Internal Components That May Need Repair After A Car Crash

Have you recently been involved in a crash? Even if it was a simple fender bender, it may have wreaked havoc on your life with all the phone calls and appointments you already had to make. There are a few things you probably already did from the get-go, like schedule physical therapy (if you were injured from the crash), make sure that your insurance was involved, and ensure that the police had everything on file from the accident scene.

You likely also inspected your vehicle for any major external damage and made the proper phone calls to get those things repaired. However, you may not have paid much attention to the internal components, which can get just as badly damaged. Some of these components include the radiator, the brakes, the seat belts, and the airbag system.

First, lets talk about the brakes. The brakes are not the first things people think about after they are involved in an accident. However, they can certainly get pretty damaged after being heavily pressed on in an emergency stop.

The seat belts are another internal component that can get damaged after a crash. Usually, seat belts will get locked up or get blown, in which case repair of the internal components would be necessary to get them back to working order.

If the external damages happened on the front of the vehicle, the radiator is likely to have been damaged in some way. Therefore, this is one of the first things you should have checked out immediately after a crash.

Finally, the airbag system can be affected after a crash and should definitely be inspected as well. After an accident occurs, a unit called the SRS airbag control module stores information in the form of crash data and hard codes. With this information present, the airbags aren’t able to operate. The only way to solve this is to order an SRS airbag repair service or replace the SRS airbag module with a brand new one. The airbag repair cost is much more affordable than getting a brand new module, so you should go this route. An excellent repair shop that you can turn to that offers quality airbag repair services is Safety Restore.

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Why You May Need An Airbag Module Reset And What An Airbag Module Is In The First Place

There are many safety components in cars that people aren’t even aware about—or if they are, don’t pay much attention to. The simple things such as seat belts and the brake system are somewhat cared for, but others like the SRS airbag module aren’t. If you yourself haven’t ever heard about the SRS airbag control module and what it does, perhaps this will help fill you in.

First off, it’s important to know where this unit is located. The airbag module can usually be found underneath the driver or passenger’s seat. In certain cars, however, it is located underneath the radio, in the center console, or in the kick panel.

Basically what this unit does is store information, in the form of hard codes and crash data, when the vehicle is involved in a crash. Some of the key bits of data stored are the speed the vehicle was travelling at when the accident occurred, whether or not the brake light switch was turned on, the engine speed, and the throttle position. Some modules also record whether or not the passengers of the vehicle were wearing their seat belt, the impact speed change, any airbag deployments, and any seat belt pre-tensioner deployments.

This data can then potentially be used by an Accident Reconstructionist to help paint a picture of the accident scene. More often than not, this information is favored over any eyewitness reports.

The importance of the SRS airbag control module is that the entire airbag system runs through it. That means each of the airbags in the vehicle—and there are many, if you think about it—rely on this small unit to operate. Essentially, if a vehicle is involved in a crash and has all these codes stored in its airbag module, the airbags will not work whatsoever until the module is repaired or altogether replaced.

If you are facing this issue in your own car and want to save yourself the hundreds of dollars necessary for module replacement, you can instead opt for an airbag module reset. By turning to the company Safety Restore for an airbag module reset you will not only be paying a fair price, but you will also be left with a lifetime warranty guarantee. The crash data reset will be completed in just 24 hours or less so you can be driving with properly functioning airbags once again in no time! Visit and select the airbag module reset service today!

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Toyota Corolla Airbag Module Repair

Need a Toyota Corolla airbag module repair?

Different Internal Damages That Your Car May Have After An Accident

After an automotive accident, there are several external damages that can likely be found on the vehicles involved. Usually, when a car collides with another vehicle or object, the first thing that happens is the body of the car gets scratched, dented, or broken off. The glass of one or more of the windows may shatter simultaneously. Additionally, the tires may pop and the headlights may break. Although this kind of damage can be expected after a crash, so can internal damage. If your own car has recently been involved in a crash, you may want to check if you have any of the following internal issue.

For one, some cars face issues with their radiator after a car accident. If a collision occurs on the front end of the vehicle, there will inevitably be damage to the radiator. Outside of the frame, most modern cars are not built to be super strong. Therefore, the force of an accident usually reaches to the radiator and damages, if not completely destroys, it.

The other compartments under the hood are also likely to get damaged or destroyed in an accident, particularly if the hood happened to crumble in the crash. If you see that the hood has been crumbled or has completely pushed back into the passenger compartment of your vehicle, make sure to inspect all the different pipes and gadgets carefully. Pay close attention to see if there are any broken off bits, any leaking reservoirs, or any parts crushing others.

The airbags are another internal component that often go off when an accident occurs. When this happens, the SRS airbag control module located inside the vehicle stores crash data and hard codes. In order for the airbags to work properly again, the SRS airbag module needs to be repaired. Therefore, if you own a Toyota Corolla and the airbags have been blown, you should look into getting Toyota Corolla airbag module repair immediately. Now you may think that Toyota Corolla airbag module repair can only be done at a Toyota dealer, but this cannot be further from the truth. The company Safety Restore specializes in SRS air bag module repair and will be able to perform quality and affordable Toyota Corolla airbag module repair for you. Simply visit

Nissan Altima Airbag Module Repair

Need your Nissan Altima airbag module repair?

Can A Minor Car Accident Result In Major Damage?

Fender benders are one of the most common, if not the most common, kind of accidents occurring on the daily. Generally, they do not cause much damage—or at least you think that to be true. Sometimes, even small damage caused by a minor accident can yield major problems under the hood, that you may not necessarily notice until it is too late. Below I will list a few symptoms of a minor accident that can actually lead to a big headache. If you notice any of these in your own Nissan Altima after a crash, you should have your car brought to a trusted mechanic immediately.

The first symptom you should look for is a battery that is quickly losing energy. Whether your battery suddenly dies, you can’t bring your car to start, or you notice that the lights in your car are working with less power than previously, your battery issues may have been caused by this minor accident you have been involved in. Even a light impact can shift your car’s battery out of its intended position and cause it to work in overdrive—or cause it to short. Either way, you should have it checked out.

A second symptom you should look out for is your check engine light flickering. This light serves as a warning that something is wrong with your vehicle and can morph into an even greater issue. Therefore, it shouldn’t be ignored.

Another thing you should be looking at is your alignment. This issue can start small but very quickly it can spiral out of control. You don’t want to cause unnecessary wear on your tires, suspension, or brakes, so have your alignment checked immediately upon seeing any signs that it is off.

A final symptom you shouldn’t ignore is your airbags. If your airbags went off during the accident, you shouldn’t just look into getting new airbags installed. You may need to get Nissan Altima airbag module repair as well. This is because the SRS module stores crash data and hard codes after an accident occurs—even if it is a minor one. When this happens, nothing but Nissan Altima airbag module repair will be able to eradicate those codes. Instead of turning to the dealer, you can turn to the company Safety Restore for Nissan Altima airbag module repair. There, you’ll have your airbag reset for a much more affordable price than at the dealer.

Subaru Forester Airbag Module Repair

Get your Subaru Forester airbag module repair!

Internal Damage You Should Look Out For Following A Crash

You probably already know of the external damage that occurs to vehicles after an accident, as you’ve probably driven past more than one accident in your lifetime. You may have been involved in one yourself! However, internal damage is something that most people don’t know too much about. If your own Subaru Forester has been involved in an accident recently, this is something you should pay particular attention to. You want to make sure that your car is driving safely and properly, and doesn’t have any internal issues that can give rise to even greater problems. Below I will give just a few examples of the kind of internal damage you want to look out for.

First, you want to make sure that your car radiator is in tact. Because most modern cars are not equipped to be super strong, the exterior often gets caved in—giving access to the inside, which includes the radiator. If you see that your radiator is leaking water, this should be an indication that it needs to be fixed immediately.

While checking the radiator, it would behoove you to inspect the other components under the hood as well. Ensure that there are no broken off parts, leaking compartments, or any pipes crushing down on others.

Another thing that may be damaged following an accident is your alignment. If the accident was only a minor one, you shouldn’t be too worried about your alignment, but if it was a severe one—you should be. If you fail to get your alignment checked out and fixed, you may end up with suspension and drivability issues in the long run.

Finally, you may find yourself needing to get Subaru Forester airbag module repair. If your airbags went off, the SRS module likely has stored crash data and hard codes into the computer system and nothing but a Subaru Forester airbag module repair will erase the codes. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to go to a Subaru dealership to get Subaru Forester airbag module repair. Instead, you can turn to the company Safety Restore. Safety Restore will be able to remove all the Subaru airbag codes in your unit for an affordable price and lifetime warranty guarantee!

Toyota Camry Airbag Module Repair

Get a Toyota Camry Airbag Module Repair

The cluster dashboard has a lot of information on it. This includes how fast you are traveling, how far you have traveled, how much fuel your vehicle has left, if the seat belt is buckled in, and various other information. One component of the cluster that should never be ignored if the light is on, is the airbag light. This may indicate a real issue which can be dangerous in the event of an accident.

An airbag module is like the mind of your cars Supplemental Restraint System, which is also known as the SRS. It uses sensors in your Toyota Camry to determine what action, if any at all, is necessary when something occurs to your vehicle.

There are a few things to have checked if the airbag light is on. One issue can lie with your seat belts not working the way they should be. Did you know there is a 1 in 84 chance of dying when in a auto accident? That number gets cut in half with the proper use of a seat belt! With those odds, you want them working properly. Another issue could be potential water damage to the SRS sensors. This can result in the module not being able to do its job. The SRS light can also light up if the vehicle has been in an accident recently or the seat belts getting jerked. If your airbags have deployed, like in a collision, you will need to get a Toyota Camry Airbag module repair or reset service.

Safety Restore can get you back to safety with a Toyota Camry Airbag module repair for only $49.99! Safety Restores process is quick, simple, and affordable. Simply checkout securely online. Then send in your module using any carrier. The expert technicians repair or reset your module and ship it back within only 24 hours of receiving your module. They use 100% OEM parts, that meets or exceeds the FMVSS standards. They also offer several other services for your Supplemental Restraint System like Seat belt replacement, seat belt webbing repair, cluster repair, as well as custom colored seat belts! Ensure that you, along with those driving in your Toyota are fully protected in the event something happens on the road. Visit to see how they can help you get your airbag module working properly as well as all other components of your Toyotas SRS.

Airbag ECU Repair

Airbag ECU Repair
Need airbag ECU repair services? Use our mail-in nationwide service today and save hundreds.

If airbag ecu repair is what you need–the company to turn to is Safety Restore!

Safety Restore has been owning and operating for years now, specializing in seat belt repair and SRS airbag module resetting. 

When it comes to SRS airbag modules, they are the center of the entire airbag system. Everything from the impact sensors, to the seat belts, to the airbags runs through the airbag module. In the unfortunate event of a car accident–even a minor one–the SRS airbag module may store crash data and hard codes and light up the airbag light on your dash. Your seat belts may deploy as well, generating more codes. All this points to the need for an airbag ecu repair. If the module is not reprogrammed immediately, you can be putting yourself–as well as your fellow drivers–in danger. 

Safety Restore provides airbag ecu repair as an affordable alternative to purchasing an entirely new unit at the dealer. Whereas at the dealer you’d spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars, getting an airbag ecu repair at Safety Restore comes in at only $49.99! 

The great price is not the only thing that has satisfied customers throughout Safety Restore’s years of business. Customers can have the peace of mind knowing that all repair work is completed by well trained and highly experienced technicians. The repairs are done using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. A dual pro system is used to test repairs, and FMVSS standards are always met–if not exceeded. Everything is completed in just 24 hours or less, and a lifetime warranty can be expected. Even from its east coast location in Westfield, MA, Safety Restore works with customers nationwide! 

To get your airbag ecu repair at Safety Restore, head on over to today! There, you can select and pre-pay for the airbag ecu repair service before sending the unit in. When shipping out to the company, you can use any carrier you prefer. Once the technicians receive your SRS airbag module, they will  perform the reprogramming in just 24 hours. The unit will be restored to factory condition and all crash data and hard codes will be eliminated. After you receive the unit back, no additional programming should be necessary. Your airbag module will be functioning like new again and the airbag light will turn off on your dash!

It doesn’t get simpler than that! Order your airbag ecu repair at Safety Restore today!

SRS Module Repair

SRS Module Repair
Our SRS Module Repair & Reset service offered nationwide!

If your vehicle is in need of an SRS module repair, it is crucial that you get this done as soon as possible.  This will ensure your safety as well as the safety of others on the road. Turn to Safety Restore today and get it taken care of immediately!

The SRS airbag module is the main hub-bub of the entire airbag system. Everything from the impact sensors, to the airbags, to the seat belts intertwine through it. Even being involved in a small accident can result in your SRS airbag module storing crash data and hard codes and lighting up the airbag light on your dash. Your seat belts may deploy as well, which would result in additional codes. Safety Restore provides an affordable solution. You can be spared from paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a brand new unit at the dealer. Instead, you can ship out your existing unit for an SRS module repair at Safety Restore. The company provides a full reset to factory condition. All hard codes and crash data will be erased and cleared. If there are no other underlying issues in your vehicle, your airbag light should immediately turn off when the unit is reinstalled. The service is 100% guaranteed and requires no additional programming! 

You can absolutely trust Safety Restore to perform the SRS module repair with safety and quality in mind. Just look at the vast array of positive reviews from the company’s satisfied customers! The company employs highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians. The repairs are performed using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. A dual-pro system is in place to test the repairs. Furthermore, Safety Restore has always met or exceeded FMVSS standards. To its already low price of $49.99 per module reset, the company adds a lifetime warranty onto the service. In the very slim chance of something going wrong in the future, customers have the ability to send their unit in for rework without having to pay an additional fee. A quick 24 hour turnaround time can also be expected! 

To get your SRS module repair, simply log onto There, you can select and prepay for the SRS module repair service, box up your unit, and ship it out to Safety Restore using any preferred carrier. Once they receive your package, they will perform the reset in just 24 hours or less! All hard codes and crash data will be removed and your unit will function like new again!

Airbag Repair Service

Airbag Repair Service
Airbag light on or illuminated? We offer airbag module repair services nationwide.

Looking for a local airbag repair service? Safety Restore is located in Westfield, Massachusetts but services its customers nationwide, and even overseas! It is a company based on a ‘purchase first then send in your items in for repair’ model, so the location of customers does not make a difference. One of its main specialties is providing SRS airbag module resets for vehicles that have been involved in an accident. 

When a vehicle is involved in a crash, the airbag light can appear on the dash and crash data and hard codes can be stored in the system. If the SRS airbag module is not properly functioning, it is crucial to have it reset for your own safety and the safety of surrounding drivers on the road. After all, it is responsible for all airbag related components in your vehicle including crash sensors, airbags, along with the steering wheel clockspring, seat belt retractors, seatbelt pretensioners and seat belt buckles. At Safety Restore, the skilled technicians erase all hard codes and crash data that are stored in the system, restoring the SRS airbag module to factory condition. No additional programming is necessary! If you are considering a local dealer to fulfill your airbag repair service needs, getting an SRS airbag module reset at Safety Restore is much more practical, and the quality is just as good! The company only employs highly experienced seat belt engineers. Your SRS airbag repair service will be completed using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Not only that, but the company has always met or exceeded FMVSS standards! For their customers’ satisfaction, all repairs can be expected to be done in just a quick 24 hours or less, and have a lifetime warranty attached to it! 

If this sounds like a deal to you, head on over to today! All you need to do is select and pay for the SRS airbag repair service, remove your unit from your vehicle and send it in to the company using any preferred carrier. You will want to make sure to send in your SRS unit, ECU, ECM, and airbag controller in for the repair! The module technicians will receive your items, perform all necessary repairs, and ship your package back out in just 24 hours! In no time, you will be back on the road with a newly reset SRS airbag module and will no longer have that annoying airbag light blinking on your dash! 

Airbag Repair

Airbag Repair
Airbag light on? Need it turned off? We offer airbag repair by resetting your SRS airbag module so your illuminated airbag light can be turned off.

Have you been involved in an accident and need airbag repair? Safety Restore is a company located in Westfield, MA but servicing customers nationwide in all their seat belt and SRS airbag module needs. 

The SRS airbag module computer that is found in your car controls the entire airbag system, with everything from the airbags and seat belts as well as the impact sensors going through it. In the unfortunate event of a car accident, even a minor one, the SRS airbag module could light up your airbag light and store crash data. The seat belts may become deployed as well, which could give rise to additional codes. Safety Restore provides a solution to restore your safety on the road, and an affordable one too. Priced at only $49.99, the company resets the airbag module to factory condition. This means that they erase all crash data and all the hard codes that had been generated after an accident. Fortunately for you, no additional programming is necessary after they have performed the reset for you. Rather than replacing your SRS airbag module at the dealer and spending a whole lot of money in the process, you can choose to re-use your existing module and have it reset by Safety Restore. 

Customer satisfaction in their SRS airbag repair service is 100% guaranteed. Several of the key aspects of this company illustrate the quality of work they put out and why so many people have left pleased with their services. The company makes sure to employ only highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians who use 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. In addition, all services are completed within a 24 hour turnaround time and everything is backed up by a lifetime warranty. 

Getting SRS airbag repair work is made quick and simple with Safety Restore. If you are interested in SRS airbag repair, you could simply log onto their website,, select and pay for the SRS airbag repair service, box up your unit, and ship it out to Safety Restore using any preferred carrier. Within just 24 hours of receiving your package, the module technicians would perform the reset on your unit and erase all crash data and hard codes related to your accident. When you’d receive the module back after the SRS airbag repair, it would be restored to factory condition and your airbag light would then turn off on your dash. 

Get your SRS airbag repair at Safety Restore today!