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6 Ways a Seat Belt Can Save Your Life

Seat belts are the most critical safety equipment in your vehicle. It might seem like old technology to you, but it has saved more lives than you can imagine. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 14,995 lives were saved by seat belt use in 2017. 2,549 additional lives could have been saved that same year if everyone had used their seat belts. Studies show that buckling up reduces the risk of a fatal injury by 50 to 60 percent. 

These figures show the significant role a seat belt plays in the safety of the passenger. It only indicates that buckling up is not just about following regulations but also about potentially saving lives.

If you are not yet convinced about how a seat belt can save your life, here is a brief list that expands on those reasons:

  1. Most fatal crashes happen below 45mph and within a 25-mile radius of the driver’s home. However, just because you are not going 90mph or simply driving to the grocery store near your home does not mean you are less likely to get into a vehicular accident. 
  2. You won’t increase your chances of getting out of the vehicle in case of a fire or when you end up underwater if the crash has already left you unconscious. On the other hand, buckling up helps keep you conscious in case of an accident. 
  3. Pregnant women still need to wear seat belts all the time. The belt may put pressure on your abdomen, but the injuries you’ll sustain from the accident will be less severe. If your seat belt does not reach across your body, you can always get a belt extender. 
  4. You still need a seat belt even if your car has airbags because they’re better working together. The belt slows down your body upon impact, letting the airbag fire with less force and cushioning the blow. 
  5. During a car crash, your body is propelled forward. For example, if you were driving at 50mph and hit an obstacle, the car will stop, but you’ll likely smack onto your steering wheel or your windshield. If you had an airbag, it will fire at maximum speed and will more likely hit off-center. However, if you had a seat belt, you will be leaned forward, but the tensioner locks the belt from extending. Because of that, your body slows down with the vehicle instead of smacking onto the dash.
  6. Car crash survivors may experience the “seat belt syndrome,” or the results an accident caused on their abdomen after being slowed down by a seat belt. It could be skin abrasions for minor accidents, but for major ones, it could result in internal damage. All survivors must be attended to medically right after the crash for these reasons. However, the statistics showing how unbuckled drivers died in a major impact only demonstrate that wearing a seat belt will lead to a far better outcome than not wearing one. 


A seat belt has saved more lives than people imagine. It is an essential safety measure that must be taken seriously by all drivers everywhere. Buckling up can save your life and the lives of other people on the road.

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