Resetting the Airbag Light After an Accident—What to Know

So, you got into a car accident, and now your airbag light is on. While it may cause a bit of panic, this type of warning light isn’t something out of the ordinary when it comes to vehicular collisions. Although it’s no sign to be worried, it still requires the expertise of a post-accident restoration technician to look into the system to check if it’s intact.


When you get into a car accident, crash data—also known as hard codes—will be stored on your computer. Various data will be logged into this little black box-type device, containing information about your vehicle at the moment of impact. Unlike soft codes, these codes are hard-written, meaning that these can’t be reset using an OBD Airbag scanner or any other tools. 


Airbag Light Reset Service After An Accident


Fortunately, there is now the technology to address hard codes to reset the light of your airbag. Here at Safety Restore, it’s easy; all you need to do is to get in touch with us, and we’ll handle the rest! Instead of replacing the entire system, we can erase all crash data—both hard and soft—and give you back your unit without breaking the bank.


When you receive the SRS module back, all you need is to install it back, which means you don’t need any additional programming to worry about.


Airbag Light Reset Service For Other Reasons


If your airbag light is on for other reasons besides an accident, it can be fixed in many ways. For some, the airbag light may be addressed by replacing certain parts, such as the crash sensors, seat belts, or other misfiring components. When the airbag light is on without an accident, it indicates an actual fault in your vehicle, which will go away once it is repaired.

That is why in most cases, airbag light repairs are often accompanied by seat belt repairs, especially after an accident. Since seat belts feature the gas charge inflator—a device that goes off during a collision—it can cause damage to the belt when it launches; hence, the need for a repair. 

Aside from the airbag light reset, we can also help you with seat belt repairs by rebuilding the mechanism and replacing the gas charge inflator and sensor. 


Never Drive With Your Airbag Light On


It is important to keep in mind that you should not attempt to use your vehicle for other reasons aside from taking it to a mechanic if the airbag light is on. Never ignore the light; otherwise, you will put your life and the lives of others in danger! 


For one, when the airbag light is on, it might not deploy in case of a collision—which puts your life and your passengers’ lives at greater risk of sustaining serious injuries, or worse, fatalities. 




For airbag light resets, always let the professionals handle it. If the light is on due to an accident, it must be taken care of by professionals—and immediately, at that! As such, make sure you only trust a qualified and reputable one that will ensure your airbag light will be reset safely, making you feel safer on the road. 


Are you looking for a professional that performs airbag resetting services near you? Trust our professionals here at Safety Restore to do the job for you. We will take care of your airbag light issues in Westfield, MA. Contact us today to find out more about our service!


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