Speedometer Repair

Speedometer Repair Services by SafetyRestore.com

You may go a long time without having any problems with your speedometer, but once a problem strikes it is wise to get speedometer repair immediately. The company Safety Restore can do just that for you. The company works with stuck tachometers, speedometer gauges that are not working or are constantly getting stuck, and oil gauges that give the wrong reading. They also repair temperature and gas gauges that work intermittently as well as dead or sticky gauges. Safety Restore’s full auto cluster rebuild and speedometer repair service fixes all of these issues and restores customers’ units back to factory condition.

Quality and safety are of upmost importance to this small family business. Safety Restore only employs highly experienced engineers to complete the speedometer repairs. All defective components are removed from the unit and replaced with 100% OEM parts. To complete the repairs, the engineers use industry standard tools and always meet or exceed FMVSS standards. Additionally, paying for a speedometer repair at Safety Restore comes in a lot cheaper than heading to a dealer. Customers only have to pay $118.99 for the service, and are left with a lifetime warranty on top of it! The repairs take the company only 24 hours or less to complete, which is an added bonus.

Regardless of it east coast location in Westfield, MA, Safety Restore works with customers nationwide. The company welcomes many makes and models of vehicles for its speedometer repair service, including Pontiac, Isuzu, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Hummer, Oldsmobile, and Suzuki. Customers simply need to select and pay for the service online before sending in their instrument cluster to be repaired. Detailed step-by-step instructions are posted on the company’s website, safety restore.com, explaining how to remove a cluster from a vehicle. Once Safety Restore receives the item, they perform the repairs in just 24 hours and ship the package back out!

Speedometer Not Working?

Speedometer Not Working? Get it repaired and recalibrated by SafetyRestore.com

Are parts of your speedometer not working, or is the unit completely shot altogether? Whatever the problem may be—Safety Restore will surely be able to help.

The company Safety Restore has an instrument cluster gauges repair service that fixes practically any and all gauge-related issues on a speedometer. Customers have sent in instrument clusters with dead or sticky gauges, gauges that are getting stuck, and gauges that only work intermittently. Safety Restore was able to repair them all. The company works to repair the speedometer gauge, gas/fuel gauge, tech gauge, temperature gauge, transmission gauge, and oil gauge. All sticking, fluttering, or incorrectly reading gauges are repaired so as to work properly again and all defective motors controlling the arrow/needle are replaced.

Heading to the company Safety Restore is the wisest decision you can make if you have a speedometer not working. The company employs only highly experienced and well-trained engineers, so your speedometer will be in great hands! You can rest assured that industry standard tools and only 100% OEM parts will be employed in the repair process. Safety Restore also prides itself in always meeting or exceeding FMVSS standards. The prices are very agreeable. If you have parts of your speedometer not working, you can send in the entire unit for repair for just $118.99. That comes in a lot less than the prices at the dealer! Furthermore, when choosing Safety Restore, you’ll also be left with a lifetime warranty! The great thing is that the repair process only takes the company 24 hours or less to complete, so you can be driving with a functioning speedometer again in no time!

To get an instrument cluster gauges repair, select and prepay for the service at safetyrestore.com. Then, remove the unit from your vehicle following the directions posted on the website. Finally, ship the package out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. In just a short period of time, you will receive your speedometer back and it will be functioning like new again!

Speedometer Rebuild

Speedometer broken and needs rebuilding? Use our mail-in nationwide service today.

If you are in need of a speedometer rebuild, head on over to Safety Restore!

Safety Restore is a company that specializes in three things, and three things only: the repair of seat belts, the resetting of SRS airbag modules, and speedometer rebuilding. This allows the company to really hone in on these tasks and perfect them. Safety Restore is a small, family owned business and has operated for more than five years now. From the very beginning, they have worked with each of their customers individually to provide complete satisfaction and faith in their services. FMVSS standards have always been met by the company, and the use of industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts have been made mandatory from the start. Therefore, when purchasing the service for a speedometer rebuild, you can be completely assured of safety and quality. For your added benefit, the company additionally attaches a lifetime warranty on each of its services. For its speedometer rebuild service, Safety Restore welcomes many makes and models of vehicles including Suzuki, GMC, Oldsmobile, Ford, Buick, and Isuzu. Also, the company works with customers all throughout the nation!

If your vehicle needs a speedometer rebuild, you should get to it immediately. By simply heading over to safetyrestore.com, you can easily follow the step-by-step instructions provided to remove your instrument cluster from your vehicle and send it in to the company. The process is quite simple. When shipping out, you can choose from any preferred carrier. Once the engineers at Safety Restore receive your unit, they will perform the speedometer rebuild in just 24 hours and you will have it back in a few days. Your speedometer will no longer present fluttering, sticking, or incorrectly reading gauges. Any and all gauge-related problems will be completely removed! You will be left with an instrument cluster restored to its factory condition and functioning like new again.