What to Know If There’s No Communication With the Airbag Module

When it comes to your airbag system, the SRS airbag module plays a crucial role in the way it works. The so-called airbag electronic crash unit controls the airbag deployment, exchanges information with the vehicle’s engine, and stores crash data. However, one problem that you may encounter is when your airbag module doesn’t communicate. The chances are that you’re getting errors such as u1000 and u1088, or the module isn’t communicating with the car. But what is causing the problem?

In this article, we will share why there’s no communication with your airbag module and what you can do about it:

Common causes of no communication with an airbag module

Keep in mind that the causes of no airbag module communication vary from one issue to another. As such, you have to get to the bottom of the problem to know what the necessary fix is. Below are some of the common reasons and what you may need to do:

  • Improperly grounded module: If your airbag module is improperly grounded, it won’t communicate at all. However, it’s easy for people to overlook this problem. That said, be sure that the module is installed properly as designed so that it will perform as expected.


  • Damaged communication pins at plug: The communication pins have a harness that connects to the front of the airbag module. Be sure to inspect them as they can be pushed back, bent, or damaged. Also, be on the lookout for possible signs of rust or corrosion.


  • Damaged wiring or harness: If the wirings or harnesses around the airbag control module are worn out or broken, the module itself won’t allow the module to communicate at all. That said, be sure these wires and harness are in top shape.


  • Scanner problem: Another problem encountered is not with the module itself but the scanner. More than anything else, be sure that it is actually working by reading the diagnostic codes. In fact, it should access your airbag system seamlessly and support your vehicle make and model.


  • Internally faulty module: If you’ve inspected all those mentioned above and everything’s fine, but still the module isn’t communicating, the problem may have to do with its internal components. Keep in mind that the module is an electronic circuit board. As with any electronic device, internal problems can happen unexpectedly. For this reason, the best course of action is to send your SRS module to a Safety Restore and we will check and fix it if necessary.

Here at Safety Restore, we offer pre and post-accident services, such as airbag module reset, webbing replacement, instrument cluster repair, and seat belt repair in Westfield, MA. If you specifically need to have an airbag module reset, we have got you covered!


At this point, you now know what the problem is if your airbag module isn’t communicating at all. As mentioned above, it may have to do with an improperly grounded module, communication pins at plugs, damaged wiring or harness, scanner problem, and internally faulty module. 

To that end, be sure to have your module inspected and fixed by a professional. Ultimately, ensuring that everything in your airbag system works properly will foster your utmost safety on the road!


Our airbag module reset includes crash data and hard code removal with no additional programming and a 100-percent service guarantee. By far, we have helped customers save thousands of dollars by resetting their airbag modules. If there’s no communication with your airbag module at all, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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