Will airbag work without seat belt ?

If you ever had the question “Will an airbag deploy if the seat belt is not on?” on your mind, I am here to help!

Ever wonder if will airbag work without seat belt ? We provide the answer to that question.

The thing is, seat belts and airbags work together as our restraint systems in the time of a crash or sudden stop. The seat belts in our vehicles serve as primary restraint systems, while the airbags are the supplementary, or secondary, restraint systems. Both are very important for our overall safety on the road. Seat belts work by securing an occupant into his or her seat so as not to project out of it—and possibly out of the vehicle altogether—when a collision occurs. Airbags work to cushion the blow upon the impact of an occupant against their vehicle. Airbags mainly protect the head and chest area of the body.

Seat belts and airbags are linked together by a unit in vehicles called the SRS airbag module. The airbag light in a vehicle ties into this system. It may turn on because of an airbag fault, problems with the airbag module, or any of the following airbag components: faulty seat belt pretensioners, deployed airbags, faulty airbag clock spring, faulty crash sensors, stored crash data, or problems with the wiring harness.

Some automotive manufacturers program vehicles’ ECUs to make a split-second decision whether or not to deploy the airbags to prevent injury to the occupant’s head. Therefore, for some models and automotive manufactures, seat belts certainly are required to be fastened for the airbags to operate correctly.

However, in many vehicles, the airbags will still deploy whether or not an occupant is fastened by a safety belt. Unfortunately for the occupant, not wearing a seat belt and crashing into an airbag can yield much more serious injuries than if a seat belt were worn.

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  1. If the seat belt is not fastened and the car is moving at speed of 80 km per hr, then during the accident (1) can the opening of air bags injure the driver and/or (2) opening of the air bags can push/throw driver to the back seat if speeding car flips on the left side. Note- the car is equipped with right hand drive system.

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