Speedometer stopped working then started again

Why is my speedometer not working properly?

Most people never experience issues with their instrument cluster, otherwise known as the speedometer, because it is a pretty sturdy unit that works on its own. It doesn’t get tampered with, pressed, or manipulated on the daily like the tires, brakes, and seat belts, for example, do.

Nevertheless, problems can occur. When they do, they can wreak quite a bit of havoc. For instance, if the speedometer is giving the wrong reading, this will mean that the driver of that vehicle will drive according to the speed limit. Depending on how the speedometer is malfunctioning, the driver may driveway below the speed limit or way above, without even realizing this. Of course, this could result in legal ramifications, if the police were to spot this vehicle and pull it over.

However, there can be physical repercussions for the driver and occupants of the vehicle too. If the vehicle is traveling way above the recommended speed limit, the driver may end up losing control of the car and crashing into another vehicle, object, or person. Serious and even fatal injury can follow.

Is your speedometer not working? Now the instrument cluster in your vehicle may not be giving you the wrong reading, but it may be giving you other issues. Your problems may lie in a speedometer that has stopped working then started again. If that is the case, the issue may stem from your speed sensor, which would need to be replaced or repaired. Your vehicle speed sensor, otherwise known as the VSS, is found on the right side of the transaxle, alongside the area where the right side axle shaft connects. This part may be hard to access if you are inexperienced. You will need to remove the aluminum foil-covered shield surrounding the wiring connector to obtain entry. By doing so, you may see that the problem is a damaged wiring connector, rather than the speed sensor, which is causing malfunctioning from its proximity to the catalytic converter.

Of course, if you simply do not think you can do this on your own or should even bother going through the trouble, you should turn to a professional shop that can. A trusted and quality repair shop that you can turn to if you have a speedometer not working—instead of attempting the speedometer repairs from home—is Safety Restore. Safety Restore fixes instrument cluster problems of all kinds with its instrument cluster gauges repair service. The service costs just $118.99 and comes with a free lifetime warranty. To get it, simply log onto safetyrestore.com.

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