Some Common Airbag Injuries You Should Be Aware Of

Some Common Airbag Injuries You Should Be Aware Of

The airbag was initially developed as a device to aid in the driver and passengers’ protection and safety. However, it can also cause several immobilizing and severe injuries, including neck injuries, spine injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. It should be noted that airbag injuries are quite rare, but when they do happen, it is quite literally life-changing and not in the best way.

In no way, shape, or form does this connote that not having airbags would make cars safer. Driving around without them would actually be quite difficult. Caution should be exercised, and it is crucial to be aware of the potential physical damage from a deployed airbag.


Incorrect Deployment


The most typical cause of an error in airbag deployment is when the crash sensor glitches. There are a number of ways the crash sensor could end up malfunctioning.



Deployment timing is imperative because even a fraction of a second can make all the difference since the driver or passenger’s head might already be far too close to the airbag.

There are several common airbag injuries you should be aware of.


Burn Injuries


Since the airbag deploys incredibly fast, it can cause burns or abrasions. It can lead to burn injuries for the driver or passengers in the process. Your arms and face, along with that of your passengers, are the most vulnerable areas to getting burned.


Internal Injuries


Upon deployment, airbags release chemicals that can cause an asthma attack and irritation. Even proper airbag deployment can cause injuries that are serious or downright fatal. It is extremely crucial to make sure everyone is wearing a seat belt and that there is no outstanding need for any seat belt repair.


Facial Injuries


When a vehicle crashes, your face is the easiest target. The whole purpose of an airbag, to begin with, is to keep your face from getting into contact with your windshield. It could also get struck by the airbag’s force, particularly in your eye. The airbag’s sudden strength could cause damage that’s so severe at least one eye could get temporarily or permanently blind.




It is incredibly important to remain safe when traveling in a car or any vehicle. Make sure that your airbag system works and that the airbag light is not faulty. Be aware of any possible issues and have your car checked by an expert so that you can be absolutely certain that you’ll be protected while traveling.

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