How Airbags Get Fixed After an Accident Happens

How Airbags Get Fixed After an Accident Happens

If you have ever been involved in a car accident, then your airbags may have inflated. Whether or not that happened, your airbag sensors were definitely triggered. Either way, this means that prior to your vehicle being able to get driven again, the airbags need repairs. The airbag light may or may not be functional at this point. 

Otherwise, in case of another accident, you or whoever is driving will not have proper protection. You, your passengers, and/or whoever else is driving can be endangered if the sensors are faulty and will not trigger the airbags to inflate as they should.

Understandably, you may wonder how airbags get fixed after an accident happens. However, there are several important steps that must come first.

After an accident, the first thing to do is always to check for injuries; if you are conscious after your airbag deploys and are aware of your surroundings, of course. If there are other passengers, check on them to ensure they’re alright as well. The priority is always medical attention whenever there is a deployed airbag. If you or someone else was injured given the car accident, that is the priority. Do not drive the vehicle.

Usually, when an airbag deploys, an accompanying mechanism automatically turns the car engine off. This gives passengers protection against possible explosions brought about by oil leaks. Turn off your car and safely exit as soon as possible if the vehicle is still running for whatever reason. Before alighting the vehicle, be aware of your surroundings, especially if the accident happened in a high-traffic area like a highway.

Inspect the vehicle. Once you and everyone with you are alright and safely out of the automobile, give it a once-over, and check the damages. It is a good idea to get the police involved so they can assist in documenting the accident. Take photos and jot down notes that can help you keep track of things later on.

Airbag Module Reset

Even if the airbags were not deployed, the sensors would have to be reset nonetheless. Much like an engine repair light, most cars have a warning light, indicating that’s something wrong with the airbags. If the car light is on, then the airbag light requires a reset; otherwise, your vehicle’s airbags will not inflate as they should in an accident.

In the event of the airbags actually deploying, some makes and models of vehicles actually allow for their reset, for as long as they are not damaged. Newer vehicles typically do not allow for this; check with an auto repair shop to be sure. In the event a replacement is necessary, the whole module must be replaced, alongside possibly the entirety of the wheel and column.


Airbag repair is possible, but for the most part, one should be prepared for complete replacement. In the long run, if it helped you and anyone else in the car with you during the accident, then the airbags are well worth the expense. It’s always best to reach out to professionals to ensure that your airbags are in top condition.

If you need reliable service for your airbag, contact Safety Restore! We are the world’s leader in post-accident restorations.

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