Car Speedometer Calibration

Get car speedometer calibration by mailing in your instrument cluster today and get 24 hour turnaround!

Driving with a speedometer all your life, you may know the basics of what it does and shows. However, you may not know the various components of the gauge, or how it came to be in the first place.

The speedometer, or speed meter, on a vehicle is defined as an instrument that measures and then displays the immediate speed of a vehicle. Speedometers are now universally installed in all automobiles, but this was not always so. They became available in the 1900s, and became standard equipment right around 1910. Different types of machinery have specific names for the speedometers they are equipped with. For example, on a boat the termination would be a pit log. An airspeed indicator is the term used to apply to aircraft.

A man named Charles Babbage is given the credit for creating an early prototype of the speedometer, which was intended for locomotives. In 1888, the electric speedometer was invented by a Croatian named Josip Belusic, and it was originally named a velocimeter. In 1902, a patent for a speedometer was created by a man named Otto Schultze.

The basic operation of the device is simple. The speedometer uses a rotating flexible cable that is usually driven by gears linked to the output of the transmission on the vehicle. When a vehicle is moving, a speedometer cable is turned by the speedometer gear assembly, which then turns the speedometer mechanism itself. A small permanent magnet that is attached to the speedometer cable works with a small aluminum cup that is fixed to the shaft of the pointer on the analogue speedometer instrument. The changing magnetic field creates eddy currents in the cup as the magnet rotates near the cup. The eddy currents on their own create another magnetic field. This results in the magnet exerting a torque on the cup, pulling it–and the speedometer pointer–in the direction of its rotation with no mechanical relationship between them.

When a speedometer stops working, a car speedometer calibration may be necessary. The company Safety Restore works with instrument clusters and speedometer gauges for all makes and models of vehicles. Whether the speedometer gauge is getting stuck or not working, the tachometer gauge is stuck, or the oil gauge is giving a wrong reading, the car speedometer calibration service by Safety Restore is able to help! This service also works for those whose temperature gauge is working intermittently, those who have dead or sticky gauges, or those who have gauges not working whatsoever! The car speedometer calibration service comes out to only $118.99, saving customers hundreds if not thousands of dollars they would have payed to get the same service at the dealer! Quality and safety are a guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty! Get your car speedometer calibration at Safety Restore today!

Speedometer Calibration Cost

Speedometer Calibration Cost

Speedometer calibration cost can be through the roof if you turn to the wrong company—or even worse, the dealer—to get the job done! Rather than spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get your instrument cluster repaired by those facilities, why not save by turning to the company Safety Restore? You’ll end up with the same results—and quality—for only a fraction of the price! It really makes no sense to do otherwise.

Safety Restore is a small family business that is also BBB accredited, so you can rest assured that you will be getting quality work. Several other factors like low price, fast turnaround time, and a lifetime warranty guarantee set Safety Restore apart from the rest. The time it takes the company to fulfill orders, regardless of difficulty or volume, is just 24 hours or less. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is attached to every service so customers can send their unit in for rework in the future—without having to pay any additional fees. With the speedometer calibration cost at only $118.99, not only will you be saving a ton of money, but you will also be supporting a small business rather than a large corporation. The company welcomes customers throughout the nation from its east coast location and works with a ton of makes and models with its speedometer repair service.

If you are interested in choosing the speedometer calibration cost at Safety Restore over other companies or the dealership, log onto There, you can select and pre-pay for the instrument cluster repair service. All that is left to do is remove the instrument cluster from your vehicle, box it up, and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. It doesn’t matter what mail carrier you use. Within just 24 hours of receiving your package, all repair work will be completed and the package sent back to you immediately!

Speedometer Repair

Speedometer Repair Services by

You may go a long time without having any problems with your speedometer, but once a problem strikes it is wise to get speedometer repair immediately. The company Safety Restore can do just that for you. The company works with stuck tachometers, speedometer gauges that are not working or are constantly getting stuck, and oil gauges that give the wrong reading. They also repair temperature and gas gauges that work intermittently as well as dead or sticky gauges. Safety Restore’s full auto cluster rebuild and speedometer repair service fixes all of these issues and restores customers’ units back to factory condition.

Quality and safety are of upmost importance to this small family business. Safety Restore only employs highly experienced engineers to complete the speedometer repairs. All defective components are removed from the unit and replaced with 100% OEM parts. To complete the repairs, the engineers use industry standard tools and always meet or exceed FMVSS standards. Additionally, paying for a speedometer repair at Safety Restore comes in a lot cheaper than heading to a dealer. Customers only have to pay $118.99 for the service, and are left with a lifetime warranty on top of it! The repairs take the company only 24 hours or less to complete, which is an added bonus.

Regardless of it east coast location in Westfield, MA, Safety Restore works with customers nationwide. The company welcomes many makes and models of vehicles for its speedometer repair service, including Pontiac, Isuzu, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Hummer, Oldsmobile, and Suzuki. Customers simply need to select and pay for the service online before sending in their instrument cluster to be repaired. Detailed step-by-step instructions are posted on the company’s website, safety, explaining how to remove a cluster from a vehicle. Once Safety Restore receives the item, they perform the repairs in just 24 hours and ship the package back out!

Auto Speedometer Repair

Auto Speedometer Repair

If you are facing any type of gauge-related issue in your vehicle then you probably need to get an auto speedometer repair. The issue may be in the form of intermittently working gauges, gauges that keep sticking, or some that don’t even work at all. It may be with any number of buttons, such as your temperature gauge, oil gauge, speedometer gauge, tachometer gauge, gas gauge, or your car odometer. Whatever the specific issue you are having, the company Safety Restore can help!

Safety Restore specializes in repairing any and all gauge-related problems with its auto speedometer repair. With this service, you can expect your instrument cluster to be renewed to the state it was in when you first purchased your vehicle.

Not only can you expect your cluster to be returned to factory settings, but you can also trust in a guarantee of quality. Safety Restore employs only highly experienced engineers to perform the work and all repairs are completed using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Not only that, but FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded. The company is committed to satisfying its customers. Its BBB accreditation and high positive review count is living proof of that. Some of the things customers love about Safety Restore’s auto speedometer repair is the fast turnaround time, affordable price, and the lifetime warranty that comes with it. That’s right! An instrument cluster gauges repair costs only $118.99 at Safety Restore, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty! Another great thing is that the work is completed in just 24 hours or less! Regardless of the volume of your purchase, or the difficulty of your unit(s), Safety Restore honors its fast turnaround time. The company welcomes customers with many different makes and models of vehicles and throughout the country.

If you need to get an auto speedometer repair, get it at Safety Restore today!

Speedometer Calibration

Speedometer Calibration Services

If you are looking to get a speedometer calibration, the company Safety Restore is the company to do it for you. Along with repairing seatbelts and resetting SRS airbag modules, Safety Restore specializes in repairing all problems associated with the instrument cluster. Whether dealing with the fuel/gas gauge, transmission temperature gauge, battery gauge, oil gauge, tech gauge, or the speedometer gauge, Safety Restore gets rid of all fluttering, sticking, or incorrectly reading mechanisms and replaces all defective motors controlling the needle/arrow. With this company, you can expect to have your instrument cluster restored back to factory settings!

If you have never heard of Safety Restore, you can rest assured that your speedometer calibration would be in expert hands. Read the plethora of positive reviews and see for yourself! Only well-trained and highly experienced engineers complete the work. Safety Restore ensures that the engineers perform the repairs using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Also, FMVSS standards are always either met or exceeded. Speedometer calibration comes in at merely $118.99 and the repair takes only 24 hours or less to complete! Furthermore, a lifetime warranty can be expected of the service. Even from its east coast location, Safety Restore welcomes customers nationwide and even overseas! The company also offers the speedometer calibration service to many makes and models of vehicles including Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Suzuki.

Simply log onto, select the instrument cluster gauges repair service, and pre-pay for it. Then, remove the unit from your vehicle and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. Any preferred mail carrier can be used in the shipping process. Once Safety Restore receives the item, all necessary repairs will be performed to restore your unit back to factory condition. In just a few short days you’ll receive your cluster back—practically like new again!

Speedometer Adjustment

Speedometer gauge not showing accurately? Get a speedometer adjustment with our mail-in nationwide service today.

Speedometer issues can show up in a variety of different forms. Your tachometer gauge may be stuck, or your temperature and gas gauges may only be working intermittently. Your oil gauge may be giving you a wrong reading, you may have dead or sticky gauges, or your speedometer gauges may be completely shot. Regardless of the issue you are facing, the company Safety Restore can assist you with their speedometer adjustment service.

From the plethora of positive reviews the company has amassed, you can rest assured that safety and quality will be demonstrated. For years now, Safety Restore has been in business and from the very beginning, the company has employed skilled engineers and used industry standard tools for repair work. FMVSS standards have always been met or exceeded as well. To get a speedometer adjustment, you would only need to spend $118.99 rather than the hundreds or even thousands you would pay at the dealer. The great prices are not the only thing Safety Restore takes pride in. The company also completes repair work in just 24 hours or less, and you can expect a lifetime warranty attached to your product. For each service, including the speedometer adjustment service, defective parts are replaced with 100% OEM parts. You can expect your instrument cluster to be restored to its factory condition and to be working like new again.

Working with this company is quite easy too. You simply need to log onto, and select the service you are interested in. Then, you would prepay for the service before sending your current instrument cluster to the company. Even from its east coast location, Safety Restore welcomes customers nationwide. Once the company receives your package, the engineers will perform the repairs and restore the unit. Any and all gauge-related issues on your speedometer will be fixed.

Speedometer Calibration Cost

Speedometer Calibration Cost – $118.99

Speedometer calibration cost can range from hundreds, to even thousands of dollars depending on where you are searching. For that kind of money, many people choose to forego getting their speedometer recalibrated at all. If only they could hear about the company Safety Restore. Along with other services, Safety Restore specializes in instrument cluster gauges repair. The best thing about this service is its unbeatable price, especially when compared to the crazy prices at the dealer. With such affordable pricing, Safety Restore does not compromise safety or quality of its services in any way.

To perform speedometer recalibration, Safety Restore employs very experienced engineers. All defective parts on the cluster are replaced with only 100% OEM parts. When customers send in their instrument clusters to be fixed, they basically return to them brand new. All sticking, fluttering, and incorrectly reading gauges are repaired, and the broken motors controlling the arrow/needle are replaced. Any and all gauges-related issues are fixed. This includes everything from the transmission temperature gauge, oil gauge, battery gauge, gas/fuel gauge, tech gauge, speedometer gauge, and temperature gauge.

So why submit to an unspeakable speedometer calibration cost when you can turn to a company like Safety Restore and only pay a fraction of the price? The speedometer calibration cost of Safety Restore is quite affordable and the work is done in just 24 hours! Your instrument cluster will be returned to factory condition and you’ll be left with a lifetime warranty on top of it!

Order your instrument cluster gauges repair at Safety Restore today. Once you purchase the service online, send in your instrument cluster to Safety Restore in Westfield MA. Any preferred carrier can be used when shipping out. Once the company receives your package, it will only take 24 hours for the repairs to be completed and for you to be back on the road–with a properly functioning speedometer–again in no time!

Speedometer Recalibration

Need speedometer recalibration? User our nationwide mail-in service with 24 hour turnaround!

You may find yourself in the pickle of needing to get a speedometer recalibration. The problem may be that you don’t know who to turn to to get the work done. Lucky for you, there is a company that exists named Safety Restore.

Safety Restore specializes in only three things–seat belts, SRS airbag modules, and of course instrument clusters–and is therefore able to perfect them to a T. Safety Restore is a small family-owned company that strives to demonstrate impeccable quality in each of the services it offers. To ensure that, the company hires only highly experienced and well trained engineers. All repairs are completed using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. From the very beginning, Safety Restore has always either met or exceeded FMVSS standards. Safety Restore’s prices are unbeatable too, especially when compared to the prices at the dealer.

If you are worried about removing the cluster from your vehicle, the process is quite simple. On, you can follow simple step by step instructions to do so. To begin with, you need to engage the emergency brake. Only then you can remove the plastic trim surrounding the cluster. After that, tilt down the steering wheel and put your shifter into 1st gear. Next, you can remove the trim by pulling it out. Finally, remove the (7mm) 4x screws holding the cluster and pull the cluster out. You should disconnect the wiring. Once this simple process is complete, you can box up the unit and ship it out to Safety Restore using any preferred carrier. The skilled engineers will receive your package, perform the speedometer recalibration, and return your cluster to factory condition. Any and all gauge related issues will be fixed. Everything from the speedometer gauge, tech gauge, battery gauge, temperature gauge, oil gauge, and transmission temperature gauge should be functioning like new again after the speedometer recalibration.