What to Do If Your Airbag Light Comes on: Our Guide

Whenever you hit the road, there is nothing more alarming than seeing your airbag light turning on suddenly. The chances are that it starts to illuminate on your dashboard, making you wonder if it will ever stop or if the airbag will still deploy in case of a car collision. When this happens, keep in mind that there’s actually a problem with your airbag system, and if you get in an accident, your airbag system won’t work at all.

To discuss this further, here’s what you need to know and do if the airbag light comes on:

What causes the airbag light to come on

Now, before we discuss what you need to do if your airbag light turns on, let’s first understand why it happens in the first place. Below are common reasons your airbag light illuminates:

  • The airbag needs complete resetting.
  • The airbags are deployed.
  • You have a faulty seatbelt.
  • The pretensioners have malfunctioned.
  • You have a defective airbag clockspring.
  • You have a crash sensor fault.
  • The data stored has been crashed.
  • You have dislodged wirings.
  • You have a completely depleted battery.
  • There’s miscommunication or no communication at all with the system.

Here at Safety Restore, our airbag module reset service reprograms your SRS module to factory condition. Our ultimate goal is to make the airbag computer as good as new and ensure your airbags will deploy in the event of a vehicle accident. If your airbag light illuminates due to one or some of the conditions mentioned above, we’ve got you covered!

What to do if the airbag light comes on

At this point, you now know that the light comes on when there’s a problem with the airbag system. So, the logical question is: what should you do if the light starts illuminating?

Of course, the best course of action is to have your car inspected by a qualified mechanic. The professionals will then perform a vehicle diagnosis to determine the root cause of the problem and then make the necessary fixes. The rule of thumb is to only get back on the road once your airbag system is in working order.

But before you get your vehicle diagnosed and fixed, here are a few crucial steps you will need to take:

If you can get a breakdown service right away:

  • Stop driving as soon as you can in a safe place.
  • Get in touch with your garage to recover your car.
  • Have them perform the necessary diagnostic checks and necessary repairs.

If you need to drive to get into an auto mechanic shop:

  • Drive as carefully and safely as possible.
  • Be wary of potential hazards on the road.
  • Be mindful of other vehicles and motorists on the road.
  • Get your vehicle inspected and the airbag module reset.


You now know that the airbag light turning on usually means that there’s a problem with your airbag system. When this occurs, be sure to take note of those common problems mentioned above, and then stop driving further, and head off to the nearest auto mechanic shop. After that, you should only start driving again once your airbag system is fully diagnosed and fixed. Ultimately, your safety and that of your passengers must always be a top priority!

We offer pre and post-accident services, such as airbag module reset, webbing replacement, instrument cluster repair, and seat belt repair in Westfield, MA. If your airbag light comes on unexpectedly, check our package and add it to your cart now!

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