Where was the seat belt invented ?

We use seat belts—or should be using them at least—every time we step into our vehicle to head out to a destination. They have become so commonplace that it is hard to imagine a time without seat belts! It may come as a shock, perhaps, that seat belts were invented not that far off in the past. Three-point belts were implemented in the year 1959, to be exact! If you haven’t experienced the era of no seat belts, your parents or grandparents most definitely have. Let me give you a little more information on the seat belt history timeline.

The history of seat belts – where it was invented.

Although three-point seat belts were officially fitted in a vehicle in 1959, the first even known patent for an automotive seat belt was issued in the year 1885. The U.S. Patent Office gave a man named Edward J. Claghorn the patent.

In the year 1903, a French man named Gustave-Desire Leveau invented a seat belt system with adjustable diagonal chest and lap belts.

In the 1930’s, medical professionals urged the auto industry to manufacture vehicles with seat belts.

In 1949-50, the automotive manufacturer Nash was the first to offer factory-installed lap belts.

1951 was the year two men named Roger W. Griswold and Hugh DeHaven were able to obtain a patent for a three-point belt.

Ford and Chrysler began to offer lap belts in the years 1955 and 1956.

In the year 1956, Consumer Reports found that many cross-lap seat belts failed basic durability and safety tests.

In 1959, as already mentioned, the first cars were fitted with three-point lap and shoulder belts. They were first fitted on Volvos.

In 1984, the first mandatory seat belt law was set in the state of New York. Within just three years, 28 other states followed suit.

To this day, seat belt laws and actual seat belts are constantly being updated.

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