How do you fix a speedometer that doesn’t work.

What is your actual speed?

Did your speedometer stop working in your vehicle all of a sudden or you bought a car with it not working, well not to worry because there are a couple of ways to fix the problem without having to spend a fortune.

A speedometer measures the speed your vehicle is traveling. So knowing your speed can reduce your chance of getting into an accident or receiving a ticket. Always try to figure out why your speedometer isn’t working so you aren’t doing extra work. Make sure your speed sensor is not broken, this is the most common reason that speedometer would stay at zero, when speed sensors fail to work properly, they will typically cause the Check Engine light to come on, indicating that there is an issue. Make sure there are no bad wiring or fuses, that can also cause the speedometer not work. Furthermore, make sure the ECU (engine control unit) is not malfunctioning. Those are the most common problems that would cause your speedometer not to work.

Cars used to be very simple, they used to have a cable that would go into the speedometer head and it spun and would make the speedometer move, but modern cars stopped using speedometer cables about 20 years ago. Modern cars have something called a speed sensor which bolts into the transmission and sends electrical impulses into the dash to make the speedometer work. You start off by using a scan tool to analyze to find out what is wrong with the system. You plug the scan tool into the computer control module which is usually under your dash depending on your vehicle. Next, put your scan tool on data and watch the speed as you drive. Now in the case, if the speed staying at zero you know that the sensor is broken because it is not sending any information to the computer. Find where your speed sensor is located and replace it with a new one. Now if the scan tool reads the speed you are actually going then the sensor is not broken, but there is something wrong inside the speedometer itself.

If there is a problem within your speedometer then you can always send it into a shop like Safety Restore that offers fantastic services for speedometers. Send in your speedometer and save up to $600 compared to buying a new one at the dealer. They can rebuild your speedometer to better than new condition using proprietary stepper motors & state of the art technology.

Speedometer not working after battery change

The speedometer should always be properly calibrated!

Battery changes are meant to repair old or faulty batteries. If there are no other issues present in their vehicle, individuals who get a battery change can usually expect to be driving safely on the road again right away. However, you may have recently had a battery charge of your own and found yourself in a completely different scenario. Instead of leaving home carefree, you may notice that you have a speedometer not working after battery change. That, of course, is a serious issue that should be dealt with immediately. Here is how.

Before giving you instructions on how to fix the problem, let me give you a brief explanation as to why switching out the battery may have triggered issues with your instrument cluster. The thing is, switching out the battery or even jumpstarting a vehicle can cause an electrical spike inside of the vehicle, which basically can cause a speedometer to go berserk. To fix this issue, you can basically go two routes. First, you can disconnect your battery and wait a few hours for the ECM to reset. Or, you can have the ECM instantly reset by disengaging the negative battery cable and stepping on the brake pedal for a few seconds. Your speedometer should then work properly again!

Of course, this solution may not end up working for you, or you may simply not want to go through this process with the risk of it not working out. If that is the case, you may be better off turning to a professional that knows how to fix broken speedometers. A quality repair shop that you can contact is Safety Restore. Safety Restore has worked with many different vehicles and speedometer problems and has repaired all types of issues with its instrument cluster gauges repair service. The service comes out to just $118.99 and will probably be much more worth your time and money than buying the correct tools and taking time to perform the repairs from home.

At Safety Restore, you can also expect a fast turnaround time on your service and a free lifetime warranty guarantee.

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Speedometer stopped working then started again

Why is my speedometer not working properly?

Most people never experience issues with their instrument cluster, otherwise known as the speedometer, because it is a pretty sturdy unit that works on its own. It doesn’t get tampered with, pressed, or manipulated on the daily like the tires, brakes, and seat belts, for example, do.

Nevertheless, however rare, problems can occur. When they do, they can wreak quite a bit of havoc. For instance, if the speedometer is giving the wrong reading, this will mean that the driver of that vehicle will drive at an according to the speed limit. Depending on how the speedometer is malfunctioning, the driver may driveway below the speed limit or way above, without even realizing this. Of course, this could result in legal ramifications if the police were to spot this vehicle and pull it over.

However, there can be physical repercussions for the driver and occupants of the vehicle too. If the vehicle is traveling way above the recommended speed limit, the driver may end up losing control of the car and crashing into another vehicle, object, or person. Serious and even fatal injury can follow.

Is your own speedometer not working? Now the instrument cluster in your own vehicle may not be giving you the wrong reading, but it may be giving you other issues. Your problems may lie in a speedometer that has stopped working then started again. If that is the case, the issue may stem from your speed sensor, which would need to be replaced or repaired. Your vehicle speed sensor, otherwise known as the VSS, is found on the right side of the transaxle, alongside the area where the right side axle shaft connects. This part may be hard to access if you are inexperienced. You will need to remove the aluminum foil covered shield surrounding the wiring connector in order to obtain entry. By doing so, you may see that the problem is actually a damaged wiring connector, rather than the speed sensor, which is causing malfunctioning from its close proximity to the catalytic converter.

Of course, if you simply do not think you can do this on your own or should even bother going through the trouble, you should turn to a professional shop that can. A trusted and quality repair shop that you can turn to if you have a speedometer not working—instead of attempting the speedometer repairs from home—is Safety Restore. Safety Restore fixes instrument cluster problems of all kinds with its instrument cluster gauges repair service. The service costs just $118.99 and comes with a free lifetime warranty. In order to get it, simply log onto

Car Speedometer Not Working ?

Car Speedometer Not Working?

Is your car speedometer not working? Perhaps your speedometer gauge is getting stuck, or your tachometer gauge needs rebuilding. Maybe your problem lies in your oil gauge always displaying a wrong reading, or the temperature gauge only working intermittently. Whatever way your car speedometer not working has caused you problems, know that the company Safety Restore can help.

Safety Restore is well known for its instrument cluster gauges repair service that has successfully repaired all kinds of issues for its customers. When purchasing this service at Safety Restore you’ll be guaranteed a fair price, fast turnaround time, and most importantly—quality work.

One of the greatest things setting apart Safety Restore from other auto shops, and especially the dealer, is the fair price for each service. A car speedometer comes in at only $118.99, which is far less than would be asked for anywhere else. Even better, a lifetime warranty automatically comes with each service purchased at Safety Restore!

Besides the price, the fast turnaround time at Safety Restore is quite agreeable. A strict 24-hour policy is in place for all orders, no matter how large or small. The 24 hours applies to easy and difficult orders alike.

All of the mentioned factors above would make no difference if quality were not of upmost importance. Fortunately, it is for Safety Restore. The company is BBB accredited and always meets FMVSS standards. Because it wants all repair work to be performed to the best of its ability, only industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts are used.

So if you have a car speedometer not working, visit today! There, you can follow simple instructions to remove the unit from your vehicle and send it in to the company. Upon receiving your package, the team at Safety Restore will perform all necessary repairs in just 24 hours or less!