Car Speedometer Not Working ?

Car Speedometer Not Working?

Is your car speedometer not working? Perhaps your speedometer gauge is getting stuck, or your tachometer gauge needs rebuilding. Maybe your problem lies in your oil gauge always displaying a wrong reading, or the temperature gauge only working intermittently. Whatever way your car speedometer not working has caused you problems, know that Safety Restore can help.

Safety Restore is well known for its instrument cluster gauges repair service that has successfully repaired all kinds of issues for its customers. When purchasing this service at Safety Restore, you’ll be guaranteed a fair price, fast turnaround time, and, most importantly—quality work.

One of the most incredible things setting apart Safety Restore from other auto shops, and especially the dealer, is the fair price for each service. A car speedometer comes in at only $118.99, far less than would be asked for anywhere else. Even better, a lifetime warranty automatically comes with each service purchased at Safety Restore!

Besides the price, the fast turnaround time at Safety Restore is quite agreeable. A strict 24-hour policy is in place for all orders, no matter how large or small. The 24 hours applies to easy and difficult orders alike.

All of the mentioned factors above would make no difference if quality were not of upmost importance. Fortunately, it is for Safety Restore. The company is BBB accredited and always meets FMVSS standards. Because it wants all repair work to be performed to the best of its ability, only industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts are used.

So if you have a car speedometer not working, visit today! There, you can follow simple instructions to remove the unit from your vehicle and send it to the company. Upon receiving your package, the team at Safety Restore will perform all necessary repairs in just 24 hours or less!

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