What Should I Do If My SRS Light Is On?

What Should I Do If My SRS Light Is On?

There are several lights on your car dashboard, and albeit most of them are addressed easily, some are often left ignored for a prolonged period. The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), which is also known as the airbag light, is connected directly to your vehicle’s Airbag System. When its light is on, it’s a strong indicator that something’s wrong with it, and this means you shouldn’t be traveling with the light on. However, many drivers tend to ignore this.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into SRS light and what you should do if the indicator is lighted up.

SRS explained

SRS codes appear differently in different vehicles. In some cars, a warning sign that says “Air Bag,” or “AirBag Deactivated” will appear. Nonetheless, it only means that your airbag will not deploy in case of collision. As much as you pride yourself on being a glass-half-full person, you shouldn’t take your chances on the road, especially if you travel all the time. 

Keep in mind that your car’s airbag system features an intricate system of circuit and sensors that are built to deploy when it senses an impact greater than a set threshold. An airbag is an essential feature as it can significantly protect the driver and the passenger in front in the case of an impactful collision.

The Reason Behind The Light

Keep in mind that there are several reasons the light on your SRS is on, such as the following: 

  • Bad connections: Typically, the connections on an airbag are found under the driver seat, which can become loose every time you adjust your seat. 
  • Corrosion on control module: The corrosion on the SRS control module can rust due to age or exposure to elements, especially when your car gets flooded or experiences some form of precipitation like snow or rain. For this reason, if you usually use your car under extreme conditions and the SRS light turns on, it’s helpful to check the connections on the airbag control module. 
  • Worn-out spring: The airbag clock spring is responsible for maintaining the airbag connection and your vehicle’s electrical wiring. However, over time, the circuit band may become brittle, especially when it gets exposed to elements. 
  • Faulty seat belt switch: Keep in mind that it can trigger a false warning when there’s something wrong with your seatbelt switch. In some cases, even if the seatbelt clicks, your vehicle’s on-board computers might not detect this and light up the SRS light instead of as a warning. 
  • Faulty car sensors: If you have been in a minor collision before, your sensors may go haywire, which can trigger the SRS light, even if there’s nothing wrong with your airbag. However, this instance occurs rarely. 
  • Drained car battery: Be sure to check your battery; if it’s almost drained, recharging it can solve the problem. 


It’s vital that you take your vehicle to the mechanic to properly inspect and fix your car. You can also check with your car’s manufacturer to see if there are announcements for recalls due to defective airbag systems. As much as you want to try to resolve the issue on your own to save on a few bucks, it’s best that you only rely on professional services. 

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  1. None of the steering wheel buttons work and the airbag is on.
    In your opinion, do you think it’s a clock spring failure or an airbag controller problem. A KIA dealership diagnosed my car and daid it was an airbag controller failure. I have been sent a factory recall for the clock aispring. So I don’t know if the guy is trying to make a bunch or what. What is your opinion?

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