How and why to use a speedometer calibration tool?


Have you ever gotten a ticket for speeding thinking you were driving the speed limit, but it said you were going a couple of miles over? Have you ever wondered what your vehicle was going faster than what your speedometer was showing or may be slower than what it was showing? Then there is a chance you are going to have to do a speedometer calibration. Speedometer calibration is a way for you to test the accuracy of your speedometer. Knowing how fast you are going can keep you from getting into trouble with the law. There are a couple of ways to do a speedometer calibration, either at home or going to a local shop that offers speedometer calibration services.

Following a few steps can help you do one on your own at home. First is to buy a speedometer calibration tool at a local shop that provides them. There will be many different ones to choose from. Once you get one, make sure your vehicle is not loaded down with any heavy objects. Second, make sure you check all four tires and make sure they are at the tire pressure you like to run them at. Once you have finished, measure the height of all four tires. Once you have done that, take the average number and that is what you will enter into your calibrator. When inside your vehicle, close the door and turn off all electronics, you don’t want any extra pull on your engine. Next, start your vehicle connect the other end of the recalibration the computer control module, which is usually located under the dash.

After you have plugged it in, just follow the steps on your calibrator. It should usually take about five minutes to do the process, maybe longer or shorter, depending on the calibrator you bought. Once you have finished turn your vehicle off, and you are done. You should be able to start your vehicle and drive around with an accurate speedometer.

If you are having trouble at home, you can always go to a nearby shop that can help you recalibrate your vehicle. A shop like Safety Restore offers a speedometer calibration service that will save you time and money. They will ensure that your speedometer is calculating your speed accurately for you to have a safe trip on the road.

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