.

When a vehicle has been involved in an accident, the SRS airbag module picks up the information during the crash such as the vehicle and engine speed, seat belt use, throttle position, seat belt pre-tensioner deployments, impact speed change, airbag deployments, and brake light switch position. All this information is stored in the form of crash data and hard codes. When the unit has all that stored data in it, it is an indication that it needs to be replaced. This would be the proper time to purchase a brand new SRS airbag module or reset the present unit back to factory settings. Otherwise, the airbags will not be able to serve their purpose in the future.

You probably won’t want to replace the unit entirely at the dealer knowing that you have an equally safe—and more affordable—alternative. You can send the unit in to a company that specializes in resetting SRS airbag modules: Safety Restore.

Can you drive without an airbag module?

Can you drive without an airbag module?

While a vehicle can still run without an airbag module, it is strongly recommended that drivers do not operate the vehicle without it being installed—unless an emergency situation arises and there is no other option. There are several reasons for this, the biggest being to preserve one’s safety while driving.

What an SRS airbag module looks like.

The main reason why it is unsafe to drive without an SRS airbag module installed is because a car’s airbags will not work without them. If they do no work, then they are not able to serve their purpose as secondary restraint systems—and as a result will not deploy if an accident were to occur. As you can imagine, that can pose as a giant problem. Without airbags deploying, a driver and any passengers can face serious injury or even death. During a sudden stop or a collision, the airbags are what stop the occupants of a vehicle from crashing through the windshield or against other objects and people in the vehicle. Without airbags in the equation, nothing would be able to slow down occupants’ change in momentum and reduce the forces exerted on them.

The safest bet for an owner of a vehicle that needs their SRS airbag module replaced is to have another form of transportation ready for the time it takes to reset or entirely replace the unit. Although it may be a hassle to do so, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The great thing is that there is a company—Safety Restore—that is able to reset airbag modules and only takes 24 hours to do so. For that short amount of time, arranging another form of transportation shouldn’t even be a problem. Not only will it take a short amount of time but it can also save a driver hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to the prices at the dealer!

What does the Airbag Module do?

We all know that there are certain components present in a vehicle that aren’t necessary for it to run, but that would behoove us to use for our own safety. Take turn signals and seat belts for example. Sometimes, we may not realize these different parts are even there. However, even if they are small components, they serve large roles. They drastically improve our overall safety while driving. One such component is the SRS airbag module.

What does airbag module do?
What does the SRS airbag module do?

So what exactly is an SRS airbag module? The SRS airbag module is a unit that controls the airbags in your vehicle. Everything from the airbags to the impact sensors to the seat belts go through it. Oftentimes, it can be located under the driver’s seat. Its main job is to monitor your car’s sensors constantly and record the information in a file. When a collision occurs—even a minor one—the sensors awaken the module to store the information in the form of crash data and hard codes. Information can be stored even up to 8 seconds leading up to the accident! At times, safety belts may deploy as well, which results in additional codes being generated. This in turn causes your dash to display the airbag light.

A few valuable pieces of information can be obtained from what the SRS airbag module stores in its system. The first would be the speed of the vehicle when the crash occurred. The module also records whether or not the brake light switch was activated during the impact. The engine speed along with the throttle position is also found among the information stored in the unit. Airbag modules in some vehicles also record seat belt use, any airbag deployments, safety belt pre-tensioner deployments, and impact speed change.

If you were involved in a car accident, you should get your SRS airbag module reset immediately by using our service here. The company Safety Restore can perform an SRS airbag module reset for you and bring the unit back to factory settings. That way, it can be available and working like new if any additional accidents were to occur in the future. The company guarantees quality and safety and you’ll have a lifetime warranty to go with it.