The Possibilities as to Why the Airbag’s Warning Light Is On

The Possibilities as to Why the Airbag’s Warning Light Is On

Despite the amount of automobile service available today, there is not much information about airbag repair, let alone maintenance. If someone gets into an accident and any of the airbags are deployed, there has to be a sensor reset, and they must be replaced.

While seeing a dashboard warning light causes alarm for some, many drivers don’t act on it quickly enough. The truth is, any warning light that comes on needs immediate attention. Particular attention should be paid to the SRS light, which is essentially an airbag warning light. It can also be displayed as a symbol of a deployed airbag with a driver.


Life or Death


When a faulty airbag light is not addressed immediately, it can mean that it will not deploy when you’re in an accident, or it could deploy a second or so too late. This worst-case scenario can create an entire set of issues and injuries in itself. While all the lights on a dashboard usually light up when a car is started since that is the vehicle’s way of self-testing systems, “airbag deactivated,” “airbag off,” or something similar staying lit afterward means trouble.

What does it mean when your airbag light is flashing? There are several possibilities as to why the warning light of your airbag is on.


The Airbag Module Is Wet


When a vehicle experiences water damage, there is a major likelihood that the airbag module under the driver and/or passenger seat has been affected as well. It will not work properly if it is corroded or shorted out.


Broken Airbag Clock Spring


The driver-side airbag continuity and the vehicle’s electrical wiring are maintained through the airbag clock spring. As the steering wheel turns, it coils in and out. Over time, it can naturally get worn out, which causes a faulty connection. As a result, the airbag could potentially fail.


Empty Backup Battery


Did the battery of your car get drained recently? There is a good chance that the backup battery which powers the airbags was depleted as well. While there is a possibility that it will be rectified once the main car battery reverts to full charge status, that is not always the case. If those circumstances come into play, then the backup battery will require recharging. Along with this, the sensors must be reset.


Malfunctioning Sensors


The car’s computer system is directly linked to the multiple sensors connected to various components in your car. This way, any potential problems can be detected, and the driver can be notified in a timely manner. When the sensors are accidentally tripped or fail altogether, the airbag warning can light up. A system reset is usually the key solution to this.




No matter what the case may be, it is imperative to resolve any issues with your airbag at the slightest sign of trouble. This is key to ensure your safety and that of your passengers when you’re on the road.

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