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The Dangers of Not Wearing a Seat Belt in the Backseat

“Riding in the rear seat isn’t as risky as being in the front seat.” Sound familiar? You’ve probably heard this piece before. Not knowing enough physics and road regulations has led to the demise of so many Americans who thought they could get away without a seat belt. 

The rules of physics apply to the rear seat just as much as it does the front. In fact, not wearing a seat belt in the back seat can put the front seat passengers in more danger. Let’s take a closer look at why you must be strapped the entire ride. Read on!

Why Not Wearing Backseat Seat Belts Is Dangerous for Everybody

According to several crash testing reports, rear passengers can be flung up and over the front seats, slamming against the steering wheel, dashboard, or front glass. Therefore, the people in front are vulnerable to the collision impact and the deadly projectile from the rear seats. Both sides’ chances of sustaining fatal injuries are substantially increased as a result of this.

If a person is unbuckled and the car rolls over, they will likely be thrown from the vehicle. When this happens, they are generally left with catastrophic injuries or even death. 

Should I Wear Seat Belts in a Ride Share?

Rideshare vehicles, taxis, limousines, airport buses, and party buses provide some people a false sense of security. The journey may be brief, or finding a seat belt may be difficult.

These justifications are hazardous. If there is a collision, passengers standing, drinking, reclining, or even just sitting are likely to crash with one another and the car. Buckling up is simple and takes about three seconds in most cases. Wear your seatbelt whenever feasible.

Benefits of Wearing Seat Belts – Front or Back Seat

At this point, you should’ve already realized how seatbelts are the thin line between living to tell the tale and being part of another warning statistic. Moving on, you’ll find that there are plenty of compelling benefits and advantages to wearing a seatbelt, regardless of where you’re sitting.

1. You Can Avoid Paying a Ticket

If the safety benefits aren’t enough to persuade you to buckle up, the prospect of legal consequences could. Many states in the United States have belt laws, and violating them can result in substantial fines. You could also wind up with a traffic penalty on your record. Going without is not worth the danger, especially because strapping in is uncomplicated and straightforward.

2. You Can Avoid Paying a Higher Insurance Premium

Once insurance companies catch a whiff of your no-seatbelt history, they’ll be hesitant about providing you coverage. This tells them to assume that you’re not very safety conscious, therefore, a potential road hazard, and charge you a heftier premium.

In the case of an accident, going without a belt might result in you losing your insurance coverage, and you’ll be left with no choice but to pay those crazy medical fees out of your pocket.

3. You Have a Higher Chance of Winning a Personal Injury Case

If you’ve been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can file a lawsuit with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, even the best lawyer in the world will struggle to prove your case if you weren’t wearing your seat belt. 

Final Thoughts

It might not be the “coolest” thing to do, but wearing a seat belt even before the engine starts is the kindest thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you. Stay strapped, stay awesome!

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