Will my car run without an airbag module?

In life, there are many chances we can take. However, that doesn’t mean that all of them are wise decisions or should be taking. Driving a car without an airbag module is a perfect example of this. Although a vehicle certainly can run without an airbag module installed, it does not benefit anyone in the car. If your vehicle has a faulty airbag module or is ridden with hard codes and crash data, it should be reset immediately!


Without a properly functioning airbag module, passengers of a vehicle are saying no to airbags. That is because, without an airbag module, the entire airbag system does not work. As you can imagine, this can pose a huge problem. Airbags prevent many severe injuries and even death from occurring, as they serve as secondary restraints alongside seat belts. The change of momentum and force that an occupant of a vehicle experiences during a collision is lessened with the presence of airbags.

Wondering if your car will run without an airbag module?

An owner or operator of a vehicle should check if their airbag module is working at all times. If it is not, a new one should be purchased, or the old one reset. If needed, alternative transportation should be arranged so as not to jeopardize safety in any way. This is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Although some people choose to purchase a brand new airbag module after theirs becomes faulty following a crash, there are other alternatives. Special tools and software could be bought to reset SRS airbag modules to factory settings at home. The wiser—and more affordable—alternative to that would be to send the faulty airbag module system to a company that specializes in fixing SRS airbag modules. An example of such a company is Safety Restore.

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