SRS Airbag Meaning

SRS Airbag Meaning

Do you know what the meaning of SRS airbag is? If not, let me fill you in.

SRS is an abbreviation for supplementary, or secondary, restraint system. This is what the airbag system is, and it consists of the actual airbags, the impact sensors, the seat belts, and the SRS airbag control module.

When the airbag light pops up on a dashboard, this means that there is something wrong with the airbag system and that the airbags will not deploy until that problem is dealt with. Resetting the SRS airbag module or purchasing a brand new one can solve the problem. Of course, the latter option is much more expensive. Therefore, attempting to reset the module on your own is probably your best bet.

To do this, you first want to locate the unit in your vehicle. Generally, airbag modules can be found underneath the driver’s seat. Then you want to disconnect your battery and move your steering wheel so that you can remove all the hardware on the driver airbag module. You want to make sure that all the wiring, horn wiring, grounding strap, airbag connectors, and radio wired are completely disconnected. Then proceed by removing the module. After opening it up, search for the 8-pin SMD EEPROM chip. Solder some 32-gauge hookup wires to connect the airbag module to a serial port EEPROM reader. The crash data can then be analyzed. Replace all the values from the crashed chip with the values found on the virgin chip. Then rewrite this into your computer in order for the hard codes to be eradicated. After that, you can replace the unit back into your vehicle. Your SRS airbag light should turn off and your airbags should be working properly again.

Of course, if the instructions above seem too difficult for your liking, you can send your unit in to the company Safety Restore. They will reset your SRS airbag module to factory settings and will not charge an arm and a leg for it either!

Will my car run without an airbag module?

In life, there are many chances we can take. However, that doesn’t mean that all of them are wise decisions or ones we should be taking. Driving a car without an airbag module is a perfect example of this. Although a car certainly can run without an airbag module installed, it definitely does not benefit anyone in the vehicle. If your car has a faulty airbag module or is ridden with hard codes and crash data, it should be reset immediately!

Without a properly functioning airbag module, passengers of a vehicle are basically saying no to airbags. That is because without an airbag module, the entire airbag system does not function. As you can imagine, this can pose as a huge problem. Airbags are what prevent many serious injuries and even death from occurring, as they serve as secondary restraints alongside seat belts. The change of momentum and force that an occupant of a vehicle experiences during a collision is lessened with the presence of airbags.

Wondering if your car will run without an airbag module?

An owner or operator of a vehicle should check if their airbag module is working at all times. If it is not, a new one should be purchased or the old one reset. If needed, alternative transportation should be arranged, so as not to jeopardize safety in any way. This is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Although some people choose to purchase a brand new airbag module after theirs becomes faulty following a crash, there are other alternatives. Special tools and software could be purchased to reset SRS airbag modules to factory settings at home. The wiser—and more affordable—alternative to that would be to send the faulty airbag module system to a company that specializes in fixing SRS airbag modules. An example of such a company is Safety Restore.

Airbag Repair

Airbag Repair
Airbag light on? Need it turned off? We offer airbag repair by resetting your SRS airbag module so your illuminated airbag light can be turned off.

Have you been involved in an accident and need airbag repair? Safety Restore is a company located in Westfield, MA but servicing customers nationwide in all their seat belt and SRS airbag module needs. 

The SRS airbag module computer that is found in your car controls the entire airbag system, with everything from the airbags and seat belts as well as the impact sensors going through it. In the unfortunate event of a car accident, even a minor one, the SRS airbag module could light up your airbag light and store crash data. The seat belts may become deployed as well, which could give rise to additional codes. Safety Restore provides a solution to restore your safety on the road, and an affordable one too. Priced at only $49.99, the company resets the airbag module to factory condition. This means that they erase all crash data and all the hard codes that had been generated after an accident. Fortunately for you, no additional programming is necessary after they have performed the reset for you. Rather than replacing your SRS airbag module at the dealer and spending a whole lot of money in the process, you can choose to re-use your existing module and have it reset by Safety Restore. 

Customer satisfaction in their SRS airbag repair service is 100% guaranteed. Several of the key aspects of this company illustrate the quality of work they put out and why so many people have left pleased with their services. The company makes sure to employ only highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians who use 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. In addition, all services are completed within a 24 hour turnaround time and everything is backed up by a lifetime warranty. 

Getting SRS airbag repair work is made quick and simple with Safety Restore. If you are interested in SRS airbag repair, you could simply log onto their website,, select and pay for the SRS airbag repair service, box up your unit, and ship it out to Safety Restore using any preferred carrier. Within just 24 hours of receiving your package, the module technicians would perform the reset on your unit and erase all crash data and hard codes related to your accident. When you’d receive the module back after the SRS airbag repair, it would be restored to factory condition and your airbag light would then turn off on your dash. 

Get your SRS airbag repair at Safety Restore today!

Airbag Module Reset

Airbag Module Reset
SafetyRestore’s Airbag Module Reset Services – Nationwide Mail-in Order Service

Most drivers have experienced the dread of a dead battery. Batteries always seem to die at the worst times, such as on a cold morning before work. Dead batteries are a nuisance to drivers; however, drivers can take steps to promote the longevity of their batteries.

First, drivers should always check their batteries when weather changes. Extreme temperatures damage batteries in different ways. Cold air thickens engine oil, and this oil becomes harder to move and turn. While cold is harmful to the battery, heat will also do damage. Extreme heat causes fluids to vaporize and evaporate. As a result, the internal structure of the battery becomes damaged. Thus, whenever the temperature changes drastically, drivers should be prepared to check on their batteries. In addition, drivers should be sure not to overcharge their batteries. Overcharging can also affect the longevity of your battery. If there is a defect with a part of the charging system’s voltage regulator, charging can occur at a rate that is too high. The result of this is a battery that dies slowly.

Furthermore, there are simple things drivers can do to attempt to promote the life of their batteries. Whenever you charge your battery, check to make sure the electrical system is functioning at the appropriate rate. If you have a battery which needs to be topped off routinely, build these checks into your schedule so you do not forget. You may also consider adding distilled water when it is needed. When it comes time to replace your battery, it should be replaced with one that is rated as high as the original one. If the lights on your vehicle become increasingly dim (headlights, interior lights), you likely need to check your battery. The same goes if the check engine light comes on. Finally, keeping your battery clean increases battery life. Debris and dirt become conductors when they get into the battery, and drain battery power and lead to corrosion, which prevents flow.

Like batteries, airbags are essential to vehicles. If your vehicle requires airbag module reset, you cannot procrastinate fixing it. SRS Airbag module reset is necessary in vehicles that have been in accidents or impacts. Whether you were in an accident or purchased your vehicle from an auction, Safety Restore can provide airbag chip reset for you. Instead of spending $1,000 on a new airbag module from a dealership, Safety Restore provides airbag module resetting and essentially restores the original airbag module by erasing all the stored data. Safety Restore uses factory OEM software to complete your module reset, leaving your airbag module as good as new! Contact Safety Restore about having your airbag module reset today!

Vehicle Flooding and Airbag Module Reset

Airbag Module Reset
Safety Restore’s Airbag Module Reset Service

We have all likely driven through water deeper than six inches – whether this was in a storm, or flooding, or off-roading. However, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, just six inches of water can hinder steering, making it difficult for a driver to control his or her vehicle. At 12 inches, a car can already begin to steadily to float away. Finally, any water above 24 inches leads to water seeping into a vehicle, particularly smaller sedans and lower cars. Driving through storms that involve heavy rainfall and flooding is becoming increasingly common due to extreme weather conditions and increased travel. Despite warnings, few people are prepared for vehicular flooding.

There are several steps to take to ensure safety before flooding occurs. First, unless the flooding occurs unexpectedly, there should be warnings on the radio or news about it. Stations such as the Emergency Alert System (EAS), or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Weather Radio or local warning systems can keep you informed of flooding in your area. Take heed of these warnings: do not travel through flooded areas or drive around barricades. Next, do not underestimate the power and danger of flooding, no matter how shallow the flooding is. Remember – just six inches of flooding can make steering more difficult and can lead to losing control of the vehicle. Turn around if you can and seek higher ground if you are able to. Stay away from bridges or other areas near fast-moving water. Vehicles can be easily washed away by unexpected, rapidly moving flood waters off bridges.

At Safety Restore, we understand that extreme weather and storms can happen unexpectedly. Though it is hard to stay safe, you can avoid danger by following the steps outlined above. Moreover, ensure your vehicle is properly maintained. If you airbag has deployed or your airbag light is on, you may need to have your airbag module reset. After an impact, even a minor one, airbag modules may become useless, requiring airbag module resets. In this process, the airbag computer reset is completed by using an OEM factory installed program. Airbag SRS module reset is a great alternative to airbag module replacement, which can cost upwards of $1,000.00. At Safety Restore, we offer 24-hour turnaround period, so your module will be on its way back to you as quickly as possible. Do not risk waiting for an emergency situation, such as flooding – contact Safety Restore about airbag module reset today.