Do I Need An Airbag Module Reset?

Do I Need An Airbag Module Reset?

Airbags play a major role in saving lives during vehicular accidents. They are parts of a car that protect drivers and passengers from severe injuries during a crash or collision. According to the United States Department of Transportation, airbags have saved more than 50 thousand lives from 1987 to 2017. 

However, for airbags to save lives, they need to function correctly and well. If you notice any weird problems happening with your airbag sensor or you find yourself asking, “Do I need an airbag module reset?” or “What does it mean when your airbag light is flashing?” then you need to know more about what might be causing it. 

Things to Know About Malfunctioning Airbags

When the driver starts a car, the system makes automatic control module tests to check whether the airbag sensor circuit is working correctly. If you see that your airbag light on your dashboard is on, it is an indication that your sensor is working appropriately. You should expect the light to turn off as soon as you drive your car. If it stays on even as you move, then something might be wrong with it. 

  • Flashing airbag light

If the airbag light on your dashboard flashes or lights up as you drive, it means that your airbag is disabled. Driving with the airbag light flashing is not safe because it means that the system will not correctly deploy if you get into an accident. 

There are several reasons for the flashing lights. It could mean that your airbag clock spring is worn out or that your airbag control module is faulty. It could also be that your car battery is low or has been drained. A professional diagnosis can help you determine the root cause of this. 

  • Running a diagnostic tool.

One way to ensure that your airbag sensor works fine is to run it through a diagnostic scan tool. These tools can read errors, diagnose SRS (supplemental restraint system) issues, and ensure you and your vehicle’s safety. The diagnostic scan tool inspects the SRS and the ECU (engine control unit) sensor responsible for controlling the car’s airbags. Through its help, you can find out what your airbag problem is. If you do not know how to use this tool, seek help from professionals to understand it better.

  • Changing drained batteries

As mentioned earlier, battery depletion can cause the flashing light on the dashboard. When your vehicle’s battery drains, there is a high chance that your airbag battery backup is emptied as well. As a result, your dashboard’s airbag light will keep on flashing. In this case, changing the battery can help you fix your problem. 

Other possible causes of malfunctioning airbag sensors, like faulty airbag clock springs and damaged airbag modules, will also need to be taken care of by experts. Bring your car to an automotive specialist to determine the main cause and find the right fix required. 


Every car has a different number of airbags, depending on the manufacturer, and each of them comes with airbag sensors. Airbag sensors are crucial for them to function and are, therefore, necessary in saving lives. Please pay close attention to its condition. If you notice that the light on your dashboard stays on for a long while, have your airbags checked immediately. 

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