Why You Shouldn't Drive With Your Airbag Light On

Why You Shouldn’t Drive With Your Airbag Light On

So, you get inside your car, ready to go to work, until you notice that the airbag light is on. You restart your vehicle, thinking that it might only be a glitch, but it’s still there. You’re in a rush—do you still go and deal with your airbag later? 

No. You deal with your airbag problem FIRST. When the airbag light is on means, there is something wrong with it, and it’s not something you can put off. 


What Is The Problem?


The most common problem the airbag light is on in your vehicle is due to a bad connection inside a connector, which triggers the light. Usually, the airbag control unit can tolerate three to five ohms, but when corrosion occurs, you can get up to five ohms, which then triggers the light. 

The problem may lie under any of the front seats where the plug connector is. The plug connector may have shifted when you moved the front seats backward or forward. Usually, a little spray of electrical cleaner in the plug will do the trick, but it’s better to read the trouble code memory with an OBD2 DTC reader to be sure. 

On the other hand, the reason behind the airbag light being on could be attributed to broken wires or a faulty control unit. 


What Happens When The Airbag Light Is On?


If you choose to drive despite the airbag light on, the airbag will not work should you be in a collision, which puts your life at a higher risk for severe injuries or a fatality. This is because the airbag control unit will shut the whole function for your safety. Unfortunately, the airbag could also explode with no involved collision, potentially causing serious injury. 


Can You DIY Repair It?


You can fix the airbag error at home, but you need to remove the battery connection to be extra careful. Follow the recommended repairs based on your repair manuals. However, you can only do this if you know your way around cars. If not, leave the issue in the hands of an expert. 

It’s important to note that the airbag light will not turn off as soon as you fix the problem. This is because the airbag control system is designed in a way that requires the trouble code to be manually inputted before the airbag light turns off. You need the OBD2 scanner to delete the trouble code, which means it’s best to have an expert take care of the job.


Leave It To The Experts


A word from the wise: Don’t try to DIY your airbag, even when you’re in a rush or you want to save more money in the long run. As mentioned, you need to purchase a scanner for this if you want the light to go away completely, which may not be a good investment. A more practical way to solve the issue is to leave the airbag issue to the experts. 

Don’t put off any airbag issues. Have your airbag addressed right away before you use your vehicle. There are plenty of things that could go wrong when there’s airbag trouble, and you don’t want to be the one behind the wheel when that happens; otherwise, you’re in for something more serious that could have been easily prevented. 

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