Cluster Repair Service

Cluster Repair Service

If a cluster repair service is what you are looking for, Safety Restore is where you can find it. Besides repairing seat belts and resetting SRS airbag modules, this company also specializes in its instrument repair service to fix all gauge related issues its customers are facing. Throughout its years of service, Safety Restore has fixed instrument clusters with dead or sticky gauges, those with meters not working at all, and clusters with specific gauges only working intermittently.

Removing your instrument cluster from your vehicle to send it into Safety Restore is quite a simple process. has a step-by-step guide detailing the process, just if you don’t know how to do it alone. First, you need to engage your emergency brake. Once the brake is engaged, you can start removing the plastic trim that surrounds the cluster. After that, you should tilt down your steering wheel and position your shifter into first gear. Then, you can remove the trim by pulling it out and pull out the 4x (7mm) screws securing the cluster. When those few steps are accomplished, you can finally pull the cluster out and have the wiring disconnected.

After following the steps of the removal process, you can package your unit up and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. Even from its east coast location, Safety restore welcomes customers nationwide for its cluster repair service. Once the company receives the unit, it will only take 24 hours or less for the skilled engineers to perform the repairs. The quick 24-hour turnaround time is not the only good aspect of the cluster repair service at Safety Restore. The prices are unbeatable, too, with cluster repair coming in at only $118.99. For that low price, your instrument cluster will be restored to factory settings and will work like new again!

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