Getting your airbag repaired or reset

Getting your airbag repaired or reset


Every light on your dashboard lights up to inform you of a potential problem or that something is on/off. A common light would be the airbag light, which you have probably seen light up many times before. When you turn on your car, The light briefly lights up to remind you to buckle up. Sometimes this light can be confusing though because the seat belt light and the airbag light are the same in some vehicles. If the light is lit but you are buckled in, then it is even more important not to ignore it, as it may be an indication that at least one of your airbags may not be working properly. This is a very unsafe way to drive, as it may not be able to protect you in the event of an accident.

If the airbag light is lit on your dashboard, the first thing you should do is check the car’s system for fault codes. You should go to a mechanic for help diagnosing the computer code, which would tell you what the exact issue is. If the airbag code is related to the airbag’s deployment, you will need your airbag light reset. Other reasons for a lit airbag light may be a result of issues with the seat belt system, the airbag, the computer, or associated wiring. Usually, it is because something may be interfering with the seat belt switch, giving off a potentially false warning. Other causes of the airbag light are due to the airbag being deactivated or even due to water damage. This may require you to get airbag repair.

You can rely on Safety Restore for the airbag repair and/or reset. They can save you hundreds by simply resetting your vehicles original airbag module and can even re-program the airbag module if necessary. They also offer several other services for your vehicles Supplemental Restraint system. All of them come with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To get started and to check vehicle compatibility, visit

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