What do Some of the Safety Signals on the Dashboard Mean?


Whether you are a new driver or have been driving for 50 years, knowing what all the safety signals on the dashboard of your vehicle mean is very important. This will ensure that if at anytime a light turns on, you will know what to do. Here is a list of some safety signals that you should be aware of and what they mean.

If the Transmission Temperature Indicator light turns on, it means the engine temperature has exceeded normal limits. You should check the coolant level, fan operation, radiator cap, and coolant leaks. If the Tire Pressure Warning Light Indicator light turns on, it means the pressure is low in one of your tires; you should get them checked and put more air pressure in them. If the Check Engine or Malfunction Indicator Light Indicator light turns on, the car’s diagnostic systems have detected a malfunction that needs to be checked and should not be ignored. If the Air Suspension Indicator light is on, this means that there is a problem with the air suspension bags, likely due to a leak or inflation issue. The Gas/Fuel Cap Indicator light will turn on if the gas/fuel cap is not properly tightened. The Powertrain Fault Indicator light will turn on when a powertrain or AWD fault has been detected. If this light illuminates, you should contact your mechanic as soon as possible. If the Airbag Indicator light turns on, this means the front airbag is switched off. If this lamp lights up or flashes, there is a fault in the airbag or seatbelt system. If the Airbag Deactivated Indicator light turns on, this means there is a fault in the rear spoiler system. There is so much more, but here are a few that should be known by everyone to ensure a safe drive.

If you have noticed, there are two airbag indicator lights. Airbags should be taken very seriously because they are one of the main components that keep you and your passengers safe. If you do see one of the lights turned on, then you may need an airbag repair. Airbag repairs can cost a fortune at some dealerships, but Safety Restore is a company that can save you hundreds, even thousands on repairs. Your SRS airbag repair service will be completed using industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts. The best part yet, all repairs can be expected to be done in just a quick 24 hours or less and have a lifetime warranty attached to it!

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