Will a Broken Speedometer Fail MOT ?

Will a broken speedometer fail MOT or pass?

If you reside in the United Kingdom, you obviously know all about the MOT. You know that MOT stands for Ministry of Transport and that every year it performs a test known as the MOT test. If you own a vehicle, you have had to submit your vehicle to be inspected for safety, roadworthiness aspects, as well as exhaust emissions. This is an annual test that you have probably taken numerous times. However, if you are noticing some faults with your instrument cluster, you may be asking yourself for the first time, “Will a broken speedometer fail MOT?” Below, I will be answering that exact question.

The thing is, instrument clusters often get overlooked in a vehicle. Individuals, like you, usually only start really paying attention to the instrument cluster when they notice a problem. However, it is quite an important aspect of a vehicle and shouldn’t be overlooked—even solely for safety reasons. A broken speedometer or a speedometer with intermittently working gauges can be quite a hazard on the road and can cause serious injuries or even death. For example, an individual may end up driving at a higher speed than they should be and end up getting into a car accident—all because their speed dial was displaying the wrong reading!

Now let’s answer the question, “Will a broken speedometer fail MOT?” When it comes to the MOT, the speedometer is quite an important aspect of it. Basically, the MOT follows UK speedometer regulations and a vehicle will fail the MOT test if its speedometer is not fitted, is incomplete, is inoperative, or has broken or missing switches. Dials that cannot be illuminated are also a cause for failure of the MOT test. The speedometer will only pass the MOT test if it is complete, everything is neat and tidy, and there are no fluttering, sticking, intermittently working, or dead gauges.

Your best bet would be to inspect your instrument cluster meticulously. If you notice any broken or faulty gauges, get the unit repaired immediately. You can turn to the company Safety Restore. Safety Restore specializes in the repair of all types of instrument cluster problems, and will be able to restore your speedometer back to factory settings.

What is instrument cluster repair ?

Do you need instrument cluster repair?

You may be a witness yourself that instrument clusters start to become faulty every once in a while and require repair. There are a number of things that can go wrong with an instrument cluster, which I will describe below. The important thing to do if you ever have instrument cluster problems is to get the unit replaced or repaired immediately.

Unfortunately, there is a plethora of problems that can happen to the instrument cluster in a vehicle. For one, certain gauges can display wrong readings. That can pose as a huge problem, especially if it something like the oil gauge giving a wrong reading. Another problem that sometimes occurs to instrument clusters is the gauges begin to work only intermittently. This can happen to any of the gauges, including the temperature and gas gauges. Gauges can also start becoming stuck. Not only can this become a nuisance but it can also endanger your safety on the road if you are trying to fix those gauges while driving. Unfortunately, sometimes some of the gauges break completely and do not work at all. For this issue, a repair is undoubtedly necessary.

Quite a bit goes into the actual repair of the instrument cluster. First, the instrument cluster needs to be removed out of the vehicle. Then, the unit needs to be disassembled and each individual gauge inspected closely. All sticking, fluttering, broken, or incorrectly reading gauges need to be removed and replaced. Once the unit is repaired, it must be reinstalled in the vehicle to see if the repairs were successful and the unit has been restored to factory settings.

If you are wondering who to turn to for speedometer repair if you do not trust yourself doing it, let me help you with that. The company Safety Restore specializes in any and all gauge-related issues and will surely be able to fix your instrument cluster! Simply log onto safetyrestore.com and click on the instrument cluster gauges repair service. The company utilizes 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools in its repair process, so you know you will be receiving quality work.

Truck Cluster Repair

Do you drive a truck and find yourself in need of a truck cluster repair? No one wants a faulty cluster, especially when driving a truck! The instrument cluster has important mechanisms like the tachometer, odometer, speedometer, transmission, temperature, and fuel gauge—and it is just a big headache when they stop working properly. Lucky for you, there is a company called Safety Restore that specializes in instrument clusters and can do a truck cluster repair for you. They will work to restore every one of your broken, sticking, incorrectly reading, fluttering, or intermittently working gauges back to factory settings. After you get your instrument cluster back from them, you won’t regret getting the truck cluster repair done there!

Truck Cluster Repair Services

The great thing is that when you turn to Safety Restore for a truck cluster repair, you don’t have to worry about spending all your hard earned money or having to wait a long time to drive on the road again. The company has very reasonable prices, with instrument cluster repair coming in at only $118.99. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is attached to each service. Alongside the affordable pricing, a fast turnaround time can be expected. It takes Safety Restore just 24 hours to complete all repairs and send orders back out.

To get the repair done immediately, head over to safetyrestore.com. There, you can select the service and pre-pay for it. You will also find detailed instructions explaining how you should remove the unit from your vehicle. Once it has been removed, you just need to ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. The skilled engineers will receive your package and in just 24 hours will have all the necessary repairs completed. When you receive it back you won’t even notice the difference between your reset speedometer and a brand new one!

Cluster Panel Repair

Cluster Panel Repair

Looking to get your cluster panel repaired? Well you can get that cluster panel repair right at the company Safety Restore today! Wherever you are located, you simply need to ship out your cluster to the company and in just 24 hours your instrument cluster will be restored to factory settings!

Getting the cluster panel repair service at Safety Restore is really quite simple. All you have to do is remove the instrument cluster from your vehicle, box it up, and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. You can use any mail carrier when shipping out to the company. Once the company receives your package, they will have the repairs going immediately. Completion of the repairs will take only 24 hours or less, regardless of the volume or difficulty of your order!

You can rest assured that the cluster panel repair is in good hands at Safety Restore. Only well-trained and experienced engineers will be handling your unit and you can expect only industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts to be utilized for the repairs. The company is also BBB accredited and always meets or exceeds FMVSS standards, so you know that you’ll be getting quality work. Besides all that, the prices at Safety Restore are unbeatable too. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that your instrument cluster can be completely fixed for just $118.99! Plus, a lifetime warranty guarantee will be attached to the service! All the sticking, fluttering, broken, or incorrectly reading gauges that are present will be fixed and will work the way they were intended to from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter if the oil gauge, temperature gauge, gas gauge, odometer gauge, tachometer gauge, or all the above are broken when you send your unit in to Safety Restore. The company has got you covered!

Visit safetyrestore.com and purchase the service today!

Odometer Repair

Odometer Repair Service by SafetyRestore.com

Do you think your vehicle requires an odometer repair? If you see that your tachometer gauge is stuck, your speedometer gauge is not working or getting stuck as well, or your oil gauge is giving a wrong reading–you certainly need to get your odometer fixed! If you have dead or sticky gauges, your temperature or gas gauges are working intermittently, or you have gauges that are not working at all–these are other telltale signs that you have a defective odometer in need of repair.

Lucky for you, there is a company that can perform this odometer repair for you for only a fraction of the price a dealer would charge. As opposed to spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars at the dealer to fix your odometer, you can pay a meager $118.99 for the service at Safety Restore. Along with the great price, you can also expect a quick 24 hour turnaround time and a lifetime warranty attached to the service. If something were to happen to your instrument cluster in the future, you can rest assured that additional payment will not be necessary for you to ship your unit in for rework. Safety Restore repairs odometers for many makes of vehicles, including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Suzuki. You can rely on the fact that the company will perform the repair work with quality and safety in mind. Only 100% OEM parts are used to replace the defective parts on your instrument cluster, and industry standard tools are used in the repair. The company only employs highly experienced technicians to get the work done.

Following through with the odometer repair service at Safety Restore is quite easy. No matter your location, after purchasing the service online, you can ship out your unit to the company in Westfield, MA. From its east coast location, the company will perform all necessary repairs in just 24 hours, then ship your unit back out. Your unit will come back returned to its factory condition and will be ready for re-install. Any and all gauge-related issues will have been dealt with and fixed. This will include your tech gauge, speedometer gauge, gas/fuel gauge, temperature gauge, battery gauge, and transmission temperature gauge. All the fluttering, incorrectly reading, and sticking gauges will be fixed and will work like new again. Additionally, the defective motors in charge of the arrow/needle will also be replaced with brand new ones.

Get your odometer repair at Safety Restore today!

Dashboard Cluster Repair

Dashboard Cluster Repair Service by SafetyRestore.com

Looking for a dashboard cluster repair but scared to turn to the wrong company for it? What you could do is turn to the company Safety Restore. It’ll be the best decision you can make for a number of reasons.

First, the company offers very reasonable prices. Unlike going to the dealer—where you can end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars—the prices at Safety Restore are quite affordable. For a dashboard cluster repair, the company only charges a meager $118.99! As a matter of fact, that is the highest you can expect to pay for any service at Safety Restore!

Another thing going for this company is its exceptional service. All orders—regardless of difficulty and volume—are completed in just 24 hours. That is quite impressive, considering how other companies take days if not weeks to complete repairs.

Additionally, the quality at Safety Restore is incomparable. The company employs well-trained engineers who have had years of experience. To complete all repair work, the company ensures the use of industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. FMVSS standards are always either met or exceeded by the company. Not only that, but all work is meticulously inspected before it is sent out, so as to guarantee upmost quality. A lifetime warranty is offered with the dashboard cluster repair and all services, just the same.

After reading all of this, you can see how great Safety Restore is. If you still need coaxing though, why not visit their website, safetyrestore.com, and see for yourself? There, you can explore all the services the company has to offer besides its dashboard cluster repair service. You’ll also be able to read up on all the positive reviews the company has accumulated from its customers. Once you rest assured in Safety Restore’s trustworthiness, you can become a customer for life!

Odometer Cluster Repair

Odometer Cluster Repair

Odometer cluster repairs are necessary for a variety of reasons. Whether the speedometer gauge is not working or getting stuck, the tachometer gauge needs rebuilding, the oil gauge is giving a wrong reading, the temperature gauge is only working intermittently, or the car odometer is not functioning properly—all of this calls for an odometer cluster repair.

If you are facing any or multiple of these issues, you have two options. You can either purchase a brand new instrument cluster panel at the dealership, or turn to a small shop to reset your present odometer to factory settings. If you haven’t figured it out already, the latter option is much more affordable and therefore practical. However, it is only practical if you turn to a trustworthy repair shop and not just any old automotive shop. A company called Safety Restore is one that will surely meet—and even exceed—such expectations!

Safety Restore specializes in odometer cluster repair. The company repairs any all gauge related issues and restores customers’ instrument clusters to practically work as new. The company employs highly experienced engineers to complete the repairs, and ensures that only industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts are utilized in the process. The company is also BBB accredited and always meets of exceeds FMVSS standards, so you know you’ll be getting quality work from them. The time it takes the engineers to complete all orders, regardless of difficulty or volume, is just 24 hours. Plus, the price of odometer cluster repair comes out to just $118.99. That comes with a lifetime warranty too, which is just a cherry on top!

To get your own odometer cluster repair, head over to safetyrestore.com. There, you can select and pre-pay for the service, then follow the easy instructions on how to remove the instrument cluster from your vehicle. Once the unit is removed, you can ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA and expect a speedy return!

Cluster Repair Shop

Cluster Repair Shop

Safety Restore is a cluster repair shop unlike the rest. This can be truthfully said for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is a small-family run business. If you are going to spend money, it’s much better to spend it to help a small business flourish rather than pile on money to a huge corporation.

Speaking of money, that is another thing that sets Safety Restore apart from other cluster repair shops. The price you would pay for an instrument cluster gauges repair would be just $118.99—and believe it or not, that is the priciest service they have! That means a lot of the money you’d otherwise be spending at the dealership can be pocketed and saved.

Safety Restore is also very trustworthy and completes repairs with upmost quality in mind. Only professional and well-trained engineers perform the repair work, and they use industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts to do so. Furthermore, the company is BBB accredited and always meets or exceeds FMVSS standards.

At this company, the turnaround time is exceptional too. It takes the engineers only 24 hours or less to complete any and all orders. That still stands for large-volume or difficult orders!

What is also great about Safety Restore is that it makes getting an instrument cluster repair an easy process. The company has easy step-by-step instructions for customers to follow in order to remove the unit from their vehicle. Also, there is always a text line, chat line, and phone line open in order to assist customers with issues they may be experiencing.

If you still aren’t convinced that Safety Restore is the best when it comes to cluster repair shops, visit safetyrestore.com today and read the vast collection of positive reviews. Then you’ll surely see why Safety Restore shines as it does.

Auto Instrument Cluster Repair

Auto Instrument Cluster Repair Service

Getting an auto instrument cluster repair doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. In fact, if you turn to the company Safety Restore to get it done, it really can be a breeze. From the start to the end, the company makes it quite easy for its customers! Not only that, but every step of the way, Safety Restore proves its trustworthiness and quality.

To begin with, an auto instrument cluster repair is needed for those experiencing broken or irregularly working instrument clusters. If a customer sees that their instrument cluster isn’t working properly, they can then turn to Safety Restore rather than buying a brand new cluster at the dealer. The customer simply needs to log onto safetyrestore.com and read the simple instructions about how to remove the unit from their vehicle. Once the unit is removed, it can then be sent out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA using any preferred mail carrier. Even though Safety Restore is located on the east coast, it welcomes customers nationwide. It also accommodates many different makes and models of vehicles with its auto instrument cluster repair.

After they have sent in their broken clusters to the company, customers can expect repair work to be completed in just a quick 24 hours. Even with the fast turnaround time, quality is guaranteed. The company ensures that only experienced engineers perform the repair work. Only industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts are used in the process. Furthermore, FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded. For the auto instrument cluster repair service and all other services, Safety Restore offers fair pricing paired with a lifetime warranty. It really does not get better or simpler than that. Head on over to safetyrestore.com and get your auto instrument cluster repair today! You will not be disappointed.

Instrument Cluster Repair Cost

Instrument Cluster Repair Cost – $118.99

Looking at the instrument cluster repair cost at the dealer and not wanting to get the repair done because of the steep prices? You are not alone in this. Many people postpone getting their speedometer fixed due to the outrageous instrument cluster repair costs they see everywhere they search. However, what some have discovered—and so could you—is the power of Safety Restore.

Safety Restore is a company with an incomparable instrument cluster gauges repair service. Not only is the service very affordable, but the repair is also completed with quality and fast turnaround in mind. To demonstrate that, Safety Restore’s instrument cluster repair cost is just $118.99 and the repairs take only 24 hours or less to complete. Fast turnaround does not hinder quality whatsoever though. The company employs only highly trained engineers to perform the repairs and they use industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts to do so. Furthermore, FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded.

When choosing Safety Restore to perform the instrument cluster gauges repair for you, you can expect any and all gauge-related issues on your speedometer to be fixed. The engineers replace all faulty motors controlling the needle/arrow with new ones, and all fluttering, sticking, and incorrectly reading gauges are made to work properly.

Simply log onto safetyrestore.com to get your instrument cluster gauges repair today! There, you can follow the step-by-step instructions on how to remove the unit from your vehicle. Once the unit is removed, you can package it up and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. You can use any preferred mail carrier for the shipping process. Safety Restore welcomes customers from all over the nation and can perform the cluster repair on a great variety of vehicles.

In just a short period of time, you’ll have a perfectly functioning instrument cluster returned back to you!