Dashboard Instrument Panel Cluster Repair & Restoration Service

Put an end to cluster gauge problems once and for all.

Speedometer gauge not working or getting stuck and needs repairs / fixing?
Tachometer gauge is stuck, showing wrong speed and needs rebuilding?
Oil gauge giving wrong reading? PRND/Shift indicator dim or not working?
Temperature gauge working intermittently? Or stopped working altogether?
Gas gauge working intermittently? Dim or dead back-lights?
Cluster draining battery when car is off? Intermittent cluster power-loss?


We only use the best parts and restore your cluster to better than factory condition


All repairs are done here in the United States, and your cluster is always repaired within 24hrs of receiving


We stand by our work and guarantee a Lifetime Warranty with each repair that we perform

Why Repair?

Did your automotive instrument cluster & gauges go bad? Did your needles just stop working? Is your speedometer not showing the correct speed? Let us help. We rebuild clusters to better than new condition using proprietary stepper motors & state of the art technology.

At Safety Restore we can fix it all!

Send us your cluster and save up to $600 compared to buying a new one at the dealer plus you can have it done in 24 hours instead of waiting for an order from the manufacturer.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get Your Cluster Repaired

Compatible vehicles with our instrument cluster gauges repair service are shown below. Please note: If vehicle model is shown, all trims under that model are compatible.


How Does It Work

Let's get your cluster gauge repaired and rebuilt to better than new condition, follow our 3 simple steps.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Safety Restore repaired thousands of clusters. See what some of our customers are saying.

Fuel gauge fixed fast

“Had the fuel gauge not working and got me in a pickle twice already. I know GM's have the issue with stepper motors, I just didn't know of a reputable company that works on them.”

Robert L.

Finally doing cluster repairs

“Was waiting for safetyrestore to start doing cluster repairs! Thank you”

Arty L.

Cluster works now

“Works like new now. Thank you! “

Mike L.

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