Airbag module not communicating?

Airbag module not communicating?

When resetting their SRS airbag module, many people run into their airbag modules not communicating correctly. This can happen for several reasons. Read below to find out a few of those reasons.

One reason your SRS airbag module may not be communicating correctly is that it is improperly grounded. This means that it needs to be bolted down entirely in the reinstallation process. Believe it or not, this issue is pretty standard.

Another reason maybe because of the communication pins at the plug. To make sure this isn’t the reason you are having communication issues, inspect the communication pins where the harness connects into the front of the airbag module. Look out for any damage or corrosion present. Sometimes, the pins can push back, bend, or even break off.

The third cause of your airbag module not communicating may be because of problems with your scanner, and not the actual module itself. To scan your airbag module, make sure that the scanner you use can adequately read the airbag diagnostic codes. The scanner should access your airbag system and support your vehicle make and model. Many scanners are set to read the necessary engine codes, so you want to make sure yours is set to read your codes. If you have a newer car, you want to make sure you are not using an outdated scanning tool.

The wiring or harness can also be the reason for the issues you are having. Ensure that the harness or wiring surrounding the SRS airbag module isn’t cut or otherwise damaged anywhere.

If you determine that all the above issues aren’t the reason for your communication problems, you may want to send your SRS module to a professional company like Safety Restore.

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