Debunking 5 Misconceptions about Airbag Safety

Debunking 5 Misconceptions about Airbag Safety

When it comes to hitting the road, safety is a top priority. Apart from proper driving, you also have to consider installing and setting safety devices in place. One of these safety mechanisms is the airbag, which is a safety feature designed to quickly inflate and deflate in case of collision or accident. 

Unfortunately, some common misconceptions about the use of airbags are circulating around. In this article, we’ll debunk five myths about airbags, so keep on reading to actually know the truth.

Myth 1. It is the most vital safety device

Yes, an airbag is a vital safety device installed in your vehicle to protect you and save your life. However, it isn’t necessarily the most important one, as the seat belt remains the most vital. The truth is that your airbag is meant to work hand in hand with your seat belt. That said, make sure your commute is safe by having both properly installed.

Myth 2. It doesn’t require a seatbelt

Some drivers are under the impression that while they have an airbag installed, they no longer need a seatbelt. The seatbelt is actually a top priority, with your airbag coming in next as a backup safety mechanism. As mentioned, they must work together to protect you and ensure you are as safe as possible while on the road.

Myth 3. It can cause suffocation

Some individuals are wary of having an airbag in their vehicles as they think it can cause suffocation. Just the idea of an inflated bag may overwhelmingly drown you and stop you from breathing. The truth is, it is built with small openings to ensure that you can still access air even if it’s filled. In the end, there’s no way that a person will suffocate as it is essentially porous.

Myth 4. It does more harm than good

Some drivers are under the impression that an airbag does more harm than good because of some misconceptions mentioned above. But ask yourself: what is a safety device in the first place? It’s meant to protect you and save your life—not harm you. The facts and figures will attest to the safety feature of an airbag. In fact, it has saved over 1,800 lives since it was initially installed back in 1991. Some people argue that it caused 62 fatalities, but the truth is all of these cases were attributed to the lack of seatbelts. The solution is clear: an airbag and seatbelt must go hand-in-hand.

Myth 5. It can get children killed

We may underscore the fact that airbags may have killed some children. However, keep in mind that these cases were brought by the improper use of the safety devices. 

Airbags can protect you, but only if they’re properly utilized. Prevent accidents from happening by strictly following the guidelines, which goes as simple as securely fastening the seat belt and allowing children to sit at the back. On top of this is to ensure that the airbag isn’t faulty, which should be working properly and effectively.


At this point, we’ve debunked five common misconceptions about airbag safety. The truth is that an airbag is a part of the overall safety mechanism, still needs a seatbelt, doesn’t cause suffocation, does better than harm, and protects you and your children. With all these in mind, you must ensure that your vehicle’s safety mechanisms, such as the airbag and seatbelt, are always in top shape and working condition!

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