SRS Airbag System & How It Works

SRS Airbag Meaning

Do you know what the meaning of the SRS airbag is? If not, let me fill you in.

SRS is an abbreviation for a supplementary, or secondary, restraint system. This is what the airbag system is, and it consists of the actual airbags, the impact sensors, the seat belts, and the SRS airbag control module.

When the airbag light pops up on a dashboard, this means that there is something wrong with the airbag system and that the airbags will not deploy until that problem is dealt with. Resetting the SRS airbag module or purchasing a brand new one can solve the problem. Of course, the latter option is much more expensive. Therefore, attempting to reset the module on your own is probably your best bet.

To do this, you first want to locate the unit in your vehicle. Generally, airbag modules can be found underneath the driver’s seat. Then you want to disconnect your battery and move your steering wheel so that you can remove all the hardware on the driver airbag module. You want to make sure that all the wiring, horn wiring, grounding strap, airbag connectors, and radio wired are completely disconnected. Then proceed by removing the module. After opening it up, search for the 8-pin SMD EEPROM chip. Solder some 32-gauge hookup wires to connect the airbag module to a serial port EEPROM reader. The crash data can then be analyzed. Replace all the values from the crashed chip with the values found on the virgin chip. Then rewrite this into your computer for the hard codes to be eradicated. After that, you can replace the unit into your vehicle. Your SRS airbag light should turn off and your airbags should be working properly again.

Of course, if the instructions above seem too difficult for your liking, you can send your unit into the company Safety Restore. They will reset your SRS airbag module to factory settings and will not charge an arm and a leg for it either!

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